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Written on23/05/24 by Linda T.

GVS Filter technology: respiratory protection

GVS is currently considered the world leader in the production of filters suitable for respiratory protection devices.  Every year, the company continues to research and improve innovative technologies to produce 100% safe products.

The filters made by the GVS group not only look at protection and resistance but also provide innovative design, offering unique comfort to the worker. It is important to remember that this brand dedicates special attention to those who suffer from particular allergies, consequently creating products with totally hypoallergenic materials.


GVS filters are ideal for various applications in sectors such as:


  • Healthcare Life Sciences
  • Health Safety
  • Energy Mobility


But let's take a closer look at the respiratory masks that GVS manufactures:


GVS Mask

Thanks to its compact design, the mask (or respirator) fits the face without making it uncomfortable to see or use. The valve allows for air recirculation, minimising breathing resistance and moisture build-up.

The materials used to make the masks are latex and silicone-free, so they are hypoallergenic, odourless, and have medical grade. In addition, the filters adopt a plastic-free approach.



Other types of GVS masks 

There are many types of GVS masks; let's take a look at the most professional models on the market:


  • GVS masks with combined filters → ideal for protection against gases, vapours and dust

respiratore con filtri combinati


  • GVS masks with a rubber band holder → prevent slipping of the rubber bands

supporto per elastici


  • GVS masks with integrated protection → provided with full face protection

mascherine con protezione facciale


GVS also provides a comparison between the masks they make and conventional masks:


Classic Mask GVS Mask
Fogging NO fogging, perfect grip
Infiltration MAXIMUM adherence, NO infiltration
NOT adjustable Soft, hypoallergenic materials
LOW efficiency and SHORT life High efficiency filters REUSABLE and REPLACEABLE
LESS comfortable WIDE filtering surface, LOW breathing resistance


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