The sturdy metal drill is the most straightforward and most immediate tool to drill holes of various sizes in the ground.


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  1. Valex 1497664 Drill bit

    Valex 1497664 Drill bit

    connectable to drills with crankshaft diam. 20 mm - 56 cm long - diam. 15 cm -
    • for Auger 50/52 drills
    • 56 cm long
    • Diam. 15 cm
    Prompt Delivery
  2. Valex 1497666  drill extension

    Valex 1497666 drill extension

    for drills with crankshaft diam. from 20 mm
    • Length 40 cm
    • Diam. 2 cm
    Prompt Delivery
  3. Valex AUGER 52S Petrol auger drill

    Valex AUGER 52S Petrol auger drill

    2-stroke engine mixture 175 W - 52 cc - catalyzed - free auger and extension -
    • Motor 175 W 2.38 Hp
    • 4% mixture
    • Free auger and extension
    • Net weight 6.0 kg
  4. Electric auger Ribimex PRTARELEC

    Electric auger Ribimex PRTARELEC

    1200 W motor - steel tip diam. 15 x 56 cm - weight 14.9 kg -
    • Power supply: 230 V 50 Hz
    • Engine: 1200 W
    • Steel tip: 15 x 56 cm
    • Double handle
    • Weight: 14,9 kg
    Prompt Delivery
  5. Ribimex Hand auger diameter 150

    Ribimex Hand auger diameter 150

    height 100 cm - tip diam. 15 cm - Made in Italy -
    • Height 100 cm
    • Tips:  Ø 15 cm
    • Made in Italy
  6. Ribimex Manual auger diameter 100 cm

    Ribimex Manual auger diameter 100 cm

    height 100 cm - tip diam. 10 cm - Made in Italy
    • Height: 100 cm
    • Tips Ø 10 cm
    • Made in Italy
    Prompt Delivery
  7. Valex 1486295 ø 10cm Handle auger

    Valex 1486295 ø 10cm Handle auger

    tip diam. 10 cm - height 95 cm - weight 1.6 kg -
    • Height: 95 cm
    • Tips:Ø 10 mm
    • Weight: 1,6 kg
    Prompt Delivery
  8. Valex 1486304 ø 15cm Handle auger

    Valex 1486304 ø 15cm Handle auger

    tip diam. 15 cm - height 95 cm - weight 2.0 kg -
    • Height: 95 cm
    • Tips: Ø 15 cm
    • Weight: 2,0 kg
    Prompt Delivery
  9. Ribiland PRTARTH Petrol auger

    Ribiland PRTARTH Petrol auger

    2 stroke engine 52 cc - 2.95 Hp - tip diam. 15 x 80 cm - keys and screwdrivers supplied
    • 2 stroke engine mix
    • 52 cc 2.95 Hp
    • Drill bit Ø 15 x 80 cm
    • Various keys supplied
  10. Tip for petrol auger Ribiland PRTARTH from 80cm

    Tip for petrol auger Ribiland PRTARTH from 80cm

    compatible with petrol drill - lacquered steel h 80 cm - various diameters
    • Lacquered steel
    • Length 80 cm
    • Ø 100/150/200/250 mm
    • for PRTARTH
    As low as £33.84
  11. Ribiland PRTARTHRAL600 Auger tip extension
    • Lacquered steel
    • Length 60 cm
  12. Valex 1497665  Ø20mm Auger Bit

    Valex 1497665 Ø20mm Auger Bit

    connectable to augers with motor shaft diam. 20 mm - 80 cm long - Ø 20 mm
    • For 50/52 Auger
    • for augers with driving shaft Ø 20 cm
    • 80 cm long
    • Diam. 20 cm
    Prompt Delivery
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12 Items

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Written on 19/01/22 by Erika C.

Auger: a revolutionary discovery in several sectors

The auger is an instrument used to drill the ground with a rod with helical shaped blades that rotate around its axis. Once activated, the drill starts to extract the material making it emerge on the surface. It will create a hole in the ground where you can plant or use it building purposes. The engine is the heart of the instrument and can be 2 or 4 strokes. The first type is fueled by petrol, while the second type is a mixture and its power allows you to dig up to 3 meters deep into the soil. Generally, the drills are equipped with a pair of levers for safety. These levers start the rotation and can stop it, in case of accidental starting or loss of control. The auger with an internal combustion engine is widely used in construction because it is very efficient in drilling the ground, for the eventual installation of pylons or various supports. Therefore, the auger is a multi-function instrument, and to use it; you need to keep it vertical to the ground!

Manual auger drill

The manual auger drill is probably the most loved instrument by our grandparents because the tradition in some cases is the best choice. If you need to make some holes on the ground or the job to perform is on a small scale, and only required a couple of times a year, there is no better tool than the manual auger. Particularly indicated on sandy soil, this type is also an ecological solution: zero pollution and the only fuel you will use will be your strength!

Electric auger drill

The electric auger drill is suitable for drilling the ground in total comfort and ease. The only thing you will need to start the job will be a connection to an electrical outlet, and then you can forget about fatigue. The advantages offered by an electric auger drill are innumerable. For example, it does not need maintenance; it is immediately ready for use and has sufficient power for medium-scale jobs in not too hard terrain. Also, it is a quite machine with a reasonable price, and it is an ideal tool for the handyman or the amateur because the device itself does most of the work.

Petrol auger drill

The petrol auger drill is synonymous of power and sturdiness. It is no coincidence that it is the tool preferred by professionals who demand excellent and rapid results. Being a professional machine, unlike the electric auger drill, it requires special maintenance which "obligations" must be respected: replacement of the spark plugs, cleaning of the filters and wintering, are inevitable for both type with 2 and 4 -stroke engine. The difference between these? We tell you! The 2-stroke engine works thanks to the mixture and has limited power, while the 4-stroke engine operates with a separate mixture and offers a broader range of powers. Although it is noisy, the internal drill is still the best tool for extensive work.

Tips for buying

If you've never used an auger drill and you're new to this world, this is the right section for you. After listing the various types available on our site, here are some tips on how to choose the tool that suits you best. First evaluate the purpose for which you want to buy an auger drill and take into consideration the diameter, the depth of the holes to be excavated and the type of soil on which you will operate. For example, if the ground is slightly soft, an electric drill it is more than reasonable, while for harder and challenging soils, you have to opt for a petrol auger drill.


Even the best auger drill, remains a tool not without risk for the user. Although advanced security systems have been designed such as the automatic disengagement for the electric motorization and extinguishing system for the thermal engine, you must pay attention to the size of the tool according to your strength and physical capacity.

Accessories and spare parts for auger drills

Even the best drills are not immune to wear and tear: any object undergoes changes dictated by time, but don't worry! If the auger drill you have does not perform as well as before, you can always buy accessories and spare parts to put it back on track in Lineonline. Whether it's drill bits or extensions, one thing is sure; the highest quality is a guarantee by the most renowned brands, including Valex and Ribiland. With a few euros, you will feel like you have purchased a new generation drill from scratch!

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