Cofra is without a doubt the most well-known brand at a national level for workwear and for safety shoes. After decades of direct experience, they are considered qualified experts with high manufacturing value. Cofra researches laboratory technology applied in every phase of production, inside planning entrusted to technicians, designers, stylists who continuously have ideas at pace with the demands of the work market. Cofra's products are made with selected, natural, bio-friendly materials, tested inside the laboratories before being put on the market and certified external companies certify the extreme quality. Cofra is appreciated by thousands of customers that rely on them to work in safety and practicality, in the most diverse locations. The online catalog is broad, well organized in various categories to be easily browsed. Thousands of articles of clothing and work shoes for every industry: from workers who cut wood with chainsaws, to builders, electricians, chemists, medical operators, welders, firefighters...



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  1. Work Overalls Cofra Steel

    Work Overalls Cofra Steel

    As low as £38.38
  2. Cofra Zurich Work gilet

    Cofra Zurich Work gilet

    Spring / Summer - 100% cotton canvas
    As low as £30.07
  3. Cofra Bricklayer Work trousers

    Cofra Bricklayer Work trousers

    As low as £33.24
  4. Work Jacket Cofra Rider

    Work Jacket Cofra Rider

    As low as £22.19
  5. Cofra Walcourt slim Work Trousers

    Cofra Walcourt slim Work Trousers

    autumn / winter - 64% cotton / 34% polyester - 2% elastane - 300 g / m2
    As low as £28.53
  6. Cofra Zanzibar Work T-shirt

    Cofra Zanzibar Work T-shirt

    Spring/Summer - 100% cotton - 140 g/mq -
    As low as £5.91
  7. Cofra Expert Work gilet

    Cofra Expert Work gilet

    Spring / Summer - 60% cotton - 40% polyester
    As low as £25.36
  8. Cofra Mirassol Work Jacket

    Cofra Mirassol Work Jacket

    autumn / winter - Softshell + Cofra Tex membrane - 330 gr / m2 - Windproof -
    As low as £37.61
  9. Cofra Kudus super stretch Work trousers

    Cofra Kudus super stretch Work trousers

    spring / summer - 60% cotton / 37% polyester - 3% elastane - 245 gr / m2 - skinny
    As low as £31.27
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Items 1-30 of 1261

per page

Updated on 18/04/24 by Erika C.

Cofra was born to work: pride in the world of accident prevention

In the world of accident prevention, the Cofra brand is one of the great giantsThe company, founded in Barletta and active since 1938, began to produce footwear with sole and instep from the use of trucks and military uniforms, while in 2004 it began to diversify its personal protection items: from safety footwear, to workwear, through accessories. It is incredible to think about the technological advance that Cofra is able to offer its customers: from simple raw material soles and uppers, much less resistant than modern products, to the most meticulous selection of raw materials by qualified suppliers.

The Cofra catalog is extremely rich and that is why below we will analyze the main branches of this constantly evolving brand:

  • safety shoes;
  • Workwear;
  • work gloves;
  • eye protection goggles and masks;
  • masks for respiratory protection

Cofra safety shoes

Cofra's catalog of work shoes is the most complete among manufacturers in the sector. With more than 1000 different models available, it is possible to find the right product for the needs of all users.

Cofra work shoes can be a real eye opener for those looking for a shoe that is perfectly suited to their profession. A highlight is the ability to combine comfort, aesthetics, functionality and more ... Many models, recognized by the acronym DGUV, can accommodate external templates! This possibility has allowed to alleviate the pathologies related to the foot of many users: not for nothing, these shoes are also known as orthopedic safety shoes. The secret of the versatility of Cofra work shoes lies in research and the ability to identify perfectly with the role of the demanding worker and that is why the company has created different types of footwear


It is no coincidence that it is a Cofra, the best-selling safety shoe in Italy, so beloved because it can be worn 365 days a year, saving not only money, but also time in choosing the right safety shoe for each season, for example:

Cofra Monti

The Cofra Monti safety shoes are among the best models that the Italian company has producedMade from breathable and water-repellent Techshell fabric, the Cofra Monti, while part of the S3 safety class, is suitable for all seasons and all professions, as they are extremely versatileThanks to the raised heel, they are also excellent for those who need to walk in a massive way and are in continuous movement and in fact they are without a doubt among the "top" of the range of the Cofra.

In addition, Cofra has earned the trust of many customers, creating a completely ecological line in order to align not only with the strictest safety standards, but also with the moral principles of those who want to make a prudent and respectful purchase with the environment in mind. environment. The line in question is the following:

Cofra Green Fit

Before presenting the most famous models of the Cofra brand, it is important to mention the eco-friendly Green Fit line, well known for its ecological models made of 100% PET and recycled polyurethane, capable of guaranteeing a perfect balance between impact energy absorption and road.

The sole of the Cofra Green Fit safety shoes offers maximum comfort thanks to the insert / insole in the heel made of Poly-Green, a material whose upper layer is made of antibacterial fabric that absorbs sweat and leaves the foot always dry.

Green Fit work shoes absorb impacts, do not tire the back and respect the environment in all its components: from the laces to the tabs and flags ... all made with 100% recycled yarn.

And of course ... Paper and cardboard confections are also recycled!

Cofra Women's Safety Shoes

Cofra, among its multiple values, also includes attention to women and we Lineonline have decided to fully adhere to including in our catalog several models with the most varied styles possible: from sports cut shoes for casual lovers to the totally classic cut.An example of the latter type?Cofra Julia safety shoes!

¿Who said you can't have top-notch attire in the workplace? Regardless of profession, there are many other reasons to feel noble and elegant and we want to remind you of that!

Cofra workwear

Cofra workwear, like footwear, fully embodies the spirit of the company, which revolves around the search for high-quality fabrics, but without waste! In fact, Cofra takes advantage of the advantages offered by recycled materials, offering a new life in total respect for the environment and the person. All their clothing, from work pants to T-shirts, to high visibility garments, are OEKO-TEX® certified, which certifies the total absence of harmful substances in their production and as usual, everything is designed with the various professions in mind existing:

  • Gardener
  • Electrical technician
  • Mechanic
  • Carpenter
  • Welder
  • Chef

Cofra will always have a solution for each profession and will also respond to the most severe and particular needs of each worker, in any field!

Clothing and prices Cofra 

The fact that Cofra cares so much about the environment makes it equally honest when it comes to pricing. It is clear that by making the most of existing resources during the production process, prices are also reduced! Cofra workwear has an almost incomparable value for money. From just 5 euros, you can have an economical, comfortable, efficient and durable garment, capable of dispelling the myth that only a high price hides a good garment.Try Cofra's clothes and you will confirm it yourself, providing the proof that you do not need a "capital" at all to dress well ... All it takes is a little cunning and intuition!

Cofra masks

The Cofra brand is also dedicated to the production of washable or surgical fabric safety face masks ffp2, ffp3.

These safety devices are essential not only to protect against viruses and bacteria present in the air, but also to avoid allergy problems related to pollen dust, etc. or just not breathing gas and smog in trafficked places.

In this sense, Cofra has been able to perfectly differentiate the types of mascarilals suitable for each situation, offering a wide range for users.

Cofra glasses

Cofra safety glasses are the best accessories to protect your eyesight during delicate work sessions.

This is probably one of the most important IPRs, as the eyes are very often exposed to:

  • mechanical hazards → chips, dusts, high speed particles
  • chemical hazards → vapors, gases, fumes, chemical splashes
  • risks of optical radiation → infrared, ultraviolet, glare

Available in different colors, Cofra glasses are rich in details, such as flexible temples and / or anti-fog lenses, which make them one of a kind.


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