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Lotto Works?

Lotto is a quality brand that has been in the business for more than 40 years. They make some of the most chosen and prestigious sports trainers in the world. The same dedication is put into their Lotto Work safety shoe Line.

Why chose their safety shoes

Lotto is a synonym of design, technology, and innovation. Their work shoes are continuously perfectioned and updated, always following safety regulations and keeping the comfort and weight of the shoe in mind.

What innovative technologies are used?

The most important innovations that Lotto uses are: the irreplaceable composite  FLYCAP toe cap, resistant as steel weighing much less, the anti-perforation AP Zero insole, made in fabric but able to stop a nail from perforating your foot; the shock absorbent devices at the tip of the sole using the SCHOCK OFF and STABILIZER  system. These are some of the accessories that we find in Lotto's safety shoes.

Merchandise Availability

Lotto Works is one of our best suppliers and guarantee express shipping.  Your order will be shipped within 5 working days if your size isn't immediately available.

I want to know more

For more information on safety specifications, go to More safety information. In addition, inside the shoe box of every shoe, there is an article indicating what materials were used while making the shoe.

The Lotto Works team works for your safety

Lotto offers a wide range of safety shoes aiming to satisfy every worker's need. Always up to date on style and trends and drawing inspiration from their own football trainers, created a line of safety shoes. To satisfy different styles and tastes they created seven lines: Street, Energy, Flex, Jump, Superior, Logos, and Sprint.

Lotto Works Linea Street:

Lotto Street Line has exceeded its self. Looking and touching the shoe you cannot tell if you are holding normal shoes or safety shoes. The toe cap has a tapered and tight shape and if you don' really look at it you can't tell. The upper is attached to the rubber insole (the best insole on the market, even better than the dual-density or polyurethane insole). These shoes are extremely soft (this can be tested just by bending the shoe in your hands). Street Line work shoes are some of the most comfortable in their price range. The rubber insole makes walking light and comfortable, limiting the resistance of the shoe while assuring longevity. They are available in asphalt grey, with green and black inserts, logo and laces with orange hints. They are recommended for spring/winter. Their S1 P safety rate guarantees maximum breathability, and the lining is made in special breathable fabric keeping the foot fresh and dry. The true value of the Lotto Street Line R6994 and R6995 is their lightness. The FLY toe cap and made in an innovative, light and efficient composite material that guarantees maximum protection following requirements and safety regulations. They also guarantee excellent thermal insulation. The anti-perforation plate is made in non-metallic highly flexible fabric.

Energy Line:

The Energy Line is the most aggressive of Lotto's Catalog. They don't look like safety shoes, Lotto intentionally made these shoes look like football trainers. The shape of the toe cap does not deform the tip of the shoes; the stitching, style and vibrant colours recall those of the most famous Lotto football trainers. The stitching is very precise and even wearing them they don't seem like safety shoes, thanks to the toe cap and anti-perforation plate, both made in composite and fabric. The shoe is very light, weighing less than regular safety shoes. The HRO rubber insole allows flexibility, limiting resistance and preventing fatigue and swelling of the tendons- The shock off system at the heel helps prevent accidents. The new 2015 entry of the collection is the ENERGY 700 R7006, in aviator blue, while the inserts and laces are yellow, creating a perfect harmony of aggressive and attractive colours. They are recommended for the summer. Having an S1 safety rate, they guarantee maximum protection while keeping the shoe and foot fresh and dry.

Flex Line:

The classic Flex 700 shoe in obsidian blue is probably on the most loved safety shoes. The combination of grey inserts of the insole and laces created a harmony of clours that had success in the world of safety shoes. Flex Line safety shoes are recommended for all workers that are looking for comfortable, light shoes that must walk for many hours per day. The insole is extremely soft and does not wear out the foot while walking, guaranteeing maximum slip and use resistance, following safety regulations. The Shock Off LOTTO WORKS systems is used at the heel, which contributes to the protection of the foot. To widen the range of safety shoes, in 2015 Lotto introduces the FLEX 700 W Line, for women. Made for the winter season, and thanks to its waterproof characteristics, they have an S3 safety rate, currently the best for safety shoes. The upper is Dark Navy with laces, inserts and a lilac Lotto logo. For the summer seasons, in shoes with an S1 safety rate, AIR MESH lining is used, which is a special two-layer material that insulates the foot from the hot external air while absorbing sweat, pushing it towards the outside. All of this guarantees a safe and protected foot.

Lotto Works JUMP: technique is everything

Comfort, perform, nice and safety, Lotto's Jump Line safety shoes are made with the best materials and they are the best choice for high performing shoes. The high insole is made with well-defined wedges which give control and stability while walking. The softness of the insole keeps the foot from tiring, even after long work hours. They can be worn both at work and in free time. The upper is made with the best materials and guarantees an S3 safety rate and is therefore water-resistant. They can be worn outdoors without worrying about water infiltrating and wetting the shoe and foot. In the 2015 collection, Lotto enriched and completed the most "technical" line: high and low top, summer or winter, various safety rate, new models were added to the collection, equipped with more shapes and casual colours. In the wide range, the Jump 950 High appeared, a microfiber water-repellent ankle boot, perfect for working in different contexts, provided with stability, control, and resistance. For the summer, S1P safety rate shoes are recommended. They have an extremely breathable upper which keeps the foot dry and fresh, also thanks to the AIR MESH lining. The most requested shoe for hot seasons is the LOTTO JUMP 500 R7008. It's grey and black colours match with everything.


Lotto Works SUPERIOR: The bastion of defense

The Superiore Line is without a doubt the safest of the Lotto WORKS family: it guarantees supreme protection combining all safety standards with technical qualities most suitable and essential for taking on any situation with serenity and safety. They are truly "superior" at every point of view. This shoe guarantees excellent protection in any type of situation and in contact with almost any surface, thanks also to the strong MID upper which guarantees optimal stability and great resistance. In this line, there are two models: SUPERIOR 900 MID (Q2007) and SUPERIOR 800 MID (Q2008). Both have an S3 and SRC safety rate, guaranteeing optimal slip resistance even in the presence of water, oil, lubricant, or other agents on the work field. They can be worn all year, however, given the important water-resistant characteristics, they are recommended for autumn and winter. The polyurethane dual-density insole guarantees longevity and stability. Even though the shoe is extremely light thanks to the composite toe cap and anti-perforation plate, the shoe still guarantees maximum safety.

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