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The cultivator tiller is the best tool to regenerate the land to cultivate it and give it life at the beginning of the season. Indispensable for working the orchard or garden, it is a real help to avoid fatigue and useless efforts. The cultivator could be small or large, adaptable to the different needs. You will find cultivator tillers on our site that are guaranteed by the most prestigious brands for effective performance in each situation. If you have more critical necessities, you can work with the cultivator adapted for more demanding and heavy uses. Once you've worked with the cultivator tiller, you can fertilize the soil and sow with ease! 


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  1. X-Change Einhell GE-CR 30 Li battery-powered tiller

    X-Change Einhell GE-CR 30 Li battery-powered tiller

    Power X-Change System - Batteries NOT included - Working width 30cm
    • 2x18V battery (NOT included)
    • Working width 30 cm
    • Depth & agrave; working 200mm
    • N.4 drills
    • Net weight 11.00 kg
    Prompt Delivery - Free Shipping
  2. AMA MTZ80 Combustion rotary tiller

    AMA MTZ80 Combustion rotary tiller

    2-stroke engine 7.0 Hp - 208 cc - cutting width 800 mm
    • Engine: 2T 208 cc 7,0 Hp
    • Cutting width: 800 mm
    • Cutting depth: 20 cm
    • 2 + 1 gears
    • Weight: 82,00 kg
    Prompt Delivery
  3. Eurosystems La Zappa Loncin 123 OHV Petrol Tiller

    Eurosystems La Zappa Loncin 123 OHV Petrol Tiller

    123 cc 4-stroke petrol engine - 36 cm cutter - 28 kg weight
    • 4-stroke petrol engine
    • Engine brand Loncin
    • Displacement cc 123 - 3.5 Hp
    • 36 cm cutter
    • Weight 28 kg
    Prompt Delivery - Free Shipping
  4. Eurosystems Euro 5 EVO Loncin Petrol Tiller

    Eurosystems Euro 5 EVO Loncin Petrol Tiller

    182 cc - 5.5 HP petrol engine - 4-stroke petrol - 75-50 cm cutter - weight 58 kg
    • Loncin engine
    • Cc 182 cc displacement
    • Router 75-50 cm
    • Number of blades 24
    • Weight 58 kg
    Prompt Delivery - Free Shipping
  5. Eurosystems  La Zappa B & S 450 E-series Tiller

    Eurosystems La Zappa B & S 450 E-series Tiller

    125 cc petrol engine - 3.5 HP - 4 stroke petrol - 36 cm cutter - 28 kg weight
    • 4-stroke petrol engine
    • Briggs & Stratton engine
    • Displacement cc. 125
    • 36 cm cutter
    • Weight 28 kg
    Prompt Delivery - Free Shipping
  6. Fresa Eurosystems per motocoltivatore P70 850 Series

    Fresa Eurosystems per motocoltivatore P70 850 Series

    larghezza fresa 55 cm - 16 zappe - attacco rapido
    • Larghezza fresa 55 cm
    • Attacco rapido
    • 16 zappe
    Prompt Delivery - Free Shipping
  7. VALEX 1497603 Mill 50, Tiller 4-stroke OHV, 138 cc, 2.9 kW
    • 4-stroke OHV engine
    • displacement 138 cc
    • power 2.9 kW
  8. Couple drills and mudguards VALEX 1489215 for Mill 50
    • for the tiller Mill 50

    • model 1489215

    • work width 590 cm

  9. Pair of VALEX 1489216 cutters for Mill 50
    • for the tiller Mill 50

    • 2 pieces

    • ideal for gardening

  10. GC-RT 1440 M Electric Tiller - blade width 40 cm

    GC-RT 1440 M Electric Tiller - blade width 40 cm

    1400 W motor - work depth 200 mm
    • 1400 W motor
    • Power supply 220-240 V
    • Working width 40 cm
    • Working depth 20 cm
    • Weight 11.70 kg
  11. Piatto falciatutto Eurosystems per motocoltivatore P70 850 Series

    Piatto falciatutto Eurosystems per motocoltivatore P70 850 Series

    larghezza taglio 63 cm - doppia lama - attacco rapido
    • Larghezza taglio 63 cm
    • Doppia lama
    • Regolabile in altezza
    • Coltelli piroettanti
    Available - Free shipping
  12. Einhell GC-MT 2560 LD Combustion rotary tiller

    Einhell GC-MT 2560 LD Combustion rotary tiller

    2.5-stroke 4-stroke engine - 150 cc - working width 600 mm - 6 cutters 260 mm
    • Engine: 4 T 150 cc 2,5 kW
    • Cutting width: 600 mm
    • Cutting depth: 26 cm
    • Tank: 1,2 lt
    • Gear: 1
    • Weight: 35,00 kg
    Special Price £302.88 Regular Price £361.94
  13. AMA MTZ100G petrol garden tiller

    AMA MTZ100G petrol garden tiller

    4-stroke engine 7.0 Hp - 212 cc - working width 100 cm
    • 4T engine 212 cc 7.0 Hp
    • Working width 100 cm
    • Adjustable handles
    • 3 + 1 gears
    • Weight 90.00 kg
    Available - Free shipping
  14. Valex MILL 70 Petrol garden tiller 4T

    Valex MILL 70 Petrol garden tiller 4T

    4 T petrol engine 196 cc - 6.5 Hp - 1 forward gear + reverse - working width 68 cm -
    • Engine: 4 T 196 cc
    • Power: 6,5 Hp / 4,85 kW
    • Working width: 68 cm
    • Max depth: 28 cm
    • Weight: 45,00 kg
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Written on 18/10/21 by Erika C.

