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The 3M masks in our catalog offer a very wide choice in order to select the perfect model for the use you are going to mak. All devices are made of high quality materials and the prices are affordable: many products are discounted and with fast delivery. From FFP1, FFP2, FFP3 masks to face masks and half masks: 3M will satisfy all your needs!


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Written on 21/07/24 by Linda T.

3M masks: protect yourself with awareness

When it comes to personal protective equipment, it is essential to be aware of your buying product. In this regard, we will provide relevant information for good respiratory protection. 

The famous 3M masks are made of high-quality materials to ensure maximum protection and a good level of comfort. Let's take a closer look at what this is all about...


3M Face mask

When buying a face mask, it is necessary to evaluate many characteristics to obtain complete protection according to its use.

For this reason, 3M offers different types of masks; the main ones are:

  • 3M sanitary masks

3M FFP1 masks 

- 3M FFP2 masks

- 3M FFP3 masks


  • 3M dust masks 

- Face masks

- Half Masks





All 3M antivirus masks can protect the user both at work and during leisure time, avoiding more or less severe risks that would affect the person's health.


For this reason, they are called 3M antivirus masks, or more simply, 3M antibacterial masks: these can act as a barrier against particles in the air, protecting in most cases both the wearers and those who come into contact with them.


mascherine 3M


Let's take a look at the mask models in our catalogue…


3M FFP1 masks

The 3M FFP1 mask is a device capable of protecting both in the medical field and during everyday life actions (especially in recent years). This device has the capacity to filter at least 72% of environmental particles.

The 3M FFP1 mask, if followed by the initials NR, indicates that the device can only be used once. Conversely, if followed by R, it indicates that it can be used more than once. In both cases, you can choose between:


  • Reusable/disposable masks with valve
  • Reusable/disposable masks without valve


More precisely, if the 3M FFP1 protective mask is provided with a valve, it will offer more protection to the wearer, but not to the persons in contact with the mask; whereas, if it is not provided with a valve, it will be able to protect both incoming and outgoing particles. 


3M FFP2 masks

3M FFP2 masks can protect against approximately 92% of airborne particles. Generally, certified FFP2 masks are disposable, but there are also reusable models: again, the initials to be considered are R (reusable) and NR (non-reusable).

In some cases, the masks are marked FFP2 NR D: this indicates that the device has been tested for obstruction.

A further distinction that is important to make when purchasing a mask in the FFP2 class is between:


  • 3M FFP2 masks without a valve → allow double protection and protect both the wearer and those around
  • 3M FFP2 masks with a valve → have complete protection towards the wearer, but not for those around.

Therefore, the 3M FFP2 mask can protect against a medium to high risk of infection: for a higher level of safety, we recommend combining the ffp2 protection with a surgical mask.


3M FFP3 masks

3M FFP3 anti-virus masks are devices capable of filtering 98% of environmental particles. In fact, they are considered the safest protection devices in contaminated places. 

Also, in the case of 3M FFP3 masks, you can choose between reusable (R) or disposable (NR) models. Thanks to 3M, you can choose according to your needs, considering the most suitable feature for the use you will make of it.

Among the types of masks, there are also:


  • 3M masks without an FFP3 filter → the absence of a filter protects both the wearer and those around
  • 3M masks with FFP3 filter → the filter capacity is useful for those in contact with dust and need to protect themselves from particular particles in the air, but, on the other hand, they cannot guarantee virus protection for those around them.





Respirators are devices that protect against dust, gases, and microorganisms dangerous to a person's health. These devices are divided into 2 classes:


  • Full face masks → protect the entire face: also the eyes from hazardous particles
  • Half masks → protect only the respiratory tract



Depending on the model you choose, you will decide whether to opt for a free or assisted ventilation model. If you fear low respiratory resistance, we recommend assisted ventilation: effortlessly, it will gradually accumulate oxygen.

The dust respirator is not considered a disposable respirator but, on the contrary, reusable: in particular, the filters can be reused several times, offering total protection. 

The devices in question have EN 149 certification: this specifies the minimum requirements for filtering dust half-masks used as respiratory protective devices.



Frequently asked questions


Where to buy 3M masks?

In our catalogue, you will find a wide range of 3M masks for sale, and you can buy the most suitable model for you, and you will be able to purchase the most appropriate model for you. The production of 3M masks is carried out a thorough investigation to guarantee the best protection.

The materials used in the production of the masks and goggles are of high quality and allow you to feel safe and wear the device comfortably without breathing problems.

3M not only manufactures respiratory protection devices but also:


  • 3M Earplugs
  • 3M anti-noise earmuffs
  • 3M Glasses
  • 3M Helmet

Therefore, we advise you to select the protective devices you will need during your working day or during simple activities related to everyday life.


How long does a 3M face mask last?

The lifetime of a 3M face mask depends on the model you choose to buy. A disposable mask will be used for no more than 8 hours, whereas if the device is reusable, it can be worn for more than 8 hours.

As far as respirators are concerned, their filters are reusable and washable several times, specified on the packaging.

So, when we talk about "3M FFP3 masks duration", we can say that this is not enclosed in a specific amount of time: it is essential to know the maximum duration of the device according to the model chosen.


Price of 3M masks?

The price of 3M templates, like the duration, varies depending on the model chosen. The minimum price of the masks is 0.18€: thanks to 3M, it is possible to buy a device at an extremely advantageous price with an excellent quality of materials. 


How to wear a 3M face mask?

Wearing the 3M masks is very easy: thanks to their perfect adherence, they adapt to every shape without being tight, but, at the same time, they are not large.

It must be ensured that the nose and ear areas are adjusted correctly to fit the skin without leaving gaps that would allow dangerous particles to enter.

In addition, 3M masks have a CE certificate to guarantee maximum safety in compliance with current regulations.



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