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In the last decades, the problems related to climate change and the direct consequences of these phenomena that affect our daily life are more and more evident; no one can think this is normal! To protect us from excessive heat and bitter cold, tool manufacturers have adapted to the climatic events, using economic, technological and professional resources to produce increasingly effective and adequate tools. During the summer, temperatures reach unbearable levels and the only way to "survive" the heat is to trust products that can dilute the air in the environment in which we live: air conditioners, fans capable of producing fresh and healthy air, guaranteeing a better lifestyle, both in the domestic and industrial fields. On the other hand, during the winter, the main need is to heat our home, office or store with valid tools that guarantee us heat at low cost; The range we present of pellet stoves, inserts, wood stoves, boilers is wide and is aimed at satisfying the needs of each individual with specific, technological and effective products.

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Updated on 01/03/2021 by Erika C.

Heating and air conditioning: Wellness all year round

Electricity has revolutionized the way we all live, allowing us to adapt to both the warmest and coldest seasons. There are different types of systems which aim to give relief from the outside temperature. In winter, the heating systems give off warm air to heat the house in the best way, while in summer the heating system is replaced by systems able to give off cold air to cool the surrounding environment.

These systems can be the ultimate solution for effortless protection from high and low temperatures.

However, there is one crucial aspect not to be overlooked before purchasing an air conditioner or stove: respect for the environment.

In this regard, there are unique systems capable of operating in full respect of the environment: heat pumps. The latter produce thermal energy to heat the rooms, but also to generate hot water, using renewable energy sources. This is possible by a refrigeration circuit, through which the heat is subtracted from a low-temperature environment (e.g., the external environment) and then transferred to a second environment with a higher temperature (e.g., the inside of a house or the domestic hot water tank). Furthermore, by reversing the refrigerant cycle, the heat pump is also able to cool hot environments.

In any case, both processes involve the use of thermal energy already present in nature, and this is where the concept of renewable energy resides!

Fortunately today, most of the heating and air conditioning systems are designed with a renewable footprint since, in addition to its many advantages, it also involves economic savings for those who use them.

In this regard, in addition to heat pumps, a further example can be given by radiant panels or condensing boilers: the latter in particular, unlike traditional ones, even recover the thermal energy contained in the exhaust fumes ... It is easy to understand how much heat savings (but also economic) can be obtained with such tools.

The heating system in winter

Each season has a specific air conditioning system to combat the disadvantages due to the temperatures; the particularly cold months are faced with a different attitude if you have these tools at your disposal:

  • Pellet stove → is an excellent piece of furniture that often replaces or accompanies classic heating systems and allows considerable savings in terms of power supply.
  • Hot air generators → ideal solution in industrial sectors and work environments where medium to large rooms need heating
  • Electric stoves → a winner on all occasions: these types of stoves are easily transportable everywhere and are ideal for immediate relief from low temperatures

As you will have seen, there are many solutions for heating and once you consider the size of your home, choosing the type that best suits your needs will be child's play!

Air conditioning in summer

There are several solutions to combat the sultry heat, and each of them can be a breakthrough. Among them, the main ones are as follows:

  • Air conditioner → a must-have in summer almost without a match, as it is the only instrument able to completely alter the temperature of the place where it is installed. Just think of the sensation you feel when you go outside coming from a room with air conditioning and vice versa.
  • Fan → increasingly varied and rich in functions, excellent to use in "emergency" situations where you need immediate relief and more than a valid solution for those who do not tolerate air conditioning
  • Coolers → used in industrial contexts where it is necessary to cool rather large areas with low consumption. Excellent solution for those who suffer the physical consequences of air conditioning and those who are not affected by it at all.

Also, in this case, the first criterion to take into consideration before buying, especially if we are talking about air conditioners, is the size of the house. Once you have evaluated this aspect, it will be difficult to regret your choice.