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Updated on 21/07/24

Base Safety shoes: much more than quality 

Base Protection safety shoes are the ideal solution for those looking for design and technology in a work shoe. The main mission of the company from the first day of its birth is to create safety shoes whose first characteristic is perceived when wearing them: comfort. The commitment related to research and development has given excellent results, to receive several awards and patents, more than appreciated by a professional and demanding clientele. When choosing Base safety shoes, you will experience in your skin the proven innovation of a safety shoe that defats the foot and will also adhere to the improvement and development of a company that places its attention on environmental protection. 

For Base Protection, investing time and resources in technologies that aim to cool the well-being of the foot not only has an economic performance, but also hides the most noble and human purposes: make of work an activity that is least stressful for everyone.

Base Kaptiv Safety shoes 

The new Kaptiv Base line is the result of the study and dedication of the company, which for its launch has decided to go further, creating a new system called daptive. The advantages offered by this recent innovation are many and here you find them summarized in 4 macro concepts:

  • Amortization of movements: the system gradually absorbs the energy produced by the impact between the foot and the impact surface, reducing the sensation of shock in the bone.
  • Energy dissipation: lightening joints and restoring biomechanical conditions, the greater the impact, the more the system will help dissipate energy.
  • Energy return: energy will be returned completely naturally and with a speed compatible with the movement of the foot.
  • Foot stabilization: the system can return the foot to the shaft even in extreme conditions.

In addition, we would like to remind you that, regardless of the chosen line, all models of the Base safety shoes are equipped with an antibacterial lining to avoid unpleasant odors and moisture problems.

Browse and discover through our online catalog and try the pleasure of a truly superior shoe!

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