Lavor is an Italian brand which produces domestic and professional cleaning products: their strong roots, decades of experience and great technological investments push the company to the top of the market with diversified products that satisfy the needs of many customers. The top product of the Made In Italy brand is the hot or cold water pressure washer, suitable for the home or for the office. Their products are top quality and are sold at great prices. The choice of products in our online catalog is quite vast and you can find the product you like most, as well as many accessories with specific endowments for outdoor surface cleaning or so much as boat detergents!


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Updated on 19/05/24 by Erika C.

Lavor: state-of-the-art cleaning systems

Lavor is the brand created by the working group that operates in the Lavorwash company, active for more than 35 years. The core of this company's work is to create high-tech cleaning systems that are at the same time suitable for all surfaces: a winning combination of world-renowned qualities; It is no coincidence that Lavorwash has branches all over the world and that each establishment is responsible for the production of a specific line.

Lavorwash, with its multiple product ranges, is also active in the world of gardening thanks to its submersible pumps, but its strength, according to thousands of users, is undoubtedly the production of pressure washers, vacuum cleaners, (including ash vacuums), scrubber driers and steam surface cleaners.

The reason for all this is very simple: by manufacturing machines for the sole purpose of cleaning, Lavorwash has allowed everyone to achieve professional results even at home.

By this we mean that there is a difference between washing a car manually with a simple cloth and washing it with a pressure washer and this difference is not only perceptible in the final result, but also during the wash itself: the effort will be less with a much higher yield.

In short, Lavor has realized the dream of many, or rather to get a sanitization and shine at home, generally visible only in professional contexts (high-end restaurants, shopping centers, etc.) and that is precisely why it remains one of the main undisputed leaders in Italy and not only.

Next we will talk about the range of products for which Lavor has stood out the most:

  • pressure washers
  • ash vacuum
  • vacuum cleaner
  • scrubbers

Let's see the specifics...

Lavor pressure washers

Probably just thinking of a high pressure washer brings to mind the Lavor brand, which is actually very famous for this type of product.

The hot or cold water pressure washers are easy to handle and ideal for any need: both professional and non-professional. The truth is that even a Lavor hobbyist pressure washer guarantees high performance and reliability as an advanced model and the ease of use is the characteristic that unites both variants, for both beginners and professionals.

Lavor ash vacuum

Lavor ash vacuum cleaners are essential if you need to clean pellet stoves, inserts, fireplaces and / or even barbecues in the best possible way and without risk.

The range offered by Lavor in this case is the most complete: that is why you will undoubtedly find the ash vacuum that best suits your needs.

In fact, it starts from the simple ash container (to connect to the common household vacuum cleaner), to the ash vacuum cleaner equipped with a real motor complete with a filter shaker, up to the 2-in-1 multifunction ash vacuum cleaner, which can also function as a normal household vacuum cleaner.

Lavor vacuum cleaner

The Lavor vacuum cleaner is so versatile that it can be considered a multi-purpose vacuum cleaner, suitable for both home and work environments.

By opting for this brand, in fact you will have the opportunity to choose not just a common vacuum cleaner, but an instrument that, in addition to its main function, is also capable of sucking up liquids and acting as a real carpet washer.

In addition, Lavor also deals with the production of vacuum cleaners for swimming pools, with which it is possible to suck up water practically like a pump!

Lavor scrubbers

Lavor does not produce simple scrubbers...Because these machines can also dry surfaces! Not surprisingly, we are talking about real scrubbing machines, ideal for domestic surfaces, but also for small businesses.

What sets Lavor apart in this case is undoubtedly the quality / price ratio: IUnrivaled for a multifunctional tool like this and in fact today it is one of the best selling items, with increasingly positive reviews from users.

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