McCulloch is known all over the world for their professionalism and quality. Chainsaws, brush cutters, tillers, hedge trimmers, as well as lawnmowers, tractors ..... a wide range of items designed and built to work with safety and reliability, both in the domestic and professional sectors. Cutting-edge technologies, professionalism and decades of experience are the best guarantees to buy a McCulloch product without regrets!     


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Guide to choosing a McCulloch product

written by Alessandro P., last update of 13/05/2016

McCulloch is one of the leading brands in the market for garden machines. Its collection is extremely heterogeneous and ranges between:

  • lawn mower/mowers with gas engines, self-propelled or pushed, with various cutting functions;
  • lawn mowers;
  • 2- or 4-stroke brush cutters, also available in a multi-functional version (model: B26PS - Toolkit);
  • gas engine chainsaws, with a variable bar length;
  • blowers/vacuums

For every single type of product, we suggest to read and know the details and the technical specifications to make a careful and correct purchase.


McCulloch Garden: the best ally of your garden

McCulloch: all the catalog ready for delivery


McCulloch (or McCulloch Motors Corporation) is a company originated in the US, founded in 1946 in Los Angeles. Today it offers a wide and complete range regarding all the gardening machines, but it was initially known to everyone as a manufacturer of chainsaws. Its quality and innovative capacity have been recognized internationally and today it is one of the major producers of chainsaws and electric saws.

In 1949 the McCulloch 3-25 was put on the market, a chainsaw that was considered by all the experts and operators of the sector as a real revolution. Its main feature was lightness and at the time of marketing, there were no valid alternatives that could match its weight/performance ratio (the achievement of this result was linked to the fact that the main users of McCulloch chainsaws were real professionals, lumberjacks and workers who used them practically all day long. The lightness, ease, and comfort of use were, and they are still, an essential requirement for this type of electric tool).

In 1983 they entered the Italian market with the birth of McCulloch Italia (currently a part of Husqvarna) and in 1999 they joined the ElettroLux group. The production center, currently still operational, is in Valmadrera (Lecco). 

McCulloch also has another record for innovation and improvement in the world of saws. In 1968 they launched the Power Mac 6, another chainsaw considered by all the experts in the sector to be a unique product at the time of release. In fact, this chainsaw weighed only 3.8 kilograms; considering the power obtained, no other product could match its performance. Only 4 years later the Mini Mac 1 was launched, to meet the needs of a segment with reduced purchasing capacity. In the same period (therefore around 1972) the production of electric chainsaws began.

Range expansion and complete catalog with all the garden machines.

Starting from the 70s McCulloch expanded its catalog and its product range by inserting other types of tools besides chainsaws, for this reason, in those years it was the market leader in the United States. They introduced these tools:

  • hedge trimmers
  • brush cutters
  • blowers

In 1988 McCulloch moved to Arizona (precisely in Tucson ), where new offices and distribution plants were opened.

In 1999 the European division was sold to the Husqvarna AB group and only 9 years later, they acquired the rights to use the brand in North America. Today we offer the full range of gardening equipment, which consists of :

  • mowers
  • chainsaws
  • brush cutters
  • lawn tractors
  • blowers
  • motor hoes

Products designed to work long and well

The reputation that this brand has achieved in the field of gardening machines is the result of the tradition that has been followed and respected for over half a century. It is, in fact, known to everyone how the company pivots and has founded its success on:

  • power and reliability of the engines
  • continuous updates and technical-functional improvements
  • reliability and longevity of products thanks to the quality of construction projects, selected materials and production techniques

All McCulloch products are designed and manufactured with one goal: to provide quality performance over a long period of time. Those who buy a McCulloch machine are sure to be able to use it for many years (it is always recommended to read the use and maintenance manual and the advice and recommendations for correct use and storage).

The mission of its designers and developers is, therefore, to always pursue improvement in every aspect of the products offered. All the functions and tasks that the McCulloch garden machine will have to perform is tested and tested until maximum mastery is achieved, understanding and working on the strengths that the product must have.

McCulloch: designed to reduce consumption 

The other key point of the designers is the care and respect for the environment. Since the machines are powered by internal combustion engines that use gasoline, these are designed by minimizing:

  • Energy consumption, minimizing wastage and dispersion;
  • Emissions of exhaust residues;
  • Noise. 


McCulloch Chainsaws

mcculloch chainsaw, complete catalog


As widely described before, the most important tool historically is the chainsaw (with subsequent expansion thanks to the inclusion in the range of the catalog of its electric variant).

The advantages

Chainsaws, like all other McCulloch gardening products, are also designed and built with the aim of achieving high-performance levels as well as reducing consumption, noise and harmful emissions. Almost all the models are equipped with a catalytic muffler and the latest OXYPOWER technology, which significantly reduces the exhaust temperature, obtaining some advantages:

  • Increased longevity;
  • Optimization of consumption with the same performance;
  • Reduction of harmful emissions to the environment

As for chainsaws in general and for McCulloch the chainsaws are subdivided into:

  • Cutting chainsaws;
  • Pruning;
  • Electric;

There is little to say about the cutting machines, except that the range and assortment are such, together with the quality and performance achieved, to make the McCulloch chainsaws among the most appreciated and requested.

As for pruning, a different choice was made. For this type of product, you must refer to other brands of the HUSQVARNA group (the pruning one is a particular chainsaw and potentially more dangerous than the classic one for cutting. If the bar and the chain are shorter, even if properly balanced, the tool must be used with care and precision).

McCulloch: promac pruning saw out of production


(McCulloch pruning chain saw out of production, with handle on the back of the machine)
McCulloch: cutting chainsaw, series cs.  With two handles

(Cs series chainsaw, with two-handed handgrip)




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