Safety shoes - Work shoes

In the past, worn-out clothes and shoes used to be the most typical workwear you could see going around every kind of factory. What followed was an obvious lack of comfort and, more importantly, of safety. In recent years, people have changed their way of choosing  workwear and shoes: safety and well-being of workers now come first, whereas in the past there was a tendecy to prefer unattractive clothing and poor-quality shoes.

Later, the coming into force of safety laws and the increasing interest in accident prevention led to the need of cutting edge technologies which could enable the realization of work shoes suitable for any job, while the wish for better quality and greater durability caused a noteworthy preference for resistant and high-quality materials. 

Safety shoes are essential to work in complete safety without denying yourself comfort. As a matter of fact, the safety shoes that we sell are able to meet any need of the worker thanks to the advanced technical knowledge of their designer: they are made with high-quality materials and are extremely lightweight. No matter the price, any model on will guarantee you safety and reliability.

Nowadays, another key factor which must not be left to chance is fashion. Indeed, the majority of the workshoes currently produced has barely nothing in common with the traditional pairs: they are so fashionble and trendy that they could be worn to go having a beer in a pub without anyone noticing. 

Moreover, at we try to help our costumers find the shoes that best meet their needs by offering a vast vaiety of models ready for shipping.

Are you looking for safety shoes made with top quality materials? Would you like to buy a pair of workshoes to wear 24/7 at work and in your free time?

On you will find this and a lot more.

We will take care of you and help you from your very first purchase: we will advise you on how to choose the best safety shoes and we will offer you the best value for money. Still, if you change your mind, you can talk with our costumer service and ask for an alternative model for free.

Later, once you receive our fidelity card you will gain access to special discounts, rewards and offers. 








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Safety shoes – Work shoes

Updated on 02/10/2019 by Petra V. 

While working, whatever your job is, it is vital not to run unnecessary risks of injury. Indeed, specific regulations exist in order to protect workers and prevent the occurrence of dangerous situations. Some of these rules have underlined the importance of using the appropriate pair of shoes: in fact, the choice of safety shoes can and must vary according to the working field. 

Work shoes are compulsory in some working environments and must be certified by the factory in order to comply with hygiene and safety regulations imposed by the law. The safety shoes you can find on abide by the safety laws in force at the moment. Indeed, our suppliers are only those brands that have been working in the field of accident prevention for many years and have always guaranteed great professionalism both in choosing the most suitable water resistant, breathable and firm materials, and in shoes manufacturing. 

Specific models exist for any kind of job, including outdoor jobs in which atmospheric agents like cold and water are an everyday matter. If you choose the right pair of workshoes, your safety will always be ensured either you wear them for your work or for a hobby, in hot or cold environments, in hazardous or slippery terrains. Choose the poper safety shoes to every single job in order to work in complete safety with the maximum comfort

Choose the best safety shoes

When we talk about workwear and accident prevention, we must always think about the protection of the workers, espcially in some fields of work. Work footwear is required in many sectors, particularly if there are hygiene and safety regulations to respect, or if people work outdoors or in risk areas. Safety shoes are essential to work safely, above all for bricklayers, construction workers, engineers, mechanics, health workers, and all those workers who must wear suitable shoes that guarantee hygiene, comfort and compliance to work places. Safety shoes are also important for those who, for work or for hobby, are in contact with hazardous and rough terrain, indeed, safety must be ensured not only at work, but for any activity and in any meteorological condition.

At we offer a range of the best work shoes manufactured according to the safety and protection laws in force and to meet any worker's need. On our online store you will find safety shoes of well-known brands, which have always guaranteed competence and care in the selection of materials and the production of footwear and work clothing, at unbeatable prices. provides with safety shoes every worker that needs them daily: from those working in the health field to those working in the food service one, from construction workers to plumbers, from street and city maintenace workers to those who inspects endangered locations. We also provide a detailed description of each shoe, comprehensive of the laws according to which it is made and some recommendations to use it at its best. 

Safety Wellingtons boots made in PVC are considered safety shoes as well: they are suitable for those who practice gardening and street and city maintenance at a professional level. The PVC material and the leather sole ensure resistance to any thermal condition, especially in case of rain and humidity.

