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Written on 23/05/24 by Linda T.

FFP1 masks: protect yourself with awareness

The FFP1 mask has become the most popular personal protective equipment, especially in recent years.

It is not only effective in hospital settings but can also prove essential for personal protection or to protect people at risk. 

Respiratory protective devices bearing the initials FFP denote those filtering facemasks suitable for personal protection. The masks must comply with the EN 149 - 2001 standard: this establishes the standards regarding efficiency, durability, breathability and all the fundamental characteristics to guarantee protection.


FFP1 masks features

FFP1 masks are made by combining fabric and filter material. In addition to being used to combat the worldwide spread of viruses, especially in recent years, they have always been used as medical devices.

Among the characteristics that are essential to know when talking about FFP1 protection class are:


  • The presence or absence of NR marking
  • The presence or absence of a valve
  • The time duration


1) -Mask FFP1 NR D

From the wearer's point of view, the presence of the NR marking is on the left-hand side and indicates that this device cannot be reused more than once. If this abbreviation is followed by the letter D, it means that this device has been subjected to clogging tests to check its efficiency before being placed on the market.

If the mask is not reusable, it is valid for a maximum of 8 hours.

    -Mask FFP1 R

If R is present, the device can be reused more than once. In this case, it may be used for more than 8 hours, depending on the device's condition.


2) -Valved FFP1 masks

The presence of the valve makes the filtering masks effective only in the inhalation phase but not in the exhalation phase. In fact, they are particularly effective in work environments where there is dust or hazardous substances that may endanger the respiratory tract, but there is no risk of infecting other people. Therefore, they are devices that only protect the wearer and not others.

A final quality of these devices is the reduction of condensation: in fact, they are very comfortable for those who have to wear protective goggles.


    -Valve-free FFP1 masks

Devices without a valve can protect both inhalation and exhalation: they protect both the mask wearer and others.


3)  Durability of FFP1 masks

The lifetime of FFP1 masks varies according to the marking on the left side. If a non-reusable mask is used, the device can be used for no more than 8 hours. If, on the contrary, the mask is reusable, it can be worn for several shifts.

With regard to the duration, this is not only based on the labelling but also on the condition of the mask itself: this can easily be seen with the naked eye. If the mask has tears or if it has been stored in an environment that has not been cleaned and disinfected, it absolutely must be changed.



Why buy FFP1 anti-virus masks?


It is essential, when purchasing, to consider why we are deciding to purchase an FFP1 face mask. In this regard, it is essential to consider the following characteristics:


  • Limit value as they must be able to filter out at least 80% of the particles in the air: they can be used as long as the occupational exposure limit value is not exceeded by 4 times.
  • Filtering capacity as this must guarantee safe breathing even in the presence of dust without causing the development of possible illnesses.
  • The type of mask is also an important choice: one must evaluate between models with or without a valve according to the required activity. Many times we are asked:


Are there FFP1 surgical masks?


FFP1 masks are not considered surgical, as the latter name suits very limited protection devices.

When purchasing, it is essential to evaluate all types of masks to be aware that you can protect yourself perfectly.

Surgical masks are designed to maintain sterility in the surgical field. Covering the nose and mouth allows them to block respiratory secretions that could infect those around them.

In contrast, FFP masks can protect both the wearer and others. These types of masks include:


  • FFP1 masks
  • FFP2 masks
  • FFP3 masks


It is essential to distinguish between the 3 types:


FFP1 FFP2 FFP3 masks differences

It is necessary to analyse the difference between FFP1, FFP2 and FFP3 masks to have a more concrete view of what you will buy.


FFP1 Mask Filter 72% of environmental particles
FFP2 Mask They protect at least 92% of particles
FFP3 Mask Filter 98% of environmental particles


FFP1 and FFP2 masks differ in that FFP1 masks are not recommended for protection against airborne diseases, while FFP2 masks are used explicitly in healthcare settings to protect infected patients. FFP2 filtering face masks act as a barrier against viral particles in the environment.

Finally, FFP3 masks can be defined as total protection ideal for both fighting viruses and working with infected people.



FFP1 masks price


Among the aspects to consider when purchasing an FFP1 mask, we also recommend looking at prices to avoid being misled. Especially since the beginning of the Coronavirus pandemic, the trade in masks has expanded considerably. 

It is, therefore, essential to evaluate this. Let us look at it in more detail:


FFP1 mask price

In the world of online trade, in particular, prices are lower because there is the possibility of buying several items and having a final saving.

The starting price of a single FFP1 mask is 0.45€, but you can opt for packs containing several pieces, so you do not have to buy them frequently.


Speaking of prices, it is also necessary to evaluate the brand name of a protective device, as this can also make a difference.


Many have asked us:


Do you sell 3M FFP1 masks?


In our catalogue, you can find the ideal 3M FFP1 face mask to meet your needs. Among the FFP1 devices, you can choose between a model with or without a valve. Furthermore, if you are looking for a reusable mask, we recommend that you check that the R marking is present on the left side of the mask.

Thanks to the innovative technologies and high-quality materials used in the production process, the 3M FFP1 mask will offer you maximum protection.


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