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All Einhell products: compressors, hedgers, generators, sanders, power tools and much more, for domestic, professional and semi-professional use. All available in stock with express 24-hour shipping


Scritto da Alessandro P., ultimo aggiornamento del 11/03/2017

einhell: prodotti di qualità e vaso assortimentoa

Einhell is a German company business distributed worldwide: Africa, Europe, Asia, Australia and South America, and in over 70 countries. Their products are made from specific requests regarding the design and practicality (lightness, ergonomics, stableness), reaching elevated quality standards and have eliminated almost all defects and returns. Compared to other companies, the reliability and longevity reach professional brand standards.

Elevated quality standards

Being a German company, their products are extremely high quality and must maintain certain standards satisfying the most demanding needs. If a product doesn't meet certain requirements, it won't last in the German market, and Einhell has always passed without any difficulty. The new products, before being distributed, are tested in Germany for almost 6 months. After this period they decide whether to distribute them or not in other countries.

Einhell: Catalog

Einhell's catalog is one of the most complete. There is a wide range of different products for many professional fields. Every three months they publish a magazine with deals and coupons. Einhell sells:

  • power tools, for both experts and hobbyists;
  • power tool accessories;
  • percussion drills, drill hammers, hammers and screwdriver drills;
  • sanders;
  • polishers;
  • lamps and lighting products;
  • saws and electric drills;
  • miter saws;
  • block and tackles;
  • electricity generators;
  • column drills;
  • air compressors and tire tools
  • pressure washers and accessories;
  • manual tools
  • water pumps;
  • tillers, hedgers, lawnmowers, chainsaws and other gardening machines.

Einhell Miter Saws

troncatrici einhell autunno 2016

Einhell exceeds in producing and selling hobby, DIY and semi-professional power tools. Among the most requested products inside the catalog, are miter saws for woodworking. They are top quality models, perfect for hobbyists. The prices are accessible and moderate while maintaining excellent quality standards.

troncatrici radiali einhell autunno 2016

(estratto del volantino autunno 2016 con troncatrici radiali)

troncatrici con piano superiore einhell autunno 2016

(estratto del volantino autunno 2016 con troncatrici con piano superiore)

Einhell column drills

Trapano a colonna Einhell, dettaglio motore

Column drills are essential power tools for any type of laboratory, workshop or for DIY lovers. Just like all tools, you must identify if the tool is made for professional, semi-professional or hobby use. The quality of the column drill depends on these factors:

  • the weight;
  • the columns solidity;
  • the quality of the raw materials used
  • engine performances and revolutions per minute.

 Another factor is the height of the column, which is divided into two categories:

  • bench column drills (between 59 to 85 cm).
  • ground column drills (average height from 160 to 180 cm).

Einhell column drills are optimal for hobby use and for semi-professional use, using them for moderately intense work. They are ideal for all DIY lovers and have the best price/quality ratio.

 Einhell Screwdriver drills

Avvitatore Einhell

The screwdriver drill is one of the bestsellers of the catalog. The wide selection includes electric screwdrivers (3,6 volts) and 10,8, 12, 14 and 18 Volt tools. The product is generally recommended for DIY lovers and for users who are searching for semi-professional quality. Nevertheless, the Expert line has optimal performance and longevity levels and can also be recommended for professionals.

Einhell Drill

trapano einhell a percussione

The drill is the first power tool that always comes to mind. This tool is essential for all professionals, hobbyists and those who just need to carry out small domestic repairs. the word drill indicates a macrofamily of tools, which are divided into:

  • cordless drills;
  • corded drills
  • percussion and non-percussion drills;
  • special drill models: column drills and core drills.

The wide Einhell range includes all these types of drills and offers convenient prices (while being top-quality) to satisfy the needs of professional users and DIY lovers.

Power X Change

Einhell: Power X Change

Einhell is one of the elite power tool producers. With the Power X Change system (batteries with a universal attachment for all new generation power tools) they have reached excellent performances: 1,6 to 5,20 Amper batteries (100% better performances and 150% more capacity). The charging time has also been reduced by half thanks to the new chargers.

Summer 2016 Flier

Einhell catalogo: volantino estate 2016


Einhell always pays attention to innovation and updates their promos by offering the right product at the right price. The Summer 2016 Promos are directed towards the Power X-Change system. One of the best selling products is the 18 Volts TE-TK 18-Li Battery toolkit.

3 function Hammer Drill TC-RH 900 Kit 


martello tassellatore einhell - promo estate 2016


This hammer drill is a unique tool for its price/qulity ratio. With just 89.96€ you can be sure that you're buying a top quality product, suitable for all types of small daily repairs. It has three different uses:

  •  screwdriver

  • percusison drill
  • stone cutter

Thanks to the versatility and adaptability of this tool it can be used for small wood works (like a normal screwdriver) beyond concrete, cement and other hard and resistant materials. 

Technical date and characterists:

  • monphase tension (220-240V);
  • nominal power: 900 Watt;
  • rev. per min. from 850 to 4100;
  • blow force: 3J;
  • universal plug: SDS Plus;
  • safety friction to protect and prevent overloads;
  • free set of tips, chisels, and case.

Spring 2016 Magazine

Einhell catalogo: giornalino primavera 2016


The promos and deals in the Spring 2016 Magazine are valid from February 1st to May 31st. It is the first magazine to advertise the Power X-Change series. This series is made up of power tools, available without batteries since they are equipped with a universal attachment and can be used with all other Power Tools of the same series:

  • percussion and screwdriver drills;
  • angular sanders;
  • saws (circular or alternative, only battery powered)
  • Gardening machines: blowers, hedgers, lawnmowers and brush cutters

Three products are advertised on the cover and they are the most symbolic of the whole catalog. The first is the unique drill hammer with an excellent quality/price ratio.

Einhell catalogo: martello tassellatore 45.138.10

(trapano tassellatore a batteria 18V Einhell TE-HD, Cod: 45.138.10, novità 2016)

TH-HD 18 li Battery Hammer Drill

This hammer drill is part of the Power X-Change series. It's versatile and can be used for:

  • screwing;
  • drilling;
  • percussion drilling.

The SDS- Plus universal attachment makes it usable in all situations. The package includes the quick-charge battery charger which charges in just 30 minutes. Moreover, to guarantee longevity,  it is equipped with a safety friction system which protects against overloads (it detached as soon as excessive resistance is sensed).

  • Power supply: Battery;
  • Tension: 18 V;
  • Capacity: 1,5 Ah;
  • Charging time: 30 minutes;
  • Drilling capacity (wall): 12 mm;
  • 3 functions: drilling, puncturing, percussion puncturing

Einhell catalogo: martello tassellatore TE-HD dettaglio prodotto

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