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Written on 23/05/24 by Erika C.

ATG: among the best brands of work gloves

Atg's R&D team works with the world's most renowned universities and industries to produce high-quality safety gloves.

To make this happen, the brand bases its work on a characteristic for which no compromises are accepted: quality.

ATG adopts an outsourcing policy that subjects every stage of the production process to meticulous control and monitoring. Moreover, the company's in-house team procures the raw materials, and what makes ATG's work gloves irreplaceable is the care taken over every detail from the first production processes right through to the final launch. In fact, the company operates as follows:

  • applies the linings to the gloves
  • covers them
  • washes them before putting them in the packaging

All the steps listed aim to ensure maximum reliability for potential buyers, who have always shown particular interest in the classicRange and proRange glove collections.




MaxiFlex → dry environments

Maxi-Lite N® → in oily and dirty environments

MaxiCut → Handling at risk of cuts

MaxiFoam® → Dirty environments

MaxiDry → humid and oily environments

NovaTril® → superior comfort

MaxiChem → Chemical handling

MaxiTherm® → cold environments

NBR-Lite® → wet or dry environments


ATG®'s technology platforms are constantly evolving to enable a dermo-compatible and durable glove. These include:

  • AirTech® → 360° breathability thanks to bubbles forming a network of micro-tunnels
  • ErgoTech® → simulation of natural hand contours for greater flexibility
  • TriTech® → robust 3-layer compound for optimum chemical resistance
  • CutTech® → optimum cut resistance
  • DuraTech® → increased durability
  • GripTech® → improved grip, even on oily surfaces
  • LiquiTech® → barrier against oils, liquids and chemicals
  • ThermTech® → thermal insulation against heat and cold
  • Ad-Apt® → activated by hand movement and able to release a cooling agent

In addition, all glove types have obtained dermatological accreditation from the Skin Health Alliance and the Oeko-Tex® certificate. All ingredients used in the production process are REACH-compliant: no products contain substances that threaten the epidermis.

At the same time, a specialised team has been set up to constantly measure and control the environmental impact of glove manufacturing. In fact, all stages of the manufacturing process are ISO 14001 certified and are part of the company's HandCare® programme.

The price-performance ratio is enviable and hardly meets the competition because the gloves are affordable and can be washed and sanitised several times. This means that they can be used in the long term without having to be replaced with a new pair of gloves, and here too, it is all in the interests of the environment: there is no need for future disposal.

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