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The log splitter was created as a fundamental aid for professionals in the cutting of firewood for domestic use. The power that generates in the movement of the central blade when placing the log inside the machine, allows to divide it into several pieces, up to the desired size. With the arrival of the use of log splitters in the wood processing activity, a significant contribution was made to eliminate the fatigue that the Lumberjacks had to endure in this phase of their work.
There are more professional models and others designed for domestic use to give everyone the possibility of handling wood with total autonomy. 

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    • length 36 cm

    • in forged steel

    • shaped wooden handle

    • with metallic wedge

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    £9.46 Incl. Tax

    • length 86 cm

    • in forged steel

    • Absorb-vibration handle

    • anti-slip handle

    • Order now to receive it Wednesday, 16 December 2020
    • Shipping with express courier
    £17.03 Incl. Tax

    • in forged steel
    • wooden handle
    • length 90 cm
    • In stock - Ready to ship
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    £20.63 Incl. Tax

  1. Ribimex PREHLS8T / VN 8 T Vertical wood splitter

    3000 W motor - 8T thrust power - diam. max 40 cm - variable length

    • 230 V power supply
    • 3000 W motor
    • Power boost 8 tons
    • Diam. from 70 to 400 mm
    • Max length 1060 mm
    • Weight 128.00 kg
    • Order now to receive it Thursday, 17 December 2020
    • Shipping with express courier
    • Ships on Pallet
    £823.31 Incl. Tax

  2. Ribimex PRSC400/150N Woodcutter saw

    2200 W – blade 32 teeth 405 mm - cut from 30 to 135 mm

    • Engine: 2200 W
    • Blade 32 teeth 405 x 30 mm
    • Cutting stop extensible up to 640 mm
    • Ø Cut from 30 to 135 mm
    • Weight: 32,00 kg
    • In stock - Ready to ship
    • Order within 14:00 to receive it tomorrow
    • Shipping with express courier
    • Ships on Pallet
    £269.36 Incl. Tax

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5 Item(s)

Written on 03/12/2020 by Erika C.

Log splitter: useful tips for purchasing

A log splitter is a machine used to split a large piece of wood or a log into several parts. The cut is made by a sturdy blade that operates on a horizontal or vertical cutting table depending on the models. The vertical log splitter is usually the type most used for comfort, especially by those who have less experience, because a model with a horizontal cutting table, assumes that it is solid and resistant to avoid unpleasant accidents and, consequently, implies a greater study of the materials that compose it. The log splitter is the ideal tool for those in possession of a fireplace or a pellet stove, cutting wood will no longer be a strenuous and time-consuming activity. Today on the market, there are multiple types of log splitters powered differently, but our intention at the moment is to inform you in a more generic sense, listing the general parameters to be able to buy the perfect log splitter for you.


Vertical Log Splitter

The vertical log splitter, as mentioned in the introduction, is the type of log splitter recommended for those who do not have much experience with this machine. Because if the support surface on which the wood is placed is of quality, the only thing what you need to worry about is to make sure that the ends that will hold the log adhere to each other in the best way, to prevent them from slipping, without having been cut first. Make sure that the log splitter is made of solid and resistant materials and always keep the correct distance from the machine when it is in action.

Horizontal Log Splitter

The horizontal log splitter is a very common type of log splitter, but that requires some more precautions than the vertical one… In any case, don't worry, because Lineonline will offer you only extremely safe products that comply with the strictest European standards. Our 6T AMA horizontal log splitter has an integrated protection cage so that the wood does not protrude outside the template: operator protection is thus assured, and you will not have to worry about accidents!

Decisive factors in the choice

Dimensions and Push Power

The power of push is one of the essential characteristics to consider when buying the log splitter, precisely because this value, expressed in tons, will allow you to have an idea of ​​the physical resistance that the cutting operation will require and the time necessary to do it all. It also evaluates the base on which the future log will be supported, since the wider, the more stable, and finally the wedge, or the tool that cuts, must be sufficiently sharp and wide to always guarantee a quick and perfect cut.

Materials and Brands

A log splitter is a machine that will most likely undergo different stresses, because the work it does is rather continuous, considering that the quantity of wood to feed a stove, for example, must be sufficient for at least a few hours. The recommended material, in this case, is steel, because it can respond positively when it comes to resistance during prolonged work sessions. As for the brands, it would be preferable to rely on rather well-known companies mainly to solve any problems related to the operation of the machine, because as we mentioned before, the log splitter is a device that is generally subjected to significant stresses and to have support purchasing it, is an advantage that everyone should enjoy.

Log Splitter Prices

The prices of the log splitter are quite vast and fluctuating, depending on the level of professionalism attributable to the log splitter, the more you require to perform, the cost will increase to a maximum of 700/800 euros ... If you have professional purposes, this type is highly recommended If, on the other hand, you know that you will use it sporadically, on our site you will find log splitters that are equally valid, but more suitable for domestic purposes, starting at around 200 euros. Regardless of your budget, one thing is sure: quality, reliability, and after-sales support always guaranteed with Lineonline.