Qlima is a brand distributed by PVG Italy srl; its products are cutting-edge, designed and manufactured to improve the lifestyle of people in their daily situations.

Qlima offers different items that are well suited to the needs of everyone with precision and reliability; Qlima stoves are a combination of technology, safety, innovation able to create the right harmony between the person and the environment.

Buying a Qlima product means relying on an expert, competent team, prepared to follow the customer in all phases with competence and attention.


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  1. Qlima NJOY 1007 Charcoal barbecue

    Qlima NJOY 1007 Charcoal barbecue

    portable - rigid plastic structure - aluminum cooking elements - adjustable fire - diam. plate 29 cm
    As low as £68.59 Regular Price £77.26
  2. Qlima ECO 1700 6.7 kW pellet stove

    Qlima ECO 1700 6.7 kW pellet stove

    power 6.70 kW - 70/175 m3 heated - ventilated - 24.5 h max autonomy - 4 stars
    As low as £600.90 Regular Price £772.60
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Updated on 23/05/24 by Erika C.

Qlima: the best of air conditioning

The company responsible for the Qlima brand has been active since 1938 and represents one of the major reference points in the world of air conditioning. Its excellent quality-price ratio gives one of the main advantages of this brand, and regardless of the type of product that will be purchased, this aspect will always remain unchanged. Its range includes a wide assortment including:

  • Stoves
  • Air conditioners
  • Dehumidifiers
  • Barbecue

Despite its victories, Qlima is committed to designing useful innovations to improve existing products and in the same way, extends them to the most diverse fields such as the culinary sector. Qlima is in fact dedicated to the production of all types of barbecues, and obviously, given the brand's main field of action, their thermal efficiency is unrivalled!

Now, let's analyze together the types of products for which the company has distinguished itself over time!

Qlima stove

Among the stoves of this most sought after brand, those without liquid fuel stand out, and in particular pellet stoves. This type of stove offers the most sophisticated variants: from the slim ones that are excellent for small spaces to the thermo-stoves capable of heating the domestic water for a complete 360 ​​° heating system.

Qlima pellet stoves are distinguished by their style and colours that are always elegant and easily adaptable to any furnishing. Whether antique or modern, the stoves of this brand will never clash with the surrounding environment. And beyond their undeniable efficiency in terms of thermal efficiency, this is one of the main distinctive features of Qlima.

Qlima air conditioners

Qlima air conditioners are a revolution in that they also operate without an external unit. Many models of its air conditioners are portable and consequently, can be transported from one room to another without the slightest effort and obviously... They do not need installation.

In this way, your garden or terrace will be free of aesthetically unpleasant objects like an outdoor unit, and you will save a lot of space that you can use in other ways!

Qlima dehumidifier

The Qlima dehumidifiers are rich in details that make the difference because each feature always aims to improve the level of comfort for the user.  From the handles to move the dehumidifier with minimum effort to the wheels, to allow even easier transport. In short, with Qlima dehumidifiers, the concept of fatigue is not contemplated.

With an elegant design and compact structure, its dehumidifiers are also equipped with IPX waterproof coating (D6xx), and for this reason, they are also suitable for the most humid environments.

Qlima Barbecue

Qlima barbecues adapt to everyone's needs; in fact, this brand was also able to make table models, which represented a real discovery for those who do not have a garden or a large terrace.

Qlima portable barbecues can be transported anywhere, and despite their small size, they are still equipped with a cooking surface that makes them suitable for 5/6 people. You can choose the type of power supply you prefer: whether coal or gas, efficiency is always guaranteed and also, the most passionate will be happy to know that Qlima allows you to enrich your barbecue with many accessories!

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