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Written on 08/12/23 by Linda T.

Leather gloves: protection and reliability

Leather is a material that gives the glove strength and flexibility. Thanks to this breathable material, there is continuous air circulation and sweat absorption inside the glove.

Leather gloves offer a long service life, as the device's durability can be seen even during mechanical phenomena.

Genuine leather gloves can be divided into three categories according to the part of the animal that is used in the production process:


  1. Rump → this is the part of the back, the most valuable in the world of gloves.
  2. Belly → this is the animal part that is not uniformly thick and has less strength than the rump.
  3. Shoulder → this has broad fibres with a much thinner thickness than the rump; however, it is the cheapest part.


The choice of the type of leather is crucial when buying, so we advise you to carefully consider which one is most suitable for you. Of the different types of leather available on the international market, the one considered to be one of the most valuable is:


Cow grain leather  

This is not only one of the most valuable materials but also the basis for producing professional and elegant gloves and many safety shoes. The grain is the outermost part of the cowhide and is used to manufacture extremely durable and comfortable gloves.


guanti in pelle fiore bovina

Leather work gloves are also referred to as elegant, but why?

Elegant leather gloves

Made in Italy and attention to detail give this type of device the qualities of professionalism and elegance. The appearance is taken care of in every detail.

The leather is soft and comfortable not only on the outside, which offers excellent grip, but also on the inside so that you can work in maximum comfort.

The leather selected in the production process is of high quality and allows you to be protected and elegant simultaneously. In addition, thanks to innovative technologies, you no longer have to worry about sweating because the air will circulate, and the fabrics will absorb excess sweat.





There are many types of leather work gloves; therefore, it is necessary to distinguish them by:


  • Features
  • Colouring
  • Gender
  • Seasonality




Features that distinguish one model from another include:


Fingerless leather gloves
Long leather gloves
More resistant leather gloves
Less resistant leather gloves


Fingerless leather gloves or long gloves?

Between gloves with covered fingers or fingerless, the choice is definitely made according to the requirements of the work you are going to do. For this reason, we advise you to consider the circumstances in which you will use the device. If your primary need is sensitivity, fingerless gloves will definitely do the trick.

On the other hand, if you need full hand protection, you can opt for gloves with finger coverage.


Coloured leather gloves


There are many different glove colours, but the most popular on the leather glove market are:


  • Yellow leather work gloves


  • Red leather gloves

guanti in pelle colorati

You can select the most suitable model according to your desired colour depending on your taste and needs.

The most professional colour is white, but also yellow, especially in the beekeeping sector.




Even in the world of hand protection equipment, there are models for men and others for women.


Men's Leather Gloves

Leather gloves aimed at the male gender adapt to all types of physiognomy, avoiding many occupational and non-occupational risks. Among the models available for the male gender are:


  • Elegant men's leather gloves
  • Black leather men's gloves
  • Leather driving gloves for men
  • Men's half-finger leather gloves


Females' leather gloves

Females' leather gloves are much smaller and close-fitting because the shape of women's hands is more petite. In addition to the smaller and tighter fit, much more attention is paid to detail in ladies' models.

Colours are combined to perfection to make it possible to feel fashionable even when wearing a safety device.




According to seasonality, leather gloves are subdivided into:


Winter leather gloves

Winter leather gloves have a layer of padding on the inside to prevent the cold from entering. Thanks to this protection, the hand will not be affected by the harshest weather conditions.

However, winter protection does not make the hand sweat and only maintains the right level of warmth to counteract cold weather.


Summer leather gloves

Leather gloves for the summer season have a unique technology that counteracts sweating: this absorbs sweat particles and allows continuous air circulation.

Your hand will always remain cool and dry, even when temperatures are particularly high.    



Main uses


The most frequent circumstances in which leather work gloves are used are:


Motorbike leather gloves Automotive leather gloves
Building and construction gloves General maintenance gloves
Gloves for warehousing or logistics Riding Leather Gloves
Leather ski gloves Military Leather Gloves


In addition to these uses, leather gloves are also used for DIY. Among the most popular activities are:


Motorbike leather gloves

These devices are made to protect motorcyclists' hands during all seasons. Their construction takes into account two fundamental characteristics


  • comfort
  • safety


Comfort lies in the freedom of movement of the palm to manoeuvre the vehicle to perfection, while protection must be guaranteed to prevent falls or abrasions from asphalt.

Leather driving gloves

Leather driving gloves are made for those working in the automotive industry or otherwise dealing with means of transport.

These must allow a perfect fit for handling driving controls but, at the same time, be able to protect the driver from possible accidents.   

Leather riding gloves

Leather, in riding contexts, allows perfect grip and hand protection. This is why it is essential to select models almost like a second skin so as not to lose proper hand movement.

The grip must be optimal: otherwise, if the hands slip off the controls, there is a risk of falling. 

Leather ski gloves

Ski gloves must protect against the coldest temperatures: leather maintains a perfect level of warmth on the inside while providing waterproof protection on the outside.

In addition, leather gloves are perfect for skiing because they offer an ideal fit so that the skier can hold his skis firmly.

Military Leather Gloves  

Gloves required in jobs such as police, carabinieri, etc., are generally leather devices.

These are especially essential for those who have to cope with night shifts in extremely cold temperatures, especially during checkpoints, when officers are required to remain standing in a stationary position for a long time.





How to clean leather gloves?

Washing leather gloves is one of the most frequently asked questions concerning the hand and arm safety devices.

When washing leather gloves, they must not be immersed in water. These devices should be cleaned with a slightly damp cloth, and a minimal amount of soap should be added to remove excess stains.

Therefore, the way to wash leather ski gloves, or any other type of leather gloves, is really quick and easy.

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