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The professional pressure washer is the definitive solution for those who have essential cleaning needs and do not want to resort to external means, performing everything in full autonomy! Our online catalogue will give you access to a series of models that have nothing to envy to specialised workshops. Whether they are cold water or hot water, what remains certain is a single fact: high power and professionalism guaranteed. Once you see the results, you will never come back.  Getting outstanding cleaning will no longer be a nightmare. Thanks to the high pressure, the endless hours will turn in minutes when you are trying to get rid of stubborn dirt. Enjoy and relax!


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Written on 23/05/24 by Erika C.

Professional pressure washer: more than versatile 

There have been many times when you dreamed of having your car wash with confidence in your home, but have you ever wondered why? Washing the car, the motorcycle or any other means of transport at a point specially created for this purpose makes the difference. There is a reason why most of the time you wait for an endless line before starting with the first cleanup steps and then the question "how to avoid all this while obtaining similar results?" The answer can be summarised in these: Professional pressure washer! With this type of high-pressure cleaner, you will be able to refurbish tools and machinery that, due to their appearance, give the impression of having lost efficiency. You can do this without fear of wear and damage.

Difference between a traditional high-pressure washer and a professional washer

Although the characteristics between the two are almost similar, especially in terms of performance and power, what distinguishes these two machines is the frequency with which they can be used. The professional high-pressure cleaner has been designed to cope with intense and prolonged work sessions, without affecting the machine's internal components, causing overheating or even sudden stops. Therefore, this type of high-pressure cleaner is the perfect solution, even for those who demand excellent results with minimal energy consumption

Cold or hot water high-pressure washers?

Once we have ascertained that the professional high-pressure washer can be used without problems by inexperienced hands within industrial and commercial settings, we can go into more detail. One of these technical aspects is the use of water. The hot water high-pressure washer is perfect for oily dirt and even where there is a need to sanitise in a natural way as much as possible with the sole force of hot water. Not by chance, its use is popular in slaughterhouses. The cold water high-pressure washer instead is suitable for all surfaces, and there is nothing better for daily cleaning operations. For that extra touch of efficiency, just increase the pressure!

Professional pressure washer with petrol engine 

Generally, only the term internal combustion engine is associated with a professional machine, so try to imagine the performance offered by a professional pressure washer with a petrol engine! This type is the ideal solution in environments such as construction sites where there are probably no electrical connections. Also, during sporting events such as motocross tests or rallies: sooner or later, you are always in a situation where you need to clean your vehicle away from home. The professional pressure washers with petrol engines are robust because they are fitted with high-quality pump units. They are also straightforward to start and have a level of autonomy worthy of note, all with more than acceptable operation costs!

Useful information for your purchase

Before choosing the best professional pressure washer for you, we provide you with some helpful information to consider before purchasing

    • watch out for rip-offs; a professional pressure washer has a power of at least 110 bars and in some cases even 180 bars
    • contrary to what one might think, professional high-pressure washers have a rotation speed that is half that of traditional pressure washers: this reduces wear and prolongs the life of the machine
    • despite a higher initial investment, this type of high-pressure washer is equipped with a pump unit that can be easily dismantled and repaired
    • the heads of professional high-pressure washers are almost always made of brass, and the valves are made of stainless steel; all in favour of higher resistance 
    • also, the accessories are of professional level, and therefore they are more resistant than the traditional ones
    • for a matter of comfort, do not overlook the presence of handles and wheels

              The pressure washer and its possible uses

              Pressure washers can be used to wash surfaces of different types: the most common are cars, buses,  trucks, coaches, but also workshops and industries. However, its use is much broader and is not limited only to the field of cleaning. The professional pressure washer has pressure on its side, which is no small thing. With this feature, you can eliminate anthills, "restructure" old timbers, unclog sewer pipes or even unclog frozen pipes!

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