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Chef's clothing represents a sector that in recent years has seen a wide range of specific products flourish for all those working in the kitchen and catering industry. Never in recent years has the figure of the cook assumed such great visibility; numerous television programmes have decreed the success of dozens of chefs who stand out not only for their skill and uniqueness but also for their appearance, which is exceptional!

In our online catalogue, you can find unique clothing and accessories, with classic and youthful patterns, comfortable cuts, with attention to detail to meet the specific needs of workers under stress and in very demanding shifts. Giblor's and Siggi are the brands chosen for you: Italian companies, with decades of experience that invest resources and energy in the study of new fabrics. With their own tailoring laboratories, trained personnel, always in tune with the latest fashion trends, that combine safety, practicality, lightness, freedom of movement to each garment produced; kitchens all over the world only light up with freshness, colour, imagination, dynamism thanks to the creativity and the ability of these companies to interpret the passage of time.

To complete your look, you can take a look at the different models of white safety shoes that will ensure your comfort, safety and hygiene 24 hours a day!     


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Written on05/07/22 by Erika C.

Chef's clothing: of fundamental importance

The gastronomic activity is not only focused on loyalty towards its clients but also the professionalism of its staff. The professionalism is not only focused on the skill and qualifications of the cooks but above all on the fundamental element: hygiene. There are several ways of maintaining a clean environment, and one of them should be directed at work clothes. It is essential that the fabrics are of high quality and designed specifically for this work. If this does not happen, we run the risk of finding products with a "dust and germ-catching" effect that could automatically filter into our food. To avoid these drawbacks, shop at Lineonline: our site works exclusively with well known and reliable brands. 

Chef's clothing: a couple of tips for you

Here are the guidelines to follow when choosing clothing in this sector:

  • Standards require these garments to be suitable, clean, easily sanitised and resistant to high temperatures so that they can last for a long time. 
  • Choose comfortable and soft clothing such as elasticated trousers or "stretchable" jackets with a comfortable crease on the back.
  • Since dishwashing staff are usually always in contact with water, they should opt for dark jackets and waterproof aprons. 
  • For reasons of uniformity, it would also be better to buy a hat and apron in the same colour. 
  • Removable buttons are the best choice for those who are in the kitchen and are the best for safety because, in case of contact with fire, you can take them off more quickly than traditional ones. 

Moreover, we would like to inform you that if you are unable to decide between a lively jacket and a simple one, you can find the right compromise by personalising it! Many, for example, choose to have the name of the chef they work with, the name of the job they do or the name of the place where they work printed.

Giblor's: specialist in work clothes 

Giblor's is made in Italy, a brand that designs and produces professional clothing for the culinary and catering sectors. Gilblor's objective is to ensure that customers express their personality even in the workplace, offering a vast selection of choices that are renewed every year. Its hallmarks are details and finishes that are recognisable at first glance and this, in addition to its many qualities, is one of the reasons why we decided to include it on Lineonline

Siggi: professional clothing

Siggi is a brand specialised in the production of professional clothing for those who work in the industrial, commercial, artisan, public administration, catering and healthcare sectors... But that's not all! The brand is famous for the production of clothing that lasts over time and does not crease and is also very well known for the production of children's clothing, suitable for school environments.

Siggi Masterchef: you will feel like a star 

Speaking of customisation, did you know that on Lineonline are available the chef's jacket and apron signed Siggi that have been popular in the famous cooking program "Masterchef"? Cooking enthusiasts will surely be ecstatic to read it and even more so when they see their unbeatable prices! We at Lineonline love to make you feel important and invincible: that's why we aim to satisfy your every wish! Masterchef is just the beginning...

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