In the health and food service sectors, the best-selling safety shoes are work clogs, which are practical, light-weight and ergonomic; they are the best in terms of hygiene. Thought of for those who work in restaurant's and café's kitchens, canteens, clinics, medical practices and dental surgeries, they are also very easy to keep clean and they are anti-slip. Some safety shoes guarantee more support thanks to the different thicknesses placed along the sole of the foot and the fingers protection.

To keep the shoes in good conditions, we recommend keeping them in an airy place far away from heat sources and cleaning them after each use, removing residuals, without employing aggressive products, like acids or solvents, that might compromise shoe safety and life span. 

Safety shoes for every season

Safety shoes are usually worn all day long and, at the end of the day, feet often result wet during winter and sweaty and in pain during summer. Thus, one must choose the most suitable safety shoes for any season or for the type of job they have to do, always keeping in mind safety laws and commonsense.

Summer safety shoes are indeed fresh and breathable, they keep the foot clean and dry for the whole work session. Winter safety shoes, on the other hand, keep the foot warm and dry, thank to the waterproof upper and the internal lining, which prevent water seepage during bad weather or outdoor activities.

Whether they are summer or winter safety shoes, it is essential not to deny yourself comfort. That is why at we offer shoes provided with foam insoles which adapt to the foot and water resistant and brathable insoles which foster the air flow. 

scarpe antinfortunistiche soletta foamsafety shoes sole

Lightweight safety shoes

Lightweight safety shoes are the best for spring and summer thank to the freshness of their uppers. At we have created for these workshoes a specific catergory where you will find the best brands at a knock-down price. To work at your best, it is essential to stand up comfortably and not to feel pain in your feet, this is why lightweight shoes, besides having a reduced weight, are particularly comfortable thank to some expedients used during the realization of the internal lining and to the ergonomic design of the orhopedic insole. To guarantee safety, all shoes are equipped with puncture resistant outsoles and toe caps to protect the fingers, moreover, all the shoe features are are made using cutting-edge technologies, which allow substituting steel with textile fibers and other materials equally resistant.

SB Safety shoes 

These safety shoes were specifically designed to be worn for many hours and to guarantee the highest level of comfort adjusting to the worker's foot shape. Their inner lining absorbs sweat and the materials of the inside upper facilitate the air flow. These shoes are made with specific materials to make them last longer, resist to tears, abrasion and humidity and guarantee an excellent bond between upper and sole. Therefore, these work shoes ensure a high safety level thank to their non-slip outsole, which mantains its adherence even in presence of liquids, oils, and hydrocarbons. There is also a toe cap, which protects the foot from accidental impacts, incorporated into the upper.

S1P Safety shoes - Summer safety shoes

These safety shoes have all the safety and manufacture characteristics of the SB safety shoes: they are comfortable, breathable, long-lasting, non-slip, resistant to oils and hydrocarbons, they easily adjust to the foot's shape and the bond between the parts of shoe is extremely firm. They are different from the SB safety shoes because they are provided with a toe cap  that protects the foot even in the most dangerous environments. Moreover, these specific type of workshoes ensure heel protection and absorb shock. These leather shoes are also resistant to water penetration for up to 30 minutes; the outsole is antistatic and pucture-resistant so that the shoes can also be used in presence of blades, splinters, nails and generic sharp objects.

S3 Safety shoes - Winter safety shoes

Not only have these safety shoes all the safety and manufacture characteristics of the S1P safety shoes (same as above), but they are also equipped with anti crush toe caps, heel protections, antistatic and puncutre resistant outsoles. These shoes, on contrary to S1P safety shoes, are supplied with an upper of leather or other water-resistant materials, which makes them resistant to water penetration for more than 60 minutes. Thus, these shoes are particularly suitable for those who work in contact with liquids or in humid environments.

Safety trainers

By and large, this particular kind of footwear, besides having all the above mentioned safety qualities, is considered to be the most fashionable type of workshoes at the moment. On our website you will find a wide range of safety trainers, among which you will be able to choose the piece that meets your needs better, whether you are looking for lightweight and comfortable work shoes, for low-top or high-top safety shoes, for work shoes with a steel toe cap or trainers that are metal free.

Safety boots

Safety boots are a particular kind of work shoes that are generally high-top. The safety boots that you will find on our website are designed with the highest safety standars in mind, without compromising on style. offers you a wide variety of this type of footwear: cheap, lightweight and waterproof S3 work shoes are some of the different safety boots you will find.

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