Qlima Fiorina 74 S-LINE Red Slim Pellet stove 8.24 kW

power 8.24 kW - 200 cubic meters heated - 22 h max autonomy - 4 stars

  • Power supply: 230V
  • Min power: 2.65 kW
  • Rated power: 7.45 kW
  • Maximum heat output of 92.70%
  • Max heatable volume: 200 mc
  • Max heatable area: 75 m2
  • Color: Red
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Product description

The Qlima Fiorina 74 S-Line red pellet stove is the ideal tool to heat rooms of 200 cubic meters using technology without giving up the heat of the flame. The study, research, and design are the basis of this product, which is increasingly appreciated by very demanding customers looking for alternative forms of domestic heating.

The advantages of using pellet stoves are innumerable, the research related to the recycling of waste materials has led companies to design and build ever more sophisticated and functional machines. 

Let's look specifically at the main features:

  • Daily and a weekly programmable clock
  • "On / Off" power button and program start button
  • Thermostat with an integrated sensor that allows the stove to regulate the heat: once the desired temperature is reached, the power is automatically reduced, and the stove works at minimum speed to maintain a pleasant temperature
  • Manual setting of the auger speed to adjust the burning time
  • Remote control to set the temperature, ignition and switch off of the stove at a distance
  • Sensors that prevent overheating and control the smoke outlet
  • Ash recovery system and automatic crucible cleaning
  • 13 kg pellet tank that ensures a maximum autonomy up to 22 h
  • Cast iron crucible
  • Steel case
  • Recommended pellet: diam. 6 mm x 30 mm
  • Metal coating with multilateral openings which, once the stove reaches temperature, radiate heat immediately
  • The maximum thermal output of 92.7% which, in addition to guaranteeing high efficiency, enables the benefits provided by the Legislative Decree 83 / 22.06.2012 on the Tax Deduction for energy saving

Installing the pellet stove is very simple:

  • Connect the rear smoke outlet pipe to the flue
  • Bring the tubes up to the fireplace
  • Attach the electric cable to the home network and program it according to your needs 

For the warranty to be valid, the connection to the exhaust systems and the installation must be made by a qualified professional.

It is advisable to clean the crucible from the ash residue daily, to leave the combustion chamber always clean and allow correct ignition; the ash collection tray can be emptied weekly or in any case according to the hours of use of the stove. At the end of the season, it is necessary to clean the chimney from the residues deposited on the pipes and to have the internal parts of the stove cleaned by a technician who will dismantle the most stressed mechanical parts. Using the pellet stove with the right attention will allow you to take advantage of it for a long time without any problem and to enjoy it at home fully.

Under the Decree of 07 November 2017, n. 186 and subsequent amendments, the Fiorina 74 Pellet Stove with the Qlima brand complies with the requirements established by the Environmental Quality standard, falling within the 4 STAR quality class.

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Technical Data

General characteristics

Power supply 230 V
Minimum nominal power 2,65 kW
Maximum nominal power 7,45 kW
Effective power 8,24 kW
Thermal yield 92,70% max 
Nominal heat output 91%
Smoke outlet diameter 8 cm
Pellet tank 13 kg
Indicative consumption 0,60/1,40 kg/h
Minimum autonomy 8 h
Maximum autonomy 22 h
Sound level 52 dB
Heatable volume fino a 200 mc
Dimensions 47 L x 47,6 P x 90 H cm
Weight 81,00 kg
Color Red
Product typePellet stoves
Barcode (EAN)8713508765716
Manuale del prodottofiorina/fiorina-74.pdf
Engine typeElectric
Power300 W
Maximum power8,24 kW
Rated power 7,45 kW
Type of stoveThermo-stove
Thermal efficiency92,7%
Max. recommended square footage70 m2
Recommended volume200 m3
Pellet hopper13 kg
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