Who is LineOnLine?


Lineonline is a reality made of concreteness, seriousness, passion for their work, professionalism, link with the territory, innovation and technological research. Our history is very recent, but originates from the experience of entrepreneurs on the labor market for several decades. The idea of online sales was born from a bet, from the bizarre vision of the owners who wanted to get involved in a new reality almost completely unknown, but very captivating! After some years of work in e-commerce, the results confirm that they have hit the target and a growing number of brands rely on us for the diffusion of their products.


Buying online does not mean dealing exclusively with a computerized system with which to talk only with a "click"; behind these realities there are people who follow every step of your choices and help you to resolve any uncertainty with professionalism and sensitivity.
To contact us you can write on WhatsApp at 39 335 265472 and in the chat for the most urgent communications; finally, send an email by registering to the site. I ns. operators are constantly available to customers for the resolution of all problems, providing assistance at every stage of the sale, trying to accommodate customer requests with a view to always offering excellent service.


The formula "excellent quality / price ratio" does not always guarantee a good purchase; just as "the more you spend, the less you spend" corresponds to the best investment! We offer a wide range of items with unique technological features at very competitive prices, with an attentive and reliable customer service that can help you with the purchase! It's up to you to choose the best product for your needs, comparing the various brands present in our online catalog to find what you need. 


The on-line purchase is governed by legal obligations to which each e-commerce site must refer and is based on mutual respect between seller and customer, with greater protection of this last. & nbsp;
Essentially the points of greatest importance are:
- the order must be made exclusively through the site, we do not accept telephone orders, via email or WhatsApp
- payment can be made by bank transfer , by debit of Credit Card or Paypall.
- in case the package received does not correspond to what ordered you can make the return within 14 days from receipt; the product must NOT be used and the package must be intact. For defective products, not working or with obvious tampering due to transport, an alert must be made via email and we will collect the product to our factory. expenses. If, on the contrary, once received the goods you were not willing to keep it for personal reasons, the return of the product is to vs. charged, as well as the payment of the transport up to our warehouse. Once received, the product is inspected and, if it is intact, is reimbursed.
- For problems deriving from the malfunctioning of the machines it is necessary to contact the Assistance Centers related to the product brand; we are retailers and we DO NOT do service. The statutory warranty is 2 years if the product is purchased as Private and is reduced to 1 year if the purchase is made by a company, taking into account the greater wear and tear to which the product is subjected.