Cofra workwear

Cofra workwear has always been the richest, the most varied and specific for each sector! Everyone has learned and designed the ideas of the Italian company that for over 50 years has dictated the rules of a continually evolving market. The high-quality of the Cofra products are the results of research, study, design, effective laboratory testing, and of course, complying with national and international regulations. Bricklayers, electricians, welders, farmers, mechanics, painters, foresters, laboratory technicians with microprocessors, ecological operators, fishers, workers in the agri-food sector; each category has been studied in multiple facets to meet the needs and requirements of each operator.

Cofra uses highly breathable technical fabrics, natural, in full consideration of people and the environment. Recycling and reusing to a new life of used materials, processing of raw materials, with OEKO-TEX® certification attesting to the absolute absence of substances harmful to human health. Cofra, with its corporate philosophy, focuses on the continuous synergy of every single phase of the production process, in full respect of the environment and search of natural materials in harmony with the people.


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Cofra workwear: a brand a guarantee

Cofra is a test that sacrifice and hard work sooner or later, always are rewarded. It started the production of footwear by manufacturing soles obtained from tires of military trucks and uppers made using war uniforms. Its continuous growth, thanks to the commitment of the employees and the excellent managerial skills of the various managers, has led Cofra to be an internationally recognised company. Cofra has shown how an empire can build from nothing, where quality and elegance are the predominant elements

Cofra's high visibility clothing

Cofra's business growth has had an exceptional boom, to the extent that it has broadened its horizons and scope of action, moving to more sensitive sectors, such as hi-visibility clothing. The company has surprised everyone with the introduction of an exceptional number of garments: from polos to T-shirts, trousers to shorts, and vest. The quality of the retro-reflective bands is beyond doubt. The success of this category of garments and the choice of Cofra has always proved to be a winner!

Cofra work trousers

Browsing on Lineonline, you will be able to choose the Cofra work trousers that are right for your needs and one thing is sure: you'll be spoilt for choice! From trousers suitable for all seasons to specific trousers for every period of the year. Also, you will find different fabrics to choose from, and if you are a lover of pure cotton, you will be satisfied. There is also room for mixed materials: super resistant to frequent washing and particularly suitable for those who prefer more textile fibres, which usually require less care. If you're a comfort lover, you can choose shorts, as well as multi-pocket trousers if you like to have your work tools always at hand, for efficient and immediate performance!

Cofra T-shirts and shirts

This section is the one where you will surely have the most choice: from a simple and comfortable style to a more sober and elegant one. 100% cotton t-shirt in a variety of colours for unbeatable freedom of movement and unconventional polo shirts, totally free of the belief that they hold too much heat. Cofra stands out and even for the most unthinkable garments has designed highly elastic and breathable fabrics to absorb sweat. And if you really can't do without finesse and elegance? Choose shirts! Whether it's summer or winter, your needs first and foremost: short sleeves or long sleeves, for a top style 365 days a year

Cofra waistcoat/gilet and work jacket

Cofra waistcoats and work jackets will be your salvation if you work outside or in generally cold work environments, especially in winter, such as warehouses or workshops. From padded jackets to those with limited thicknesses, to even detachable sleeves! And if, on the other hand, you have a dynamic personality and not even low temperatures can stop you, opt for the vest! This piece of clothing manages to reconcile the feeling of enveloping warmth with the maximum freedom of movement given by the absence of sleeves and by the side slits on the bottom present in some models, as in the case of the Cofra Winter POLAR gilet!

Cofra overalls 

Overalls and workwear Cofra rank among the safest clothing in the world of accident prevention. Cofra overalls are unique garments because it is practically impossible for them to slip up or down accidentally, which can happen when wearing work trousers or t-shirts. Also, it is much easier to find work clothes classified by trade, compared to loose garments. On Lineonline you will find overalls suitable for those who work in dusty environments, agriculture, the cut-resistant ones perfect for those who work in the wood industry.  Also, you will find more specific overalls designed for those who work in the chemical industry and need protection from viruses, blood, or organic waste

Cofra work sweatshirts

Cofra workwear sweatshirts are perhaps the most versatile workwear there is. Suitable for almost any occasion, sweatshirts are loved mostly for the level of comfort they can offer. Although it is a simple garment and generally devoid of details, Cofra has given the best of itself in this case and has made sweatshirts not detectable to the metal detector, equipped with pockets to store small objects and has not given up the taste. Goodbye to the monotony thanks to colourful sweatshirts and fluorescent zippers, which break the cliché that at work you have to dress the same way! 

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