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Oleo-Mac is the world's leading manufacturer of machinery for agriculture, gardening, forestry, industry in the professional field; is a very important part of the Emak Group, developed in a capillary manner in the main countries of the world with professionalism, product quality and a distribution of the assistance centers that grant the customer from the first moment of purchase.
The Oleo-Mac philosophy is based on the development of ideas and the creation of technologically innovative products that make the activity of all customers with their different and particular needs, whether they are hobbyists or professionals, efficient and pleasant.
By purchasing an Oleo-Mac product you come into contact with a reality made of professionalism, innovation, ten-year expertise with a fixed eye on the future and the outside world, respecting people and the environment that surrounds us.

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  1. Oleo-Mac OM 108 L/18,5 Briggs&Stratton engine Lawn tractor

    B&S 500 cc Powerbuilt 4185 AVS engine - hydrostatic transmission - mulching and lateral discharge - 108 cm cut

    • Briggs & Stratton Powerbuilt 4185 AVS engine
    • Power 500 cc
    • 108 cm cutting width
    • Cutting height from 30 to 80 mm
    • Hydrostatic transmission
    • Mulching and lateral cutting
    • Weight 171.00 kg
    • Order now to receive it Wednesday, 16 September 2020
    • Shipping with express courier
    • Ships on Pallet

    Regular Price: £2,296.34

    Special Price £2,143.19

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Written on 08/08/2020 by Erika C.

Oleomac: a certainty for greenery

The Oleomac brand is part of the leading Emak group, dedicated to the care and respect of greenery thanks to numerous cutting-edge technologies.

Emak was born in 1992 from the union of two prestigious companies specialized in the production of garden and forestry machinery. One of these is Oleomac, which represents one of the main reference points for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts with regard to the maintenance of green areas at 360 degrees.

Its range includes machines designed for every type of activity: chainsaws, brush cutters, lawn mowers, lawn tractors, motor tiller, motor cultivators, cordless hedge trimmers and much more...

Although the company has now reached 85 countries with different production units and branches, it is never lulled by its success. Every year it always adds new models to its range, strictly respecting its three principles: quality, respect for people and environmental protection; it is precisely for the first and last point that Emak boasts both ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

Specifically, the Oleomac brand is intended for the gardening, agriculture and forestry sectors for private individuals but also professionals.

What is certain is that all its products are a guarantee in terms of power, comfort and resistance. It's no coincidence that all its machines use innovative technologies that make them silent and easy to handle; moreover, at the same time, they are equipped with a correct carburation with reduced environmental impact...At the most competitive price ever with the smallest footprint!

Oleomac achieved success for each of its creations, over the years, the brand has increasingly distinguished itself for the garden machines listed below...

Oleomac lawn mower

Oleomac lawn mowers adapt to everyone's needs, as the brand has made all three of its variants in terms of feeding:

  • electrical
  • battery-operated
  • petrol

Also, each type can, in turn, be subdivided according to these characteristics:

  • push
  • self-propelled
  • professional

Let's take a closer look at the characteristics of each type of Oleomac brand:

  • Electric lawn mowers → compact, agile and easy to handle and with a width varying between 30 and 50 cm. They are particularly suitable for gardens with an extension of less than 800 square meters.

  • Battery operated lawn mower → quiet, light and Eco-friendly. Ideal for small to medium gardens, and for those who do not want to be constrained by the use of fuel.

  • Petrol lawn mowers → guarantee high performance in terms of power and excellent durability. Ideal also for extensive gardens.

In addition...

  • Push lawn mower → ideal for medium-sized areas of less than 1400 square meters. The variant equipped with a mulching system is excellent if you want to fertilize the soil in a completely natural way.
  • Self-propelled lawn mowers → ideal for daily maintenance on large areas, rough terrain or a slight slope
  • Professional → lawn mower with a width between 40 and 53 cm, excellent for the maintenance of large areas between 2000 and 2600 sqm.

Oleomac brush cutter

Oleomac brush cutters have been considered among the best of all for cutting, cleaning and finishing operations. Like the lawn mowers, they are divided both by type of feed and additional features:

  • electrical
  • battery-operated
  • petrol
  • multifunction
  • professional
  • shoulder

Let's see together the appropriate areas of action for each variant

  • Electric brush cutters → with a power rating ranging from 600 to 1000 W and are ideal for working and trimming small flat lawns
  • Battery-powered brush cutters → ideal for small areas if you want to save money in the long term (zero petrol costs) without giving up the freedom of movement
  • Petrol brush cutter → recommended for relatively large areas, but flat and free of obstacles
  • Multifunction brush cutter → ideal for those who are looking for the answer to several needs in one tool and need a brushcutter, but at the same time a hedge trimmer or maybe a trimmer.
  • Professional brush cutters →high power with a displacement of more than 35 cubic cm, able to "endure" even the most demanding soils
  • Shoulder-mounted brush cutters → recommended on surfaces with differences in height because the ergonomic backpack design ensures maximum comfort and freedom of action

Oleomac Chainsaw

Oleomac chainsaws are super recommended for cutting wood both at home and for more substantial purposes. Depending on each work area, we recommend a specific type, which may be:

  • electric
  • battery-operated
  • petrol
  • pruning
  • professional

Analyzing each type will help you understand which one is best suited to your needs. For example…

  • Electric chainsaws → ideal for cutting firewood, for small/medium pruning or DIY purposes
  • Battery-powered chainsaws → cordless version ideal for zero-emission and noise-free work, designed for those who need to work in power-free areas
  • Petrol chainsaws → the best solution for pruning, felling and cutting trees in the forest, in the countryside or your garden.
  • Pruning chainsaws → designed for pruning and precision work, aimed at the treatment of plant injuries or pathologies
  • Professional chainsaws → recommended for more intensive work such as cutting trees with large logs.


Oleomac never ceases to amaze, and this is why, by bringing garden machines equipped with blades onto the market, it has decided to dedicate itself to another sector for the protection of the operator.

To find out what this is all about, all you have to do is continue reading the next paragraph!

Oleomac cut-resistant clothing

Oleomac protective clothing is essential when operating machinery that is potentially dangerous to the user. In fact, despite having to deal with high-quality products, equipped with the appropriate safety systems, protecting yourself is never wrong and in many cases it can make a real difference, avoiding unpleasant and unfortunately sometimes permanent accidents... That's why Oleomac has thought of everything: from real cut-resistant clothing, which includes shoes, jackets, trousers, etc., to more specific accessories designed to protect against other types of risks and not only those related to cutting: visors, helmets, protective glasses and noise-reducing earplugs!