Cofra safety shoes

Cofra work safety shoes

Cofra work safety shoes represent the essence of this brand: professional craftmanship, research, study, laboratory tests, and cutting-edge technology. The variety of models makes it possible to satisfy the needs of each of you. All aim primarily to meet two main criteria: comfort and safety. Cofra also succeeds in giving options in colors and patterns so you can escape the flatness of a shoe around which revolve many clichés


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Written on 01/07/22 by Erika C.

Cofra work safety shoes: safety as a guarantee

The Cofra brand has always taken into account two essential and indispensable features in the world of work: safety and comfort. The protection classes of the Cofra model guarantee the maximum protection of the fingers, avoiding any risk of crushing, while the polyurethane / TPU sole protects from any punctures.

The Cofra brand takes care of the customer in an excellent way; it is not by chance that its first requirement is undoubtedly the protection of the worker, following the rhythms of work that are often dense and willingly accelerated. Wearing work safety shoes for many hours, if you do not make the right choice, can be unbearably heavy, but Cofra regularly studies to ensure first-class comfort

Cofra offers a wide range of work safety shoes meeting the needs of all workers: from the bricklayer to the nurse or the cook. Cofra footwear is renowned for its lightness, which allows the body weight to be distributed evenly on the instep. All without neglecting its breathable capabilities. The inner lining is also antibacterial and anti-abrasion and is combined with a slab with a high capacity to absorb energy; this ensures that the shoe fits perfectly in any environmental condition.

Cofra Work Safety shoe Prices

The fact that Cofra produces high-quality, design work shoes does not exclude an advantage in the quality-price ratio. Despite using state-of-the-art technical materials to counter any danger, such as that relating to chemical or mechanical agents, the brand continues to offer competitive and economical prices, thus guaranteeing ever-high levels of safety, without leading to high costs

Cofra women's work safety shoes

Women's work safety shoes include models designed to be comfortable. Very often the shoes are equipped with a 25 to 30 mm heel so as not to strain the back and lower limbs. Cofra women's shoes are not only beautiful and elegant but high performing.  Many of these equipped with an aluminum tip that can reduce weight by 40% compared to the steel tip. The work shoes are incredibly light to the female foot while respecting, of course, the safety standard EN 12568: 2010.

Cofra work safety boots

Cofra's objective has always been to adapt its models to the safety needs of each worker. For even greater protection, especially if you are being exposed to corrosive agents for a long time, the best choice is in the boots. Contrary to popular belief, these boots are extremely versatile and include different lines: from thermal to water-repellent or suede, to ensure maximum safety without sacrificing freedom of movement

Cofra Running: the ultra-light line

This line of shoes with a sporty and lightweight outsole embodies several qualities including comfort and especially the ability to absorb impact shocks that often cause problems on the limbs and back. Equipped with a super abrasion resistant tread these shoes have an electrical resistance to the ground between 0.75 and 35 MOhm and are therefore super recommended for ATEX environments

Cofra Petri S1 P SRC: maximum breathability 

The type of shoe S1 indicates a shoe model recommended in the summer made of BREATEX fabric with highly breathable 3D texture and MICROTECH. The peculiarity of the model Petri S1 P SRC is the ability to ensure the absorption of energy from an impact, thus making every movement comfortable, even prolonged. One of the many points in its favour is the anti-abrasion leather tip that protects and supports every activity

Cofra Monti S3 SRC: your favorite safety trainers

S3 work safety shoes indicate a type of shoe that is particularly suitable for the winter season. This model has an upper in an innovative fabric called TECHSHELL resisting abrasion and tear, as well as being breathable and water repellent. Another feature not to be overlooked is the insole made of soft and comfortable polyurethane but no less absorbent. The foot will always remain dry, which is why it is the favorite shoe and the best choice for the winter months.

Cofra Chuck S3 SRC: among the leading models of Cofra 

The Chuck S3 SRC work safety shoes, thanks to the upper made of innovative TECHSHELL fabric, resist abrasion and are particularly water repellent. Preferred and chosen above all for the anatomic insole in polyurethane memory foam, the Chuck S3 SRC models are self-modeled on the sole, and the covering fabric can absorb sweat, leaving the foot always dry

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