DiKE is an Italian company that has one mission: improve the life of workers by creating and producing scented and performing safety shoes. For this reason, they make their safety shoes in Italy, the leading country for creating clothing and shoes by the most famous brands in the world.

How does it distinguish itself?

The revolution DiKE introduced is summarized in one simple question: "Why can't safety shoes be pretty and comfortable?" The construction site shoes suggested, in addition to following imposed regulations, are also nice to wear and to look at

Why should I choose DiKE safety shoes?

When you are at work the protection of your foot is guaranteed by the quality materials and technologies used in the making of the safety shoe. The insole integrates 5 different parts to guarantee the wearer a strong grip and comfort on any type of surface. The anti-perforation place is made in textile fiber to assure mobility, but do not worry, it is resistant as steel! If you still are not convinced, browse the catalog and you will fall in love with their design

Availability of the merchandise

DiKE is always up to day with orders and guarantees express deliveries and if your size is not immediately available in our warehouse, we guarantee you that your purchase will be delivered within 5 working days




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