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Workers highly appreciate work vests in the most varied sectors; multifunction pockets, zip closure, waterproof technical fabrics, wear-resistant, garments designed and manufactured for specific industries to meet the needs and requirements of each individual customer.

The vest is suitable for both the mid-season and more rigid conditions; for all those who need freedom of movement and practicality at hand!


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Updated on 05/07/22 by Erika C.

Work vest: sewn-on comfort

If you are an electrician, a mechanic, a warehouse worker or a plumber, surely wearing a work vest is the order of the day. This garment is, essential for those who, during working hours, need to always have on hand objects and tools as a matter of convenience and time savings. It is a sort of mini toolbox sewn on, that weighs a lot less and offers more order making it less challenging to find smalls tools. This work garment must always be made with high-quality fabrics to prevent the well-filled pockets from splitting, dropping objects that could end up on the feet. Because we want to avoid any inconvenience, we offer the best work vests available on the market, from high visibility vests to those specific for different seasons.

Winter work vest

The winter work vest is a garment of which many have different opinions. It almost seems a contradiction that a vest (without sleeves) can be worn during winter, yet it's possible! Everything is in the quality of the fabrics and in the attention of those who design them.

When temperatures are low, the part of our body that suffers the most is not so much the arms, but the chest.   For this reason, it is why it is important to always rely on quality brands that take care of creating vests with padding in warm and protective fabrics. Some winter work vests even have front handwarmer pockets with a fleece lining! The winter work vest is an extremely versatile garment that can be worn all year round to protect you from the cold in the harshest seasons, but at the same time can be worn in other seasons, in places not particularly humid.

Summer work vest

During the summer season, we all want to wear as few clothes as possible, yet for certain professions, this is not possible. In addition to the classic work T-shirt, you must also wear a work vest, in which you can have at hand tools of your trade. You will be thinking that working outside under the sun will be even more exhausting, but in reality, there is a solution!  If you're not particularly worried about possible wear and tear from frequent washing, then you'd instead use 100% cotton! This material makes the products breathable and light and is also suitable for vests for all seasons. Browse our online catalog and choose the one with the most appropriate features for your work!

High visibility work vest

The high visibility work vest is a real lifesaver.  That's why this is one of the cases where you can't go with a simple choice, buying clothes with unknown origins and made with rough or poor materials. Lineonline offers you high visibility vests based on the seasons. Cofra, Diadora, U Power, Issa, Timberland; these brands have always worked meticulously and paid no attention to guarantee the best possible protection. The reliability is their primary value, and for this, you will not regret choosing them. Also, if you are afraid to feel constrained into your work clothes, the vest is very light and not bulky, at the same time, it will make you visible in case of poor visibility avoiding danger.!

Multi-pocket work vest

The multi-pocket vests are among the most requested, especially for the comfort they offer of keeping your tools always at hand. Then, of course, even your smartphone, bag, and other personal items. Among the various types, you will find padded vests that are suitable for winter protecting you from low temperatures or summer vests made with innovative and breathable materials. A great solution designed by U power is the U Power Fun multi-pocket work vest; this vest is suitable for all seasons, lightweight, breathable, and at the same time versatile.

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