The Lewer safety shoes that you will find in this section are able to adapt even to the needs of the most attentive to detail user: from high to low models, what remains unchanged is the meticulous quality control from the earliest stages of the production process.

Furthermore, regardless of the model chosen, free shipping in just 24 hours and the possibility of return are guaranteed. 


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Updated on 23/05/24 by Erika C.

Lewer: the best of made in Italy

Lewer is a 100% Italian brand dedicated to producing high-quality safety footwear.

In just a few years, it has gained the trust of thousands of active users in the world of safety footwear.

Its code of ethics is based on the health and safety of the operator and the protection of the environment, to which attention is paid in every production process. 

Continuous optimization of the quality of products offered to end-users makes this brand highly successful even in a sector where competition is undeniable. Its success remains the same even after several years of experience because the cardinal principles on which the Lewer team is based are:

  • Attention to customer needs
  • professionalism
  • availability
  • speed of communication

scarpe antinfortunistiche lewer


The above characteristics consolidate the loyalty of existing customers and, at the same time, attract the attention of new ones, who are always pleasantly surprised by the strict controls on the raw materials of Lewer shoes. This is evident from the attention paid to the shoes' durability: even the most inexpensive models are thought through in detail, and the materials used are, despite the favourable price, of excellent quality.

Lewer Green

Lewer Green refers to the brand's corporate policy of daily material recycling, waste disposal and energy saving through alternative energies.

In particular, the internal separation of waste is 100%, and specific waste disposal is entrusted to specially authorised companies.

Energy production is obtained from renewable sources or wind and sun. In this respect, Lewer has activated a mini wind and photovoltaic power plant, thus contributing to the reduction of C02 emissions.

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