FTG is the Italian brand for excellence in the field of safety shoes! Outstanding professionalism, experience in the area, active collaboration with brands that support Made in Italy, such as Ducati, which has always been a partner of FTG, in the design of safe, high-quality sports shoes. FTG has a vast production that meets the needs of a large number of customers that not only wear them in the workplace but also during leisure time.
The FTG style is unique, sporty, classic, modern, current, competitive, in a word inimitable! Buying FTG footwear means loving yourself, caring about your safety and that of others. Who wears an FTG is dynamic, safe, tenacious and always in tune with the times.


FTG Safety shoes
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Updated on 23/05/24 by Erika C.

FTG: Italian pride in accident prevention

FTG is a company active in the accident prevention sector for over 40 years that is dedicated to the creation of work shoes always in line with the times. Its shoes are unmistakable and meet even the most complex requirements since they cover the most diverse environments of use: from ESD shoes with high electrostatic dissipation to work shoes defined as Orthopaedic...

But there is another significant reason why this brand is so sought after, and you will find out why in the next paragraph!


The collaboration with Ducati

Ducati safety shoes

FTG is for many people a unique brand because it continues its collaboration with the well-known Ducati brand, worn by the most famous racing riders. The two companies have been working together for several years now and have produced and distributed safety footwear under the Ducati Corse brand internationally. These are characterized by technology, safety, absolute lightness and above all by style, so much so that you won't feel like you're wearing simple work shoes and even those around you will have the same perception... This is one of the main reasons why the FTG-Ducati combination is infallible!

The FTG work ethic

The key principles on which FTG bases its work are Italian design, enhanced logistics and above all, continuous performance maintenance. It is no coincidence that the company is continuously striving to offer innovations to its customers and among these are particularly outstanding:

  • Eco-leather → eco-friendly material, machine washable (without deformation) and hypoallergenic; it is also super breathable, chromium-free and acid-resistant.

  • Soft walk → cushioning system inserted directly inside the sole in contact with the insole, which allows reducing the perceived weight of the shoe itself during the walking phase.

Furthermore, FTG, making use of the prestigious German Institutes SEIDL and Matthias Hartmann Orthopaedic + Sport, has also designed work shoes certified DGUV 112-191, which means that it is possible to make "orthopaedic modifications" to the footwear without losing the guarantee of CE certification.

Choosing this mark, you will have the opportunity to test first hand what it means to wear a shoe made in Italy with one of the best cushioning systems on the market!

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