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Written on 23/05/24 by Linda T.

3M Italia: 3M masks and much more


The 3M team aims to satisfy every single need of the users through a very clear motto: "3M discovers and innovates in almost every sector to help solve problems and possible dangers related to the world of work".

For this reason, 3M products are committed to studying the potential risks related to industrial sectors to help and protect workers subjected to medium or severe risks.

Precisely in this regard, the main products that 3M manufactures are aimed at the worker's personal safety.


Let's see them together:


  • 3M masks / 3M half-mask / 3M gas mask

  • 3M anti-noise earphones / 3M earplugs 

  • 3M Glasses

  • 3M Helmet



Protection of upper respiratory tract: 3M masks


Dispositivi di protezione delle vie respiratorie

3M anti-virus masks are intended for protection in working and non-working environments. In fact, they are designed to cover and protect against minimal risks and dangers that could cause permanent damage to a person's health


Among the products manufactured with this objective are:


  • 3M anti-virus masks
  • 3M half masks
  • 3M face masks



3M masks  

You can find a wide range of products in this category: from simple surgical masks to masks belonging to the highest protection FFP class. Not only that, full freedom of choice is an element that characterises the masks that 3M produces.


In addition to the protection, you can choose whether you want a mask model with or without a filter. Let's take a look at the main masks you can choose from:


  • 3M FFP3 masks

3M FFP3 masks are personal protection devices capable of filtering about 98% of viruses and bacteria. There are different types of models: with or without filter, reusable or disposable models.


  •  3M FFP2 masks

FFP2 masks have a filtering capacity of 92%. There are also two types:


-       3M FFP2 masks without a valve or with a valve:

3M FFP2 masks without a valve provide total protection: the presence of the valve, although more comfortable, only protects the user and not those around him.


When it comes to masks, especially these days, many questions and doubts arise. Let's take a look at the most frequently asked questions:


How long does a 3M mask last?

The duration of 3M masks certainly varies depending on the model you choose. It ranges from a minimum of 6 hours (as in the case of surgical masks) to a maximum of more than one working day (for reusable masks). It is necessary to evaluate the duration of the mask you choose before running the risk of using inefficient masks.


Is it better to choose 3M masks with or without filters?

The safest protection can be associated with non-filtered masks, but if you need to use the masks for many hours, masks with a filter will certainly provide more protection, allowing you to inhale cleaner air.

However, as already mentioned, the filter can not protect those around us and is limited only to prevent the passage of dangerous particles only for the user who wears it.


3M masks price

The price of 3M masks also varies depending on the type you choose. Typically, the price starts at 0.18€ per mask.

3M guarantees products made of high-quality materials at a very low price.  


3M half-mask and face mask


Half-masks and face masks protect against dust, gases and micro-organisms that are dangerous to your health. Depending on the model you choose, you can decide whether to opt for free or assisted ventilation. 

The face mask provides complete protection while also creating a barrier for eye safety. On the other hand, as the name implies, the half-mask protects the nose, mouth, and chin.



Hearing protection: earmuffs and 3M earplugs 


Dispositivi di protezione per l'udito  

Hearing protection devices are designed to protect users from the many annoying noises in the workplace that could threaten a person's health.

Given the fact that the ear canal is extremely delicate, it is essential to protect it. Again, numerous models of devices perform a different function: they are chosen according to the noise level in the workplace.


The main types of devices are:


  • Earmuffs
  • Helmets
  • Headsets
  • Earplugs



Eye protection: 3M safety glasses


Dispositivi di protezione per gli occhi

These devices are essential for those who carry out sensitive work and are often in contact with chemicals, dust or other activities.

There are numerous types of eyewear, each of which can play a fundamental role in protecting the user's eyesight.


Let's take a look at the different types together:


  • Protective goggles → also protect the sides of the face from dangerous substances
  • Goggles with side arms → can also be worn over prescription glasses for maximum comfort
  • Face shields → protect the entire face and are perfect for those in contact with risks such as splashes, splinters or sparks


Head protection: 3M helmet


Dispositivi di protezione per la testa

The work helmet is designed to protect against possible falling objects from heights. These devices can act preventively by protecting the wearer's head from serious accidents.


Depending on the profession, the type of helmet changes, and with it, the protective functions. Let us go into more detail:


  • Helmet with earmuffs → protects the neck and the hearing: perfect in contexts where both hazards are present
  • Helmet with visor → , this acts at 360°: in fact, it protects the nape of the neck and allows the insertion of an additional element for facial protection.
  • Helmet with light → in addition to the standard head protection, this model has a light (for working in places without light) and safety straps (to avoid the risk of losing the device during a fall from height).



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