FTG safety shoes

FTG today is one of the largest and most reliable international manufacturers of safety shoes. The comfort, lightness and quality of the materials that FTG's safety shoes present are unrivalled qualities, all of which focus on personal health and safety.

Made in Italy is one of the foundations on which FTG's production of work shoes is based. An infinite range of models and lines, such as the Sport line, which is suitable for every work activity, meeting the expectations of a vast and varied clientele. 


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Written on 21/07/24 by Linda T

FTG safety shoes: Best of the month

FTG is a company that has been active in the safety footwear sector for over 40 years and is dedicated to creating footwear that is always in step with the times. FTG's work shoes are unmistakable and meet even the most complex requirements since they cover the most varied areas of use: from ESD shoes with high electrostatic dissipation to work shoes defined as orthopaedic, etc.

Our customers highly appreciate all the lines produced by FTG: the Sport line, in particular, presents comfortable articles at a reasonable price.

FTG safety shoes are now internationally known among the best brands in the safety footwear sector, thanks to continuous research and investigation of high-quality materials and innovative technologies. 


FTG safety shoe collaborations


FTG is, for many, an unrivalled brand because, to this day, it continues its collaboration with the well-known Ducati brand, worn by the most famous racing drivers. The two companies have been working together for several years and produced and internationally distributed Ducati Corse branded safety footwear.

Ducati Corse


FTG Ducati safety shoes

Ducati safety shoes are characterised by technology, safety, absolute lightness and, above all, their unique style: you'll feel like you're wearing simple trainers, and those around you will have the same sensation. Thanks to all this, the FTG-Ducati union can be defined as infallible.




FTG safety shoes: work ethic


The fundamental principles on which FTG bases its work are: an Italian design, enhanced logistics and continuous performance maintenance. It is no coincidence that the company constantly strives to offer innovations to its customers, and among these are:


  • Eco-leather → eco-friendly, machine-washable (without warping) and hypoallergenic material; it is also super breathable, chrome-free and acid-resistant.




  • Soft walk → a shock-absorbing system inserted directly inside the sole in contact with the insole, reducing the footwear's perceived weight during walking.



Soft walk


In addition, FTG has also designed DGUV 112-191 certified work shoes: this means that it is possible to make orthopaedic modifications to the footwear without losing the guarantee of CE certification.

In short, by choosing this brand, you will have the opportunity to test for yourself what it means to wear a Made in Italy shoe with one of the best cushioning systems on the market.


FTG safety shoe price

In general, all FTG shoes offer extremely advantageous prices and, at the same time, really high-quality materials. FTG thinks primarily of the customer: the customer must be able to save money by purchasing a comfortable and safe shoe that protects him from all possible dangers.

FTG safety shoes offer affordable prices: from a minimum of €42.90, you can receive the perfect shoe for your needs in no time.


FTG safety shoes offer  

FTG periodically proposes extremely advantageous offers and discounts. In addition, we at Lineonline continually launch end-of-series offers with remaining numbers at extremely low prices.




The best FTG safety shoe


To choose the best safety shoe, we advise you to carefully evaluate all the features of the shoe. Certainly, you should pay attention to the safety class required for your job: S1P or S3. Also, if you work in the presence of metal detectors, we recommend Metal Free shoes, and finally, you can also choose between high, low or safety boots.


FTG safety shoes reviews

Based on the opinions of our customers, we also compiled a ranking of the most popular models of the month. These turned out to be:


1. FTG cricket s1p SRC ESD breathable, lightweight safety shoe 

The FTG Cricket S1P SRC ESD safety shoe is considered one of the best because it is particularly resistant but, at the same time, soft and flexible. The aesthetics are taken care of down to the smallest detail, and thanks to innovative technologies, the shoe is of excellent quality. The shoe belongs to the S1P safety class and is therefore suitable for summer, low and breathable. The composite toecap is light and completely metal free, but at the same time durable.  


2. FTG frisbee s1p src safety shoe

The FTG Frisbee S1P SRC safety shoe is an innovative, entirely Made in Italy product with style, professionalism and technological research. Thanks to its ESD certification, it is a low-energy dissipation shoe to discharge electrostatic discharges to the ground. The upper is highly breathable and features a suede toe reinforcement. Finally, this shoe is made with an anatomical, anti-bacterial and anti-static Sport Line insole to ensure a dry foot all day long.


3. FTG golf safety shoes

Golf shoes appear at first glance to be simple trainers, comfortable and lightweight: this is, in fact, the aim of FTG, i.e. to ensure a safety shoe that is as close as possible to a trainer but still provides a high level of protection.

FTG golf lightweight breathable summer low s1p src safety shoes

The FTG Golf S1P SRC safety shoe is particularly suitable for warm weather and designed to guarantee flexibility and resistance, and is ideal for all types of work. The SRC certification makes it a slip-resistant shoe, meaning you can feel stable and balanced, even in contact with oils or hydrocarbons. Not only can it guarantee perfect breathability, but it also manages to ensure a good level of comfort. 

So if you need a shoe with low energy dissipation, ESD certification and a fully Metal Free shoe, the Golf is perfect for you.

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