Diadora Glove MDS MID S3 HRO SRC high safety shoes

Autumn/winter - water repellent nubuck leather - Mass Damper Technology sole

  • Autumn/winter
  • Air Mesh lining
  • Mass Dumper Technology
  • Glove MDS line
  • Security level S3 HRO SRC
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The Diadora Glove MDS MID S3 HRO SRC safety shoes are the “new entry” of the Glove MDS line, high boots designed for the colder season, available in two captivating colors.

Once again, the Italian excellence Diadora Utility offers effective solutions to all workers looking for the highest quality products that can guarantee the highest level of protection and safety, thanks to the use of increasingly advanced technologies.

The PU sole with protective TPU film coating uses the innovative Mass Damper system that combines cushioning and energy return, ensuring stability and comfort evenly across the entire surface of the foot. The specific cover in thermoplastic film, on the other hand, is intended to give the sole greater resistance to abrasion and tearing, bringing footwear to an even higher level of safety.

Let's discover the Gloves MDS MID S3 HRO SRC specifically:

  • Ultra breathable and water repellent nubuck leather upper
  • Air Mesh lining with anti-slip microfiber
  • Heel area with TPU protection that ensures stability and resistance of the structure, especially during the shoe removal phase
  • Insole in PU GLOVE MDS and activated carbon, anatomic, micro-perforated and removable
  • Aluminum tip resistant to crushing up to 200j
  • K SOLE anti-puncture midsole, made with special fabrics that guarantee lightness and flexibility without sacrificing protection
  • HRO nitrile rubber outrider, antistatic, anti-slip, resistant to hydrocarbons and heat by contact, with special WEAVE technology that uses less rubber, reducing the weight of the tread by 20%
  • Fit 11 with sizes from 35 to 48

Glove MDS MID S3 HRO SRC safety shoes are DGUV 112-191 certified, compliant to accommodate orthopedic insoles or orthotics, while maintaining the specific characteristics of the footwear.

Available in colors: dark navy / orange fluo - coal / green fluo.

More Information
FoilNon metallic
LiningAir Mesh
UpperNubuck Leather
Toe capAluminum
Security LevelS3
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