Punto Fuoco Alessio CNLZ 11 kW Ducted pellet fireplace insert

burnt power 11 kW - 60/190 m3 heated - removable pellet tank 15 kg - Certificat. Environmental 4 Stars - remote control included

  • Power supply 230 V
  • Basic air ducting
  • Burned power 3.0 kW - max 11.0 kW
  • Heating power min 2.8 kW - max 9.5 kW
  • Heat output max 88%
  • Assessment. Environmental 4 Stars
  • Heatable volume max 190 mc
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EAN: 8029728635921


Product Description

In the domestic heating market, we must pay particular attention to fireplace inserts, their practicality and above all the heat yields they guarantee! The canalized Alessio Punto Fuoco pellet insert is the reinterpretation of one of the most popular models of Punto Fuoco by Eva Calor production, integrated with the basic ducting, which allows you to bring hot air to a room adjacent to the one where the 'insert.
Small, compact, with reduced dimensions, very suitable for insertion into a ready-made compartment, previously used for wood-burning fireplaces or disused stoves, the Alessio insert is versatile, functional and solves the problem of heating, in rooms with spaces limited, both as an ex novo heat source, and as a replacement for traditional devices.
Let's see the main features that distinguish this built-in pellet stove:

  • Removable 15 kg pellet tank that allows you to reload the insert effortlessly even when it is on
  • Metal structure with dimensions of 59.3 W x 70.20 D x 61.5 h cm, space required for insertion 65 x 73.5 x 68.6 h cm
  • Internal channeling included Basic type
  • Front opening door equipped with irradiation grids
  • Smoke outlet diam. 8 cm
  • Hourly pellet consumption from min. 0.60 kg / h at max 2.5 kg / h
  • Control panel with simple and clearly identifiable commands; programming of daily and weekly start-ups
  • Remote control included in the supply to select remote functions
  • Environmental Classification for the protection of the air and the abatement of harmful combustion gases, equal to 5 stars
  • Energy class A +

Remember that in order to have recognized the legal guarantee on the insert, it is necessary to have the assembly carried out by professionals who issue the certificate of conformity of the assembly which has taken place "in a workmanlike manner", in compliance with European safety and safety standards. installation of combustion appliances. Punto Fuoco has a widespread and efficient distribution network throughout the territory, serving customers to solve problems related to the use of the machine.

More Information
Technical Data

General Features

Supply 230 V
Minimum nominal power 2,8 kW
Maximum rated power 9,50 kW
Power burned 11,0 kW max - 3,0 kW min
Thermal yield Pmax 88% - Pmin 92% 
Flue outlet diameter 8 cm
Max absorbed power 380 W
Pellet tank 15,00 kg
Indicative consumption 0,60 / 2,30 kg/h
Heatable volume from 60 to 190 mc
Environmental classification 4 Stars
Dimensions 59,3 L x 70,2 P x 61,5 H cm
Hole dimensions for installation 73,5 L x 68,6 H cm
Weight 101,00 kg
Product typePellet stoves
Barcode (EAN)8029728635921
Engine typeElectric
Power300 W
Maximum power9,5 kW
Rated power 2,8 kW
Type of stoveFireplace Insert
Thermal efficiency92,5%
Max. recommended square footage83 m2
Recommended volume190 m3
Pellet hopper15 kg
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