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Updated on 30/06/22 by Erika C.

Diadora Utility safety shoes: 2020 guide

Diadora is an active brand since 1948 that was initially born as a craft workshop for the manufacture of mountain and work boots, consolidating in a short time as the best on the market. In the 1960s, the company turned to the world of sports, reaching exceptional volumes, but it was in 1998 that it decided to return to its origins, creating safety footwear again and giving life to Utility Diadora.

Diadora Utility is a line entirely dedicated to work footwear, which stands out for having maintained its unmistakable sporty style.

Also, the surprising thing is that it has managed to maintain this line among its wide range of footwear:

  • high-top
  • low-top
  • winter
  • summer

Let's analyze them in detail …

Diadora high-top safety shoes

The Diadora high-top safety shoes protect the foot more because they reach the malleolus and the lower part of the ankle; in fact, they are particularly suitable for:

  • Jobs in contact with water and liquids
  • Jobs where the handling of heavy and / or dangerous goods is required

However, high-top shoes are also suitable for those who simply want to keep their feet drier during the winter months, avoiding problems related to humidity.

Diadora low-top safety shoes

Diadora low-top work shoes represent perfectly the Diadora's style. Being low, they recall the classic sports shoes produced by the brand, with the difference that they comply with all safety standards to be able to be define as a safety footwear. They are especially recommended for:

  • spring / summer season
  • indoors jobs
  • outdoors jobs in periods with little rain
  • movement of light goods
  • relieve pain and discomfort in the ankle

Walking with this type of shoe is also very comfortable since the foot has total freedom of movement and therefore does not tire the operator even after long walks.

Diadora S3 winter safety footwear

The Diadora winter safety shoes belong to the S3 safety class, generally recommended for harsh months. In fact, this type of footwear, in addition to having the protective toe cap, the non-slip sole + anti-puncture, is able to retain heat and therefore can also be used outdoors without any problem.

With Diadora winter work shoes, rain, wind and snow will no longer be a problem because waterproofing is the law.

Diadora S3 summer safety footwear

The Diadora summer work shoes belong to the S1P safety class, with an anti-puncture sole + a non-slip sole. The summer Diadora Utility are ranked among the best summer shoes, as they are very light and breathable.

Diadora has in fact a unique and sole collection on the market, which provides maximum breathability, we are talking of ...

Diadora Geox

Diadora has partnered with the historic footwear brand Geox, obtaining a special license for the use of the perforated sole, or the famous "breathable sole", equipped with micropores smaller than a drop of water, but larger than the molecule of water steam; Thus, sweat can pass through the membrane and leave the perforated sole in the form of steam and at the same time prevent the passage of water into the shoe. Thanks to this technological system "Net breathing system" you will obtain:

  • an ideal microclimate for an always dry and healthy foot
  • automatic thermoregulation even in hotter weather conditions
  • flexibility for maximum comfort

Not for nothing computerized thermography is available, which shows the difference between a foot that has used a normal shoe with a rubber sole and another that has used a Geox shoe.

Choose the best

The concept of the best safety shoe is a bit utopian as subjectivity comes into play. This can further complicate the choice but, objectively speaking, there is an additional strength of Diadora, which can make everything easier: the Glove model in all its variants.

Diadora Glove safety shoe

The Diadora Glove shoe meets the needs of the worker with resistance, comfort and special attention to design.

It is a modern shoe with a sporty line reminiscent of a sneaker, famous because it was the first to combine the essential characteristics of the work shoe with a young and pleasant line.

Diadora has developed different types of the Glove line: winter, summer, high and lows-tops up to the model born thanks to the collaboration with Geox, of which the upper part and the sole are used to make them even more effective in terms of freshness and breathability.

On our site you can find the entire Glove range and you can choose according to your needs and tastes.

Diadora Glove II low s3 HRO safety shoe

Diadora II Low safety shoes are high quality footwear intended for jobs with complex needs, recommended for:

  • indoors / outdoors
  • transport
  • light industry
  • handcraft

Equipped with a water-repellent nubuck silk upper and an abrasion-resistant inner lining, the Glove II guarantees maximum breathability and comfort, but that is not all, because the removable insole with cushioning insert ensures that the shoe absorbs the impact energy when walking, relaxes the foot and restores positive energy.

In addition, despite being a winter shoe, this model weighs only 560 grams and is available in six different colors.

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