Makita  Italy is one of the world's leading companies in the power tool industry; its quality is known and appreciated by everyone: experts in the field, professionals, DIY lovers, who can choose the right tools from an infinite and very wide range: 

  • Drills
  • Screwdrivers
  • Angle grinders
  • Multifunction Vacuum Cleaners
  • Brush Cutters
  • Multi-function tool kit
  • Submersible hoses
  • Circular saws
  • Shears
  • Cordless tools

The strong propensity to research and development is one of the main features of the Japanese company, which introduces innovative products on the market, with excellent performance for any type of application. The Makita catalog is full of essentials for your activities: the 18V cordless drill and drill are the most sought-after and widespread among customers, from drilling to screwing / unscrewing; the angle grinders have a very low vibration level and are very successful on the market. Power tools, power, robustness, reliability, prolonged autonomy,
The Makita offers that you can find in our online catalog and we offer you the opportunity to buy a product of excellence at the best price on the market.    


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Makita Catalog

Last updated on 01/24/2017

The Makita is one of the most complete and supplied in the power tool industry , with the addition of a range of products for the gardening sector , compressed air tools , generators and more; The catalog includes :

  • cordless tools; the most requested are the screwdrivers (which are among the best currently on the market);
  • tools and construction machines (demolition, chisellers and others);
  • electric and percussion drills ;
  • cutting tools and metalworking ( angle grinders , cutting  machines, shears, and others);
  • refilers, planes and milling machines;
  • sanders;
  • vacuum cleaners;
  • multi-function tools ;
  • jigsaw and reciprocating saws , electric and battery operated;
  • compressed air tools and more.

Makita screwdrivers

Makita power tools are among the best currently on the market. Same as the competitors, Makita guarantees quality, durability, and longevity. From 10 to 18 Volts and new generation batteries from 2 to 4 AH (the Volts indicate the power of the screwdriver while the amper indicates capacity / battery life) .

Powerful Brushless motors

Makita is always oriented to the research and development of new technologies to be used on its products (obviously including screwdrivers). Like other competitors, they use Brushless motors (or without brushes or carbon brushes) on  the  best screwdriver drills ; these engines have numerous and remarkable advantages such as:

  • they reach higher torque levels ;
  • they last longer (up to 4 times compared to traditional engines);
  • they do not need frequent maintenance.

Makita prices

Makita has always been offering quality products designed and built to be used in long and intense work sessions . In fact, the price is not the only factor that has been taken into consideration, in fact, it is based on the performance of the product. Makita managed to place its products in a professional range , while containing the costs of products, thus limiting sales prices to the public. 

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