Tiller: a guide for the agricultural world 

Everything that has life tends to renew itself from time to time for self-preservation. It is a pity that the soil does not always regenerate in the right way, and many times, it needs a push to give fruit to the desired results. In this case, the rotary tiller comes into play.
This tool is used to regenerate the soil through its "break." It improves the quality of the ground, and this also leads to better drainage and aeration. You will avoid fatigue and unnecessary physical efforts that would not lead to anything significant for your crops. In our online catalog, you will find the rotary tiller suitable for your land, which will thank you for treating it with the most appropriate tools. And now. Good sowing!

Diesel or petrol rotary tiller?: what you need to know

The type of feeding is related to the price talk. Whether it's diesel or petrol, a quality motor rotary tiller belonging to a strong brand, it will always do its best. The diesel engine is undoubtedly a more than valid engine, but be careful to calibrate all the factors that you think are indispensable for your rotary tiller.
The diesel engine with a basic model of a little-known brand will cost around 300 euros, but are you sure it won't prove to be a long term rip-off? Instead, match the type of power you prefer with a good brand because, most of the time, the difference lies in the brand. A super brand is known as Eurosystem, for example, has valid reasons for its success; otherwise they wouldn't all talk about it

Electric rotary tiller

The type of rotary tiller has a lot to do with your needs. If you need to take care of a small area of land, the electric cordless rotary tiller is ideal. Being in a limited space and the fact that you have to be near an electrical outlet will not be a cause of discomfort. Its quietness and its manageability will make you forget about the cord. We are sure that you will be very fond of the electric rotary tiller. How to blame you? Power and efficiency are linked to its technical features.

Petrol-driven rotary tiller

As a rule, the motor-driven rotary tiller is the most used in the gardening world. It is also suitable for use on small to medium-sized gardens or orchards because it is super reliable. Like any engine of this type, it requires maintenance of spark plugs, filter, oil change, etc. Despite this, users continue to evaluate this type of rotary tiller with maximum positivity because it is particularly suitable for the addition of accessories and the cutting edge technologies

Battery-powered rotary tiller

The battery-powered rotary tiller embodies the concept of modernity. It is not powered by any fuel, because it works thanks to the use of a rechargeable battery. It is ideal for those who want to treat the land without limitations and above all at speed!
You don't have to use power generators to keep it running in areas too far from a structure or a house. You have to remember to recharge it after a while. On Lineonline we also sell the batteries individually, and for greater efficiency and durability, we advise you to buy the original and suitable for the model of your rotary tiller. 


Eurosystem rotary tiller

Eurosystem is a great classic in the gardening world. If you have asked someone to recommend you a good brand in this field, they will surely have told you to buy a Eurosystem rotary tiller. The brand adapts to all needs: from a simple gift to the grandfather with a passion for the home garden, to real professional activity. This brand has been developing extremely versatile and easy-to-use machines for over 40 years, allowing even the less experienced, but great lovers of the land, to cultivate the land at its best. The results with Eurosystem are guaranteed, and moreover, you will significantly optimize your time!

McCulloch rotary tiller

McCulloch is an example of how to get to the top from the bottom. This brand took its first steps in 1949 when it introduced the first chainsaw for a single user! His priority was initially in the wood industry but today, McCulloch is among the leading brands also in the field of gardening. McCulloch motor rotary tillers are known to be very powerful and fast, but this should not scare you, because the instructions are self-explanatory and straightforward to interpret! 

Hyundai rotary tiller

More than 40 people collaborate in the Hyundai Power company, and the brand is mainly associated with cars. But few know that this company also produces garden machines, as in the case of motor rotary tillers. Its products are certified and checked down to the last detail during the manufacturing process; they adapt to frequent or occasional professional use and are guaranteed for a long time. They are also repairable and most importantly, for the current conditions of our planet: they are recyclable!

Einhell rotary tiller

The Einhell brand based in Germany, in Landau an der Isar. The are many sectors in which it operates, and the company employs some 1,600 people all over the world. Einhell rotary tiller is famous for being practical and powerful. Also provides a comfortable and ergonomic grip. Users are impressed by the excellent price-performance ratio, which also gave rise to a slogan in this regard. 

Alpina rotary tiller

Lineonline offers numerous products made in Italy: among these, we find Alpina, a very renowned Italian brand in the gardening world. This company creates elegant and high-quality products aimed at the care of your garden: Alpina is very keen on aesthetics and ensures perfection and precision in performance. You will have excellent results. The rotary tillers of this brand have nothing to envy to those with a higher price range because they also have a robust mechanic and an excellent engine.

More advice...

Rotary Tiller for tough ground: we'll help you

Tough soils are very challenging to till, and very often, people asked with which tool to use to take care of so challenging to prepare for sowing. The gear transmission, as opposed to the belt drive, is the most suitable for this type of terrain. McCulloch presents itself as a particularly valuable brand because it produces several reliable and robust rotary tillers. Which in this case is positive because a light rotary tiller would not be able to tame tough soil and, in the long run, it would also risk wear.

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