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    Akrobat Falkner work helmet

    ABS outer shell - polystyrene inner shell - one size adjustable - EN397: 2012
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Written on 23/05/24 by Linda T.


Honeywell Italy: respiratory protection


Honeywell is committed to producing ergonomic masks to provide comfort for those who have to wear them for long hours. The manufacture of respirators with soft seals and state-of-the-art technology allows users to feel protected without experiencing respiratory fatigue.

The brand is primarily committed to protecting users from the risks they face during their working day and during their leisure time. Safety is provided by the many articles on sale, designed and manufactured with attention to the smallest detail.

The prevention of accidents in the workplace must be kept up to date to avoid even the smallest accidents that can endanger the person's health.

Honeywell offers a wide range of solutions to protect people's health through a variety of products. The personal protective equipment on offer is stylish, comfortable and made from high-quality materials to ensure excellent performance. 

Innovative technologies can meet every need and expectation. Thanks to this, every worker can feel free to carry out their profession feeling comfortable and safe.



Honeywell masks


There are many different types of devices offered by Honeywell's wide range. Among them, you can choose from several versions of masks in 3 safety classes:   


  • FFP1 masks
  • FFP2 masks
  • FFP3 masks


Mascherine Honeywell


Honeywell FFP1 masks


Honeywell's FFP1 masks can filter out 80% of airborne particles. You can choose between reusable and disposable models. And if you need protection against dust, fumes and vapours, we recommend models with a valve.

The durability of Honeywell FFP1 masks is indicated on the left side of the device. If the respirator is not reusable, it will last around 8 hours. If the respirator is reusable, it can be reused for multiple shifts.


Honeywell FFP2 masks


Honeywell FFP2 masks can filter out approximately 92% of particles. All models in the catalogue are CE certified. Again, you can choose between reusable and non-reusable models or valved and non-valved models.

Models with a valve offer protection from dangerous dust and fumes, help to breathe but cannot protect those around you. On the other hand, classic masks block the entry and exit of possible viruses or phenomena that may cause contagion.


Honeywell FFP3 mask


Honeywell FPP3 masks offer a higher level of protection: they can filter out 98% of particles in the air, preventing the spread of viruses or bacteria.

Honeywell FPP3 masks can be used more than once, and there are also disposable masks. The code can recognise these on the left side: NR indicates a non-reusable mask, while R specifies that the device can be worn more than once. 

It is possible to choose models within the catalogue with or without a valve: the principle of protection is the same as in the previous cases.


Among the most popular models we can find:


  • Honeywell easyfit 300 FFP3 

It is a foldable filtering facial device with a single welded elastic band. The safety level to which this model belongs is FFP3. Thanks to the ergonomic design, they fit perfectly to the face and do not impede visibility. The level of filtration provides excellent performance.


  • Honeywell FFP3 2311 

It is a filtering face mask belonging to the FFP3 safety class. It is a foldable, single-use device with soft Willtech™ seals. Thanks to its ergonomic materials, the mask provides high levels of comfort and adaptability.


In addition to these devices, protection for use in more professional circumstances is available in the catalogue, such as:


  • Face masks
  • Half-masks
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