Diadora Workwear

The Diadora workwear line is one of the most interesting in our online catalogue: varied, specific for each sector of activity, designed and built with high quality materials that respect the health and safety of workers: t-shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, bodywarmers, waistcoats, shorts, and trousers, for all seasons, accessories and specific accessories.
Dynamic, young style, products with attention to the smallest details, professional craftsmanship, and certified quality control make Diadora products the most loved and appreciated by a broad audience with very different needs.
Particular attention has been given to the women's sector with unique, simple, practical garments that are in tune with fashion changes.


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Written on 05/07/22 by Erika C.

Diadora workwear: the top Italian brand 

The motto and the dream of Diadora are to overcome its successes. From this concept alone; we understand how the company is committed every day to make its products unique and inimitable. They succeed very well in this enterprise because Diadora always manages to be recognised. The famous brand made in Italy regularly studies to search for materials and construction systems that are valid for the world of accident prevention. The workwear proposed by this brand is diverse, of great quality, and every detail has been studied to be functional; from the taped zippers to the coloured inserts, which are combined not by chance from one piece to another

Diadora work trousers 

A single word to describe this brand? Style! Wearing Diadora work trousers will make you feel that you are not going to work - expect to have many compliments. Multi-pocket trousers, reinforced in abrasion-resistant fabric, with water-resistant polyester knee-pad pockets and even jeans in 98% cotton denim and, almost you're ready for Saturday night!.  Venture out on Lineonline and choose the trousers that make you feel good because comfort is synonymous with impeccable work

Diadora work jacket 

Diadora is part of those brands that have produced comfortable work jackets and the same is true for bomber jackets, which are not always seen positively because they are associated with a sense of constriction, but the only word we know about at Lineonline it's absolute comfort! From windproof jackets made with technologically advanced materials to jackets like fleece like the Diadora Padded Canvas: super light and comfortable with large pockets for storing personal items or small work tools

Diadora work sweatshirt 

Diadora work sweatshirts are appreciated by our costumers mainly because they fit like a glove. Diadora work sweatshirts have an excellent fit, and we know how important this feature is if you wear a sweatshirt, which is already in itself a very sporty garment. Excellent wearability, it is essential to value yourself even when wearing a comfortable work garment. Moreover, if you have a lively personality, you can mirror it perfectly by choosing between our brightest colours, such as bright orange. What if you want to return to your teenage years? We can grant this desire with the sweatshirt Diadora Utility SWEATSHIRT HOOD GRAPHIC!

Diadora work vest 

The Diadora work vest is suitable for all trades. The keyword? Safety, of course! The range of Utility vests includes a single concept of taste and elegance. Thanks to the large pockets on all models, this feature is combined with unparalleled practicality and comfort. By choosing Diadora vests, you can work in complete freedom, while at the same time avoiding the possible risks associated with cutting and atmospheric agents


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