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The accident prevention sandals are used by workers who work mainly in hospitals, health care, in the food industry or for those who suffer most from the heat of the summer period, without sacrificing safety. In our website, you can find the sanitary clogs as well as the light shoe with tear-off closure, the upper in perforated suede leather or ECOLORICA, new generation microfiber that offers the main characteristics of animal skin increasing the elasticity, lightness and resistance to abrasion. This type of footwear is also highly appreciated by the workers of cleaning companies that use vacuum cleaners or other tools related to the sanitization of environments. 


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Written on 30/06/22 by Erika C.

Accident prevention sandals: for a lighter summer

Accident prevention sandals are the ideal solution to reconcile safety and freshness: classic or tear-off closure, and the important thing is that they are open... Surely you have seen suede sandals, and you will have had many doubts about it, on our website, sandals with this upper, are made of perforated leather, to promote ventilation of the foot even on hot days... All, of course, without sacrificing safety! 

Lightweight safety sandals 

As we have already mentioned, there are different types of safety sandals: those that are more open and those that are closer to a closed shoe. Lightweight safety sandals indeed belong to the first category and choosing between the two types is up to you and your needs. You can opt for perforated and breathable sandals with tear-away closure or for sandals with the strap positioned on the back of the shoe for even more opening and freshness. 

Safety clogs 

Safety clogs are the most common type of shoes for sanitary environments, and the reason for this is that they can be worn for hours on end without causing back damage. A doctor likely has to move quickly from one ward to another, and like the doctor, many other professions involve having to walk quickly. If you find yourself in these words, work clogs are for you. Make sure they fit snugly on your foot, the strap on the back is snugly attached to your heel. The only thing you need to be careful about is the choice of the model: if you work with liquids, it's a good idea to make sure the clogs are free of holes... If this is not the case, let your foot breathe and enjoy the comfort and freshness!

Safety sandals Diadora

Speaking of the safety sandals, we can only recommend our Diadora PARKY II LOW S1P: non-slip, with multilayer fibreglass toe cap, safe even at extreme temperatures. The PARKY is super durable, lightweight and comfortable and is suitable for both outdoor and indoor environments, ensuring absolute comfort even in sultry temperatures... with Diadora everything is possible! 

Cofra work sandals

If Diadora is an international leader in the production of safety shoes, Cofra is no less. These safety sandals are the emblem par excellence quality made in Italy. The lower extremities are subjected to high stress during working hours, especially in summer when temperatures are high ... What could be the solution? Open shoes, of course! Even if the name can be misleading if you decide to buy work sandals, you will only benefit from it. : even if you are suspicious of this type of "exposed" footwear, sandals are perfectly capable of guaranteeing maximum protection in compliance with all current safety standards.

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