Protective work visor

The protective visors that you will find within this category are essential to protect the face from the risks of abrasion, corrosion, combustion, but also from minor risks such as dust infiltration.

Prior to their market launch, all Lineonline selected visors underwent stringent compliance testing and are therefore still widely chosen by the most active users in the accident prevention industry.



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Updated on21/07/24 by Erika C.

Protective visor: PPE of prime importance


The protective visor is a personal protective equipment capable of protecting the eyes and face.  It can be used in various work environments, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic; it proved essential when combined with protective masks, as it protects against saliva and splashes. Not surprisingly, it is also known as a protective splash visor.


However, the use of the protective visors on Lineonline is also intended for other purposes such as protection from:

  • dust particles
  • abrasion
  • corrosion
  • combustion

visiera di protezione


The protective visors in question can be substituted for classic protective goggles, and regarding glasses, many models offered can be worn together with prescription glasses.

Most common types


Covid protective visor | Medical protective visor


As already mentioned, the most common protective visor is designed to protect against liquids and droplets. In this regard, it is essential to emphasise that the protective visor offers optimal effectiveness in these cases. On the contrary, it does not guarantee the same level of reliability when coming into contact with smaller particles known as aerosols.visiera protettiva covid

Especially in epidemic situations, it is necessary to combine the protective visor with a mask, preferably FFP3 or FFP2, to obtain maximum protection.


In addition, this device is usually fitted with a very comfortable elastic band or headband. If you are already aware that you will have to wear it many hours a day, it is advisable to purchase a model with an adjustable elastic band for an even higher comfort level.



Safety helmet with visor


A safety helmet with a visor is the ideal choice if you are looking for versatile and multifunctional PPE.


In fact, with a single device, you will obtain head and face protection, and the most advanced helmet models can also be combined with anti-noise earmuffs. In this case, you will obtain triple protection and a not inconsiderable economic saving.


casco protettivo



Furthermore, when it is necessary to clean the helmet, it is possible to dismantle the individual components to thoroughly clean and sanitise the different elements.


Most common types


Polycarbonate protective visor


The polycarbonate protective visor is solid and durable. Polycarbonate is a material renowned for being rigid enough to be unbreakable but at the same time flexible. In addition, it is luminous thanks to its 89% light transmission, and in fact, this type of visor is also known as a transparent protective visor.


Because of its common use, 20-piece packs are available on the market so that you don't have to worry about restocking all the time. Not surprisingly, the use of multi-packs is prevalent in hospitals.

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