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Air Conditioner

The summer season is coming, bringing with it sunshine, clear skies and terrifying heat! Unfortunately, in recent years we have had to adapt to climate change and look for suitable equipment to make the air in our homes, offices and shops more bearable.

Air conditioners are exceptional instruments that guarantee fresh air in both domestic and industrial environments, ensuring fresh air and full comfort in the environments in which we live. They can be fixed on the wall or portable from one room to another, to bring fresh air wherever you need it.

The models that you will find in our catalogue are the product of experience, professionalism, efficiency and technological solutions aimed at the production of fresh air, with a low energy cost and in full respect of the external environment.

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  1. Qlima P228 Portable air conditioner

    air flow max 300 mc / h - refrigeration capacity 2,8 kW - rooms from 65 to 90 mc

    • Air flow 300 m3 / h
    • Environments 65/90 mc
    • Energy class A
    • Energy consumption 1.08 kW / h
    • Weight 29.00 Kg
    • In stock - Ready to ship
    • Order now to receive it Friday, 18 June 2021
    • Shipping with express courier
    £266.61 Incl. Tax

  2. Qlima P528 Portable air conditioner with Wi-fi

    Integrated Wi-Fi - max air flow 290 mc / h - refrigeration capacity 2.64 kW - rooms from 65 to 90 mc

    • Air flow 290 m3 / h
    • Environments 65/90 mc
    • Energy class A
    • Energy consumption 1 kW / h
    • Weight 29.00 Kg
    • In stock - Ready to ship
    • Order now to receive it Friday, 18 June 2021
    • Shipping with express courier
    £292.42 Incl. Tax

  3. Qlima TP2020 Portable air conditioner

    btu 7000 / h - max air flow 250 mc / h - refrigeration capacity 2.05 kW - rooms from 50 to 65 mc

    • Air flow 250 m3 / h
    • Environments 50/65 mc
    • Energy class A
    • Energy consumption 0.78 kW / h
    • Weight 18.00 Kg
    • In stock - Ready to ship
    • Order now to receive it Friday, 18 June 2021
    • Shipping with express courier
    £196.92 Incl. Tax

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3 Item(s)

Written on 25/02/2021 by Erika C.

Air conditioners: what to consider for a perfect purchase

The air conditioner is the most efficient machine ever to introduce cold or hot air into the surrounding environment. What we will talk about in this guide only concerns air conditioners that release cold air, but by way of information, we would like to point out that there is also the possibility of heating through air conditioners equipped with a heat pump.

Its operation is not very simple, but it is enough to know that everything works thanks to a particular gas (usually R32 gas) which temperature rises and constantly falls, through a compression and decompression system. After a series of passages, the gas in question, once returned to its liquid state, reaches the internal mechanism of the air conditioner, called "split". The internal machine intakes hot air from the environment and thanks to a fan, expelled it according to the set temperature. 

All this to say that thanks to technology, you will be able to fully enjoy a pleasant temperature, fighting summer heat once and for all!


The first aspect evaluated during the selection is, first of all, the type suitable for your needs, but also your preferences. For the moment, we will omit fixed air conditioners and focus more on the two most sought-after models on the market, which in practice match:

  • air conditioner without external unit
  • portable air conditioner 
  • fixed air conditioner

Let's go through them in detail! 

Air conditioner without external unit

In the months of intense heat and in the absence of an air conditioner, everyone has been caught at least once, sooner or later, by the regret of not having purchased an air conditioner. Often the doubts about buying one arise mainly for aesthetic reasons and no longer for economic reasons. Today the market is saturated with fixed air conditioners with super advantageous energy class (usually A+++), so, leaving aside the initial investment, the impact on the bill will be completely reasonable, all the more so if you choose an inverter air conditioner. This type of air conditioner is renowned because, among the many advantages, it also offers more significant savings. 

For many people, the real problem has to do with the installation of a unit outside their home. 

Surely you can't deny that the fixed air conditioner is a guarantee, but there is an alternative, and we will tell you about it in the next paragraph!

Portable air conditioner 

The portable air conditioner is the ideal solution for those who are not willing to install a large outdoor unit outside their home, so as not to spoil the aesthetics. 

In this case, the only bulky element will be the pipe of the air conditioner itself, which will be conveyed outside ... But don't worry, because there are effective and fast systems to direct the flow of "waste" air to the outside. Just make sure you have:

  • ventilation hole 
  • universal gasket for air conditioner windows (as an alternative to the shaft)

The second option is undoubtedly the most practical and fastest, since it will be enough to apply the gasket to the window, through which the pipe will pass, without drilling the wall in question.

Fixed air conditioner

The fixed air conditioner is a guarantee, and even if it involves a higher initial investment than the portable one, it allows you to limit consumption more efficiently. Its installation requires space outside (balcony, terrace, etc.), but on the other hand, this aspect ensures that no noise is heard in the house when the air conditioner is in operation. 

Also, another not insignificant advantage is the possibility of using it even in cold seasons, since it can also supply hot air and this justifies the initial investment, since in this way you can replace a traditional heating system entirely and without problems.

The power

The power is one of the most important factors to be evaluated during the selection because it will determine its effectiveness, which is immediately perceptible as soon as it has access to the place where the air conditioner is located. The value of power in the case of air conditioners is expressed in BTU (British Thermal Unit) and is closely related to the square meters of the room to be air-conditioned. Although the most sought after power ranges from 9000 to 12000 BTU, we thought we'd show you the calculation you need to do to determine the perfect air conditioner power for a given room. Especially when it comes to online shopping, you need to have some guide at hand at all times, so that you don't risk making a mistake by buying an air conditioner that is too powerful (or the opposite) for your needs.

The easiest way to calculate the BTUs that you need is as follows:

sqm x k (340) = BTU

K is nothing more than a coefficient which value corresponds to 340 since it has been calculated that you need about 340 BTU to air-condition 1 sqm. 

Consequently, by multiplying the square meters of your room by the fixed coefficient, you will know exactly how many BTUs you need!

One last piece of good advice...

! Regardless of the type of air conditioner you want to buy and how hot it may get, it is highly recommended never set the temperature at a too low level. The ideal would always be 25 °C, or it would be appropriate not to set it below 6/7 ° compared to the outside temperature, as it could cause an overload of energy. Still, even worse it could cause undesirable effects on your health such as headaches, colds, etc. ...!