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Written on 08/12/23 by Linda T.

Cut-resistant gloves: durability and comfort

Cut-resistant gloves are increasingly used not only in the working world but also in DIY sectors. Many activities present a danger when handling sharp objects, which is why special gloves have been developed to protect the upper limbs.


But... What are cut-resistant work gloves?


Cut-resistant gloves are devices that protect the hands from dangerous objects. The materials from which they are made must be:


  • Lightweight, ergonomic and comfortable: mobility of the hand must remain one of the most important characteristics
  • Strong and safe: suitable for protecting the hand from sharp instruments


Tactical cut-resistant gloves must therefore be able to guarantee maximum resistance and, at the same time, ensure breathability and comfort.   


Best cut-resistant gloves

To find the best cut-resistant devices on the market, it is crucial to assess their characteristics in detail.

During the selection process, attention must be paid to the activity you will perform. In this regard, a list of possible uses for cut-resistant gloves has been compiled:


Chainsaw cut-resistant gloves Kitchen cut-resistant gloves
Pruning cut resistant gloves Forestry cut-resistant gloves
Police cut and puncture resistant gloves Military cut-resistant gloves


Chainsaw cut-resistant gloves

Chainsaw cut-resistant gloves are designed for people who work with dangerous tools such as chainsaws or other garden equipment.

They protect you from possible cuts that may endanger your health. They are also called 'professional chainsaw cut-resistant gloves' precisely because they protect at a professional level thanks to their high-quality materials.


guanti antitaglio per motosega


In the world of gardening, there are not only chainsaw gloves but also:


Anti-cutting gloves for pruning

These are also designed for the same purpose: to protect you from possible cuts but also from branches or weeds that could cause you injuries or allergic reactions.


 Guanti antitaglio per potatura


Anti-cut police gloves

These devices are not only about protection but also about elegance. Since police officers must always maintain a specific and elegant uniform, the gloves must be adapted to the uniform. In addition to protection against cuts, these devices must also cope with bad weather: they must therefore be water-repellent and allow the skin to breathe. For this reason, they may also be called:


Professional Cut Resistant Gloves

They are called professional because they maintain perfect protection and elegance. Protection against cuts is guaranteed by the high-quality materials used in the production process.


Cut-resistant kitchen gloves

Cut-resistant gloves for the kitchen are particularly important when dealing with foodstuffs that require extra protection. They must be able to protect against sharp surfaces (sea urchins) or sharp instruments (knives for cutting bones or thick foodstuffs). In fact, they are used both in contexts where one has to handle fish and where one has to deal with meat.

Let's look at the devices used for the last activity:

Butcher's cut-resistant gloves

Many butchers or cooks have to handle thick meats and break these down into small pieces. Therefore, it is necessary to use tools capable of cutting such food.

Cut-resistant gloves are made for this purpose: the operator must feel protected even when using particularly sharp instruments.


Forestry cut-resistant gloves  

Protection from cuts in forestry is significant: forestry personnel are always in contact with sharp and dangerous tools such as chainsaws, so it is essential that they feel protected throughout their work. The glove must be made of materials that can act as a barrier against such tools.


Military cut-resistant gloves

Hand protection devices capable of protecting military personnel are equipped with a pad that protects the palm from possible cuts or abrasions.

A further characteristic that cut-resistant gloves for military personnel must guarantee is impermeability: they must be able to create a barrier against water to maintain a good grip even on slippery surfaces.



Iron Cut Resistant Gloves 


Although more commonly known by this name, the one more appropriate for these devices is 'Stainless Steel Cut Resistant Gloves.

These are gloves made of individually welded rings for maximum strength and durability.

The stainless steel mesh also allows contact with foodstuffs because it does not have plastic and therefore prevents contamination in the event of accidental breakage.

These gloves offer total protection against all types of cuts, and not only that: but they also allow you to handle cleaning products or disinfectants without running the risk of skin irritation.


guanti in acciaio inox





Concerning protective equipment, there are always regulations to follow to ensure you are working with maximum protection. Even in the case of cut-resistant gloves, it is important to follow the law in force: we are talking about EN 388.


New regulation cut-resistant gloves

The standard states that a cut-resistant glove must comply with the following characteristics:


  1. Abrasion
  2. Cutting
  3. Tear
  4. Perforation


Based on the characteristics of cut-resistant gloves, 3 categories can be distinguished.


Let us look at them in detail:


  • Cut-resistant gloves category 1
  • Cut-resistant gloves, category 2
  • Cut-resistant gloves, category 3


Cut-resistant gloves category 1

Devices capable of protecting against minor risks. The manufacturer must issue the declaration certifying their conformity and assumes all responsibility.


Cut-resistant gloves category 2

These gloves protect against medium risks and are not part of the other two categories. Its certification is carried out during the manufacturing stage.


Cut-resistant gloves category 3

These are those gloves that protect against highly dangerous hazards that can cause extremely serious and permanent injury. The notified body provides certification of these.


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