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FFP3 masks: online sale at the best price

FFP3 filtering masks are among the safest personal protective equipment for the respiratory tract, even in a contaminated environment.

They are, in fact, the ideal type in the hospital environment: with a filtering capacity of 98% against viruses and bacteria, these masks are the most sought-after in recent times, as they are also effective for protection against Covid 19; not by chance, they are also known as FFP3 antivirus masks.

For reliable respiratory protection, we would like to remind you that, regardless of the presence or absence of a filter, FFP3 masks must have:

  • all markings to testify the CE certification
  • annexed information regarding possible reuse →, e.g., "FFP3 nr " (i.e. disposable)

Regardless of their protection class, all masks have different features to suit every need. In fact, within this section, you will find:

  • Reusable masks
  • Disposable masks

Reusable masks

Suppose they bear the letter "R". In that case, the reusable masks allow them to be reused several times, naturally regenerating and disinfecting them in different ways. For example: by exposing them to steam at a temperature of 60° or UV rays or even sanitising them with a disinfectant spray with 60% alcohol.

However, the most commonly used method is washing in a machine at 60° with a standard detergent that respects the skin's pH, as we are talking about materials that will be in direct contact with the face. Finally, this type of mask can be reused in low-risk conditions by replacing the filter if present.

Disposable masks | Disposable masks

Non-reusable masks, also known as disposable masks, are marked NR: this means that they can be used for no more than 4 consecutive hours and cannot be washed because the subsequent use will have no protective effect.  

In addition to use, you can choose between models with a filter or without. Let's look specifically at FFP3 masks:

FFP3 masks without valve

FFP3 masks without a valve are also known as 'altruist masks'. These protect both the wearer and others.

Indispensable in the event of symptoms attributable to infectious diseases to avoid infecting healthy individuals. 

FFP3 masks with filter

FFP3 masks with a valve, on the other hand, allow better breathing, especially if the mask is worn for a long time. The only downside is that they can only protect the wearer, as the filter function is only effective against secretions and aerosols from outside.

Within the section, you can also choose between two other safety classes, namely: 

  • FFP1 masks 
  • FFP2 masks 


FFP1 masks

FFP1 masks are also used in the medical sector and are manufactured by combining fabric with a filter material. Depending on the presence or absence of the filter, these will have a different filtering capacity:

FFP1 masks without valve

FFP1 masks without a valve protect inhalation and exhalation. They are recommended for blocking viruses due to their ability to protect both the wearer and those in close contact.

FFP1 masks with valve

The filtering capacity of an FFP1 mask with a valve acts only during inhalation. It is particularly recommended for those in close contact with dust or substances dangerous to breathing. These can protect every person during breathing and block all particles that could endanger personal health. Unlike valveless models, they fail to stop the contamination of various viruses precisely because they only protect the wearer.

FFP2 masks

FFP2 masks are in particular demand because their filtering capacity from viruses to the outside and the wearer is 92%, which is very high! FFP2 masks are the most popular, especially in medical environments, infectious disease departments, etc.

These are also distinguished by the presence or absence of the filter:

FFP2 masks without valve

FFP2 masks without a valve, like FFP1 masks, can protect against all viruses, which is why they are particularly in demand these days. In addition to this, they have a very high filtering capacity!

FFP2 masks with valve

FFP2 masks with a valve, on the other hand, are useful in situations where there is a need to protect oneself from dust or substances which, if breathed in, could cause serious health problems for the person! The presence of the valve, however, is not designed to protect against viruses or, at least, cannot protect the person in contact, only the wearer.



FFP3 masks price | FFP3 mask price

FFP3 masks start at € 3.90 for 5 pieces on Lineonline.

Even during the Covid 19 pandemic, we offered people the opportunity to buy essential masks to protect their health at a super affordable price.

Moreover, compared to the classic FFP3 pharmacy mask, online sales almost always represent a cost saving for the end user, who only has to complete the purchase with a click of a button.

Finally, we have noticed that 3m FFP3 masks are among the most popular in terms of value for money.

Whatever your choice, it is important to remember that the masks must comply with EN 149 2001 a1 2009.


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