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Evaporative air cooler

An evaporative water cooler is a tool with which to protect yourself from the summer heat, in a simple way, at low energy cost, without heavy construction work; thanks to the versatility of the functions, the evaporative water cooler is one of the most used machines inside homes, offices, shops, workshops, adapting to the various needs that may appear.

The operation is simple and effective, linked to the use of water and the release into the environment, of fresh, clean, healthy air. The evaporative water cooler models that you will find in our catalogue have control keys and functions easy to activate to optimize energy consumption according to the type of use set.

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  1. Master CCX 4.0 Portable evaporative cooler

    air flow rate 4000 m2 / h - rooms up to 80 m2 - energy consumption 0.15 kW

    • Air flow 4000 m3 / h
    • Environments up to 80 square meters
    • Energy consumption 0.15 kW
    • Absorption 1.45 A
    • Tank 50 lt
    • Net weight 22.00 Kg
    • Order now to receive it Friday, 2 July 2021
    • Shipping with express courier
    £803.38 Incl. Tax

  2. Master BC 80 Portable cooler

    air flow 8000 m2 / h - rooms up to 180 m2 - energy consumption 0.20 kW - net weight 32.00 kg

    • Air flow 8000 m3 / h
    • Environments up to 180 square meters
    • Energy consumption 0.20 kW
    • Absorption 1.5 A
    • Tank 100 lt
    • Net weight 32.00 Kg
    • Order now to receive it Friday, 2 July 2021
    • Shipping with express courier
    • Ships on Pallet

    Regular Price: £1,085.95

    Special Price £948.85

  3. Raffrescatore evaporativo ad acqua Master BC 60

    portata aria 6000 mc/h - locali fino a 150 mq - consumo energia 0,28 kW - peso netto 35,00 kg

    • Portata aria 6000 m3/h
    • Ambienti fino a 150 mq
    • Consumo energia 0,28 kW
    • Assorbimento 1,2 A
    • Serbatoio 57 lt
    • Peso netto 35,00 Kg 
    • Order now to receive it Friday, 2 July 2021
    • Shipping with express courier
    • Ships on Pallet
    £922.29 Incl. Tax

  4. Qlima LK2035 Evaporative water cooler

    air flow 700 mc / h - rooms 30 mc - energy consumption 0.48 kW

    • Air flow 700 m3 / h
    • Environments 30 cubic meters
    • Energy consumption 0.48 kW
    • Tank 7 lt
    • Net weight 5.30 Kg
    • In stock - Ready to ship
    • Order now to receive it Tuesday, 22 June 2021
    • Shipping with express courier
    £85.22 Incl. Tax

  5. Qlima LK2100 Evaporative water cooler

    air flow 1000 mc / h - rooms 55 mc - energy consumption 1.30 kW - net weight 8.50 kg

    • Air flow 1000 m3 / h
    • Environments 55 cubic meters
    • Energy consumption 1.3 kW
    • Tank 12 lt
    • Net weight 8.50 kg
    • In stock - Ready to ship
    • Order now to receive it Tuesday, 22 June 2021
    • Shipping with express courier
    £133.10 Incl. Tax

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5 Item(s)

Written on 01/03/2021 by Erika C.

Air cooler: operation and purchase recommendations 

The domestic air cooler can be an environmentally friendly alternative to the air conditioner that can provide fresh air in the surrounding area without involving the use of refrigerant gases

The air cooler is a device thanks to which the air passes through a panel soaked in ice water so that it is then returned at a lower temperature, but also purified from any unpleasant odours or harmful particles and its purpose is to lower the temperature of the incoming air.

The energy-saving compared to classic air conditioning is remarkable, and at the same time, some claim that the air coolers act as small portable air conditioners. However, we must admit that, compared to air conditioners, the air coolers provide cooling in the room where they are located, and the effectiveness elsewhere is somewhat limited. 

However, these devices can be an excellent alternative for those who do not tolerate the air conditioner. There are now some models on the market that are amazing from a technological point of view and with different modes: touch controls, LED display and even the dust filter.

In short, the choice is quite extensive, but the factors to make an intelligent purchase, which can be applied to any air cooler, are the following:

  • power
  • weight
  • controls

Let's go through them in detail...

Cooling power

Power is one of the first characteristics to consider before choosing an air cooler because it has a direct impact on the final result, cooling.

The measurement of the output airflow is expressed in cubic meters per hour and clearly, the higher this value will be, the more "cooled" air output will be. Fortunately, this value is already clearly expressed on the product packaging, so all you have to do is identify it and make your assessments according to your needs and budget. 

Finally, the possibility of directing the airflow as you prefer (the maximum would be 360 degrees), can make a difference in product yield!


One of the main advantages of the air cooler is that it does not need an external unit to operate, and this makes them easily transportable from one area to another. However, there is an even more advantageous version from this point of view, and we will talk about it in the following paragraph!

Portable air cooler vs Fixed air cooler 

As you have guessed, almost all air coolers can be potentially portable, because they are more or less all easy to transport from one room to another.

However, some super-light models are just over 5 kg, and such a type would be ideal for an older person, although one must consider that in these cases, the water tank is less spacious and therefore needs to be topped up more often.

On the contrary, the fixed cooler, although it can reach a weight of over 60 kg, is the ideal solution for cooling medium and large rooms. This type is usually installed in strategic points such as internal or external walls. One of its advantages, which undoubtedly compensates for the rather significant weight, is the ability to operate with doors and windows open or can be easily combined with air extractors or wall fans!


Coolers in the low-medium price range are equipped with basic controls that only regulate the intensity of the airflow. However, with a slightly higher price, you can have access to the most advanced models, equipped with a control panel, with a timer for delayed start-up and in some cases it is even possible to program them weekly and the following month day by day. 

What is certain is that the best choice would be to opt for a model equipped with a remote control so that you can adjust the functions from the comfort of your sofa!

How to use an air cooler?

Using an air cooler is an operation that consists of a few steps, and even those who are not experts in household appliances will certainly be able to start it. It is only required:

  • Make sure you are near an outlet and connect the cable to the power supply.
  • Check for the presence of flaps by deciding the air direction.
  • Check that the water or ice tank is well loaded.
  • Make sure there are no obstacles on the floor that could affect the wheels.
  • Do not insert objects in the grids so as not to compromise the warranty.
  • Make sure to clean the water/ice tank periodically. 
  • Use the cable reel once the cooler is switched off.

Of course, you should keep an eye on the water indicator level during use so that you know when it's time to recharge the tank!

Better a fan or an air cooler?

Many people ask themselves the question of whether it is better to buy a fan or an air cooler and what we can say about it is that the fan is undoubtedly a "must-have" appliance. On its side, it has the advantage of costing a few euros, and this is also why it is almost impossible not to find one in our homes, and it is also possible to adjust its height.

However, unlike the fan, if you are particularly intolerant to heat, it has to be said that the air cooler is the best solution, because it moves fresh air, especially if you put ice in the tank.