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  1. PRBVB196TH 6.5 Hp Ribiland petrol shredder

    PRBVB196TH 6.5 Hp Ribiland petrol shredder

    power 4100W 6.5 Hp - soft wood / green cut diam. 70/50 mm
    • Power 4100 W 6.5 Hp
    • 4-stroke petrol engine
    • Soft wood cutting Ø 70 mm
    • Green wood cutting Ø 50 mm
    • Weight 84.00 kg
    Special Price £1,115.12 Regular Price £1,287.67
    Delivery in 48 hours
  2. Ryobi RSH3045U Shredder

    Ryobi RSH3045U Shredder

    3000 W motor - diam. max branches 45 mm - basket 55 lt -
    • 3000 W motor
    • Collection basket 55 lt
    • Max cut branches 45 mm
    • Weight 21 kg
    Special Price £257.45 Regular Price £282.00
    Delivery in 48 hours
  3. VALEX 1498460 BT2400D Bladed Garden Shredder 2100 W
    • power 2100 W

    • 2950 empty rpm

    • reversible tempered steel blades

    • overload protection

    Delivery in 6/10 days
  4. VALEX 1498462 BT2900I Garden Shredder with roller
    • power 2500 W
    • empty rounds 42
    • hardened steel roller
    • security function
    Delivery in 6/10 days
  5. Ribimex PRBVB2800 Garden Shredder

    Ribimex PRBVB2800 Garden Shredder

    2800 W motor - diam. max branches 44 mm - 60 lt container -
    • 2800 W motor
    • 60 lt container
    • Diam. max branches 44 mm
    • 46 x 107 x 62 cm
    • Weight 23.00 Kg
    Special Price £256.59 Regular Price £300.37
    Delivery in 6/10 days
  6.  Ribiland PRBVB389TH Petrol Shredder 13 Hp

    Ribiland PRBVB389TH Petrol Shredder 13 Hp

    power 8200W 13 Hp - wood cutting diam. 100/70 mm
    • Power 8200 W 13 Hp
    • 4-stroke petrol engine
    • Soft wood cutting Ø 100 mm
    • Green wood cutting Ø 70 mm
    • Weight 175.00 kg
    Delivery in 6/10 days
  7. Einhell GC-KS 2540 Electric shredder

    Einhell GC-KS 2540 Electric shredder

    power 2000 W - double-edged steel blades - weight 11.60 kg -
    • Engine: 2000W
    • Maximum power: S6 2500 W 40%
    • 2 Double-edged steel blades
    • Max cutting Ø 40 mm
    • Weight: 11.60 kg
    Delivery in 6/10 days
  8. Alpina ACH 2.2 E electric shredder

    Alpina ACH 2.2 E electric shredder

    2200 W motor - diam. max branches 40 mm - container 50 lt
    • 2200 W motor
    • Container 50 lt
    • Max branch diameter 40 mm
    • 46 x 55 x 103 cm
    • Net weight 10.40 Kg
    Special Price £156.15 Regular Price £177.61
    Delivery in 6/10 days
  9. Alpina ASH 2.5 E electric shredder

    Alpina ASH 2.5 E electric shredder

    2500 W motor - diam. max branches 40 mm - cutting system with rotating roller - container 60 lt
    • 2500 W motor
    • Cutting with rotating roller
    • Container 60 lt
    • Max branch diameter 40 mm
    • 56 x 49 x 100 cm
    • Net weight 27,80 Kg
    Delivery in 6/10 days
  10. Einhell Redaxxo 36/25 Solo battery-powered garden shredder

    Einhell Redaxxo 36/25 Solo battery-powered garden shredder

    n. 2 18V PXC Twin Pack batteries NOT included - 3 reversible steel blades - weight 10.50 kg
    • n. 2 18V PXC batteries NOT included
    • n. 3 reversible steel blades
    • 55 l collection bag
    • Max branch thickness 25 mm
    • Net weight 10.50 kg
    Delivery in 6/10 days - Free shipping
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10 Items

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Written on 23/05/24 by Erika C.

