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Cofra is without a doubt the most well-known brand at a national level for workwear and for safety shoes. After decades of direct experience, they are considered qualified experts with high manufacturing value. Cofra researches laboratory technology applied in every phase of production, inside planning entrusted to technicians, designers, stylists who continuously have ideas at pace with the demands of the work market. Cofra's products are made with selected, natural, bio-friendly materials, tested inside the laboratories before being put on the market and certified external companies certify the extreme quality. Cofra is appreciated by thousands of customers that rely on them to work in safety and practicality, in the most diverse locations. The online catalog is broad, well organized in various categories to be easily browsed. Thousands of articles of clothing and work shoes for every industry: from workers who cut wood with chainsaws, to builders, electricians, chemists, medical operators, welders, firefighters...


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The whole Cofra catalog is available online: safety shoes, workwear, accessories, gloves, and protective masks. Safety products at every price range; detailed selling and offers for businesses…


Cofra Catalog

Cofra is the number one national brand for the production and selling of safety products for work (PPE – Personal Protective Equipment). Its catalog is one of the most complete in the industry. It is divided in:

  • safety shoes;
  • workwear;
  • work gloves;
  • goggles/glasses for the protection of the eyes;
  • masks for the protection of the airways;

Cofra safety shoes 

Cofra’s catalog of work shoes is the most complete in the industry. With over 600 different models it is easy to find the right product for every user’s needs. To make the choice easier, the catalog was divided into footwear “series” or “lines”:

1)    “Formula Work”

All types of new footwear recently added to the Cofra catalog. Their strong suit is their light-weight and comfort, thanks to the sole made in Eva/Tpu and to the insole made in Eva/Nitrile.


Beach Soccer Grey, the bestseller of the series


The bestseller of the Formula Work line is the Beach Soccer Grey. Its main characteristics, besides having a modern design and a captivating style are:

  • Highly breathable: ideal for the hot seasons, they keep the foot fresh and dry;
  • Non-metallic midsole: the midsole is in APT Plate and bends easily, it does not tire the foot while walking or during work;
  • Wide 11 mondopoint fit: large sole that guarantees an exceptional fit and no contact with the metallic parts;
  • Anti-twist support: to protect the foot from twisting.



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