Model making tools and high precision work

Proxxon brand high-precision work tools are the most appreciated and used for modeling, metal milling, and turning machines. In fact, Proxxon's customers include jewelers, artisans and jewelry designers, opticians and modeling lovers who are looking for high reliability and quality tools, guaranteed over time and equipped with bases and spare parts.

Modeling and miniatures

Proxxon is the absolute leader in this sector and constant requests for articles and the notoriety of the best-selling products confirm this. The range of items proposed by Proxxon is very wide: from precision lathes to drilling saws, sanders and milling machines, tools for miniatures. Proxxon is a leading global brand, with a complete assortment of items for each type of project, up to the most complex ones.
The Proxxon team is always on the lookout for technological solutions that simplify the work for modelers and technicians and also provide security with long-term uses.

Catalog for modelers on LineOnLine:

Choose Proxxon when you are looking for high precision tools for steel, aluminum, plastic, brass, wood working machinery.


In addition to instrumental precision, Proxxon is a leader in technological innovation : every precision tool also works under high pressure with the same precision as lighter work and no risk of vibration. Tools such as the Proxxon precision lathe are integrated with speed gauges, which allow you to set the speed and power based on the material you are working on.

For everyday use

Proxxon's prices are truly competitive with a full range of professional and semi-professional equipment. While Proxxon's production focuses on the design of high-precision tools, which are used for complex and structured jobs, it also offers a whole range of semi-professional tools for domestic use.

Among the items, there is no shortage of screwdrivers, spanners, micro precision drills, and more. Rely on Proxxon even for simple repair work or for hobby use with guaranteed safety, without wasting time and effort.

Electric jigsaw

Proxxon DSH is the most widespread model among professionals, both artisans and companies choose it together among other models by the German brand; this tool can be used for many tasks, and allow you to make wooden figures with perfect contours.

Why buy Proxxon on Lineonline?

Maybe you can find Proxxon products at a lower price on other websites, but Lineonline's staff is able to offer assistance, share experience and provide knowledge, give you specific advice based on the type of work you need to do or the type of material on which you will work on. With us, you will find a partner who will guide you and help you to continue working on your models and cultivate your passions. We provide most of the Proxxan catalog, from power tools to manual tools, with accessories and spare parts included. For each tool, you can use the "recommended package" to create your cart without wasting time researching or risk buying the wrong products.

Thanks to our relationship with Proxxon, even if a product is not immediately available, within 3/5 working days it will be available in stock and it will be ready to be shipped immediately. It is important for us to follow the customer, offer impeccable service and not keep you waiting.

How can I choose suitable blades for my drill?


Proxxon offers a wide range of fretwork blades for all materials within its own catalog. Many people complain that the blades break easily and last for a short time after being assembled. It must be taken into account that the breaking of the blades depends on the manual skill of the operator and on the type of iron blade.

Rough or fine blades?

The more they are rough the more they are resistant. Thick and strong blades are recommended on resistant and thick materials; their cut is wider than the ends and the direction changes are more angular and inaccurate. Fine blades are recommended on materials with lower strength and for all machinery requiring higher precision and accuracy.

Without going into complicated explanations, use the table below to choose the blade suitable for your needs:

Template Teeth Pin Edge Smooth edge softwoods hardwoods plastics plexiglass metals
28741 rough x   x x x    
28743 Normal x   x x x    
28745 end x   x x x    
28747 * omnidirectional blade   x x x x    
28116 rough   x x x x x x
28117 Normal   x x x x x x
28118 end   x x x x x x
28112 Normal (greater number of teeth)   x x x x x x
28113 End (greater number of teeth)   x x x x x x
28114 Fine (most teeth)   x x x x x x


Obviously, Proxxon isnìt the only brand to sell replacement blades, there are alternative products on the market, but are often imported and manufactured with poor quality materials. Proxxon only uses blades of the highest quality, selected with strict criteria to guarantee maximum durability and cutting precision.



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Proxxon electric tunnel, tips of 07/21/2015


The electric drill is one of the most requested modeling power tools. It can be used for many different things, such as carving, shaping, and curving. In addition to wood, depending on the blade. One of the most popular models is the  Proxxon Dsh electric tunnel. Thanks to the quality of this brand, you can buy a product of the highest quality at an affordable price. Also, the  Dremel electric drill is a top quality product. The work will be a lot of experience and practice. Thanks to the  Proxxon omnidirectional blades it is possible to make the curves without turning the piece. However, you should take care of them because they are slightly more fragile than others two to their structure.

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