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Professional clothing: an outfit for each profession

Lineonline has specialized since 1974 in the accident prevention sector and every day continues to strive to offer the customer constant progress and innovation. Today, there are many companies known as Lineonline, but we have broadened our horizons, offering you the latest news also regarding the different specific professions, such as those in the restaurant or health sector and this does not end here.… From the work overalls for the mechanic, to the uniform for the waiter, to the gown for the doctor! All these work clothes seem very different from each other, but in reality they have in common a unique factor that has always been essential for us: high quality. In kitchen linen, we offer the most reliable brands on the market, including the now renowned Chef Maestro, but the waiter uniforms and doctor gowns of Siggi and Giblor! Do justice to your profession and choose the outfit that suits you, but above all choose the one that takes care of you to the fullest, constantly protecting you from possible risks and accidents, especially in the most stressful and hectic work days.