Ghibli is the brand of excellence in the production of professional cleaning machines; innovation, technology, professional options oriented towards greater respect for the environment and human health, are the foundations of the Ghibli philosophy, recognized as a leading international company.
The ten-year history of the brand has seen the fusion of professionalism, competence, direct experience, attention to customer needs, to channel its efforts towards the production of specific machines for each type of cleaning to be solved.
Modern times have put Ghibli up against increasingly demanding challenges and the company has not been caught off guard, indeed! The need for cleaning, disinfection and sanitation of professional and domestic environments have become the main objective of Ghibli, which has expanded production with increasingly effective and specific machines.   


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Ghibli Professional Vacuum Cleaners

Buy Ghibli professional vacuum cleaners, available on LineOnLine: you can find deals and discounts on the best sellers.

Ghibli is a leader for floor cleaning products: liquid and solid vacuums, rug cleaners and many more.

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Ghibli Classic Vacuum Cleaner

Discover the line of   available on LineOnLine.

The range of products by Ghibli that you can find on LineonLine includes articles that are perfect for the house or for professional use, in stores or for companies. Thanks to the variety, Ghibli can satisfy the needs of all their clients. The vacuums suck up both solids are liquids and are sold with a nozzle kit: for dust, liquids, couches, flat surfaces, filters and vacuum bags.


Ghibli helps you eliminate dirt from all floors

Ghibli's products are the solution for house, office, business, train, theater cleaning and much more! Ghibli always has the right product for your need, no matter how dirty. The vacuums are divided by the power of their engine and their size. Tripple engine and power up to 3450 W are made for vacuuming solids and liquids. There is the ASL 10 P Model which is smaller with 1150 W power, ideal for the home. It is a compact, light vacuum, easy to use but very professional which cleans the most difficult spots.

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