Garden Shredder: for chopping wood, branches and leaves 

A bio shredder is a machine that has revolutionised the way we take care of our garden, increasingly spreading the concept of eco-sustainable treatment. Because those who love greenery should take care of it while respecting its nature! If you too are of this idea, then this is the guide for you. You will find useful information for the purchase of an instrument that has given rise to a new way of thinking, turning the disposal of pruning waste into an essential element for your land. The shredder thanks to the start-up of an electric or petrol engine, shreds the plants remains created after the cutting operation, which you can re-use as a natural fertiliser. In doing so, the soil will draw all the benefits of a 100% natural nourishment, and you will notice the difference

Electric bio shredder

The electric garden shredder, as you can easily guess, is powered by electricity and is the most recommended type for home/hobby use. Recommended for gardens of small or medium size, because it is essential to be near an electrical outlet for proper operation. Also, the electric garden shredder is less demanding than other types available on the market, because it is easy to use and maintain.  Another feature that makes it attractive is the excellent value for money, which shows how an affordable tool can be valid and functional on all points of view

Petrol Garden Shredder 

We highly recommend the petrol-shredder in case you want to make professional use of it or even where the area to treat is particularly large. One of the advantages of motorised machines is, in fact, the maximum freedom of movement that they are capable of to offer. No electric cable and no impediment! This type of device with an internal combustion engine is recommended when the amount of plant debris is large. By using it, you will not incur on unhealthy habits like burning the remains; which can cause smoke and bad odours throughout the neighbourhood

Buying tips 

We have always wanted to inform our customers before purchase. For this reason, before getting to the heart of the guide to a smart investment, we thought to list some of the benefits that you can enjoy using one of our garden shredders

  • a total absence of bulky garbage and to say the least difficult to dispose of
  • honest and competitive prices
  • guarantee ensured by the most famous brands in the gardening world
  • composting, eco-sustainability and savings, if not total absence, of fertilisers
  • no accidental fire in burning the debris and zero fumes and bad odours but above all
  • Complete safety for your health
  • savings in disposal costs, which in some cases also require external assistance

If you still have doubts, continue reading the next few paragraphs, and you will find out what are the other factors to consider for the final choice.

Cutting characteristics

The garden shredder cutting system is the primary feature to consider and in fact, not surprisingly there are 3 of them:

- Turbine system: considered the most efficient system. The turbine allows to easily and quickly grind all types of plants, reducing the remains into tiny pieces and consequently delaying the emptying of the collection basket

- Roller system: typical of cheaper models but no less efficient for this. Although this system produces larger residues than the first, it is more than valid for shrubs and bushes.

- Blade system: particularly suitable with twigs and branches. Super recommended for those who have a small vegetable garden, do not have critical needs and above all want to spend little


Power is a fundamental factor for any motor-driven object, and a subdivision based on this critical value can be summarised as follows

  • Less than 2000 W: we are talking about rather low power, so beware; sometimes it indicates a product that is not particularly valid
  • between 2000 W and 2500 W: this is the most common power range for electric shredders on the market
  • higher than 2500 W: this is very high power and is generally associated with obviously higher costs


Perhaps the noise could be considered the only possible disadvantage of the garden shredder. Some of the current models on the market exceed 100 dB when, in reality, the human ear should never be exposed to noise above 90 dB. However, we realise that this is an obstacle for many manufacturers precisely in terms of product development. Therefore, it is essential to always wear noise protection and for better safety, also consider the purchase of goggles and protective gloves!

Cutting capacity

The cutting capacity has to do with the dimensions of the insertion tube of the shredder itself, i.e. with the maximum diameter of the branches that can be inserted into the machine. Generally, the cutting capacity is between 38 and 40 mm, but in general, it is wise to evaluate in advance your needs based on the plants available. Because an excessive diameter would mean an unbalanced investment compared to your needs. Also, a shredder with a pipe insertion too small would be a useless purchase for those who have more critical needs

Shredding capacity

The shredding capacity indicates how many kilos of plant remains you will be able to cut within an hour. This will give further indications on the speed of the machine and the number of revolutions of the engine. In any case, don't let the technicalities scare you! These values ​​are almost always indicated in our datasheets, and the only thing you will need to take into account, as usual, are your needs! For example

  • if you have an extensive garden, the shredding capacity should be high, i.e. above 200 kg/h
  • if you have small necessities, such as cutting small branches, a shredder of less than 100 kg/h is more than enough.


Before evaluating the essential elements of the perfect shredder for your purposes, always make sure that it is equipped with a safety lock. Not only to avoid damage to the machine itself due to the passage of branches and stems too big, but above all to prevent the blades from being in contact with hands when the device is running!

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