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Updated on 23/05/24

Lewer safety shoes: features and prices

The Lewer brand, born from a small production reality, has been active in the safety footwear sector since 1987.

Its work shoes are manufactured with the utmost respect for the environment. The quality of the 100% Made in Italy does not exclude the super competitive prices, applicable even to the most technologically advanced models.

Lewer also offers a wide choice of lines:

  • Skill → youthful style, sporty and suitable for everyday life
  • Evolution 2.0 → softness and grip, wear resistance  
  • DOT.IT → shock and energy absorption in the heel area
  • Cool Job → Flexible, breathable and lightweight
  • Classic → sober style, first-choice material
  • Milady → for women
  • HRO → thermal insulation with resistance to 300° for 1 minute

From 60 €, you can buy both high and low models, and at this price, you will enjoy the benefits of a pair of work boots that do not need frequent replacement.

Lewer work boots 

Unlike traditional safety boots, Lewer work boots are made of polyurethane - the best material for lightness, thermal insulation and durability.

Easy to clean and resistant to all types of grease and oil, Lewer safety boots are not sensitive to cleaning chemicals and can therefore be cleaned and sanitised without problems.

Comfort is ensured by the removable footbed made of Memory polyurethane, and the fact that it is equipped with aeration holes and is lined with antibacterial material creates an air circulation that also counteracts sweating.

In addition, the boot is fully lined with high-quality OEKO-TEX Sanitised fabric, while the sole provides excellent slip resistance.


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