Safety wellies

Safety boots: absolute protection

Safety boots cover an essential part of the work footwear catalog. These are products designed and built specifically to meet the needs of those workers who need something slightly different from the classic safety shoes.

The wide range of products we offer to includes specific items for the various categories of employees: artisans, farmers, masons, first-aid workers, woodcutters, as well as fishermen, butchers, gas stations workers, refinery workers, electricians, etc.

In any case, these are the footwear of the highest technical level, safe, reliable, specific, and at the same time comfortable. From the upper to the insole, from the foil to the toecap, from the sole to the internal padding, the materials used are the best available on the market.

Each shoe studied in depth to respond promptly and effectively to every need.

It seems evident that the rubber wellies specifically for fishers and butchers can not be suitable for those working in a construction site. Also, the boot recommended for the food industry can not meet the needs of woodcutters working with a chainsaw or a log splitter.

The selection of products that you will find on passed all the tests for safety and protection at work required by the laws. It will not be difficult for you to find the one that suits you.


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Updated on 05/07/22 by Erika C.

Safety boots: the different types on the market

Unfortunately, accidents at work are a constant and continuous risk for the operator and complying with the regulations in force in the field of prevention at work is fundamental to safeguarding one's safety.  In order not to renounce one's safety, it is vital to wear the appropriate footwear for your work to comply with the standards imposed by legislation.

If you need accident-prevention boots for your job, on you can find the best work boots of the best brands on the market at convenient conditions and prices without giving up comfort. Since workers spend more time with work boots than without them, comfort and lightness are indispensable elements. 

The range of work boots in the catalogue is extensive and can be divided as follows:

  • Rubber boots
  • White boots
  • Thermal boots
  • Cut-resistant boots
  • Waterproof boots

Let's see what characteristics each type has!

Rubber work boots

PVC rubber safety boots are suitable for a variety of work environments: from industry to construction and the food industry. PVC is the abbreviation of Polyvinyl chloride, which is nothing else than a material belonging to the category of thermoplastics with an amorphous structure that has two essential characteristics in the world of work, especially for those who are constantly on the move: sturdiness and elasticity.

PVC boots also have excellent characteristics of chemical stability and resistance to acids, are insulating and enjoy excellent resistance to both high and low temperatures ... That's why, as mentioned above, a pair of boots of this kind can easily adapt to a wide variety of crafts.

Whitework boots

Whitework boots are in demand and therefore used in the food industry, as white is the neutral colour par excellence that conveys a sense of hygiene and cleanliness at first glance. Also, this type of boots often and willingly presents the use of PVC as a material and in most cases does not have metal components but prefers the use of composite, equally resistant but much lighter in terms of sensation during walking.

It is essential to underline that slip resistance is one of the main characteristics to be checked with rigidity before a possible purchase, as it is practically impossible not to come across a slippery floor at least once due to water or oil in the food industry.

Thermal work boots

The thermal work boots are indispensable mainly in sectors such as forestry and agriculture. Still, their use is not at all rare even when it comes to refineries or in the food industry itself, especially in the presence of cold storages rooms, etc...

In fact, with thermal safety boots, reference is made to those able to withstand temperatures in negative: not by chance, the best models are covered in soft plush fabric and are made with high-quality insulating materials, to resist well beyond -25°, without running the risk of harming in any way the operator who wears them.

Cut-resistant safety boots

Boots or more commonly, cut-resistant boots can make all the difference when using a dangerous tool equipped with a blade like a chainsaw, brushcutter, or any other garden machine. With this type of boots, it would be advisable not to compromise, in the sense that the choice of high-quality materials should be the first element to be evaluated, without being bewitched by an overly attractive price. In this case, choosing a certified brand could save your life in risky situations and relying on renowned companies also means being protected from more dangers, not only those related to the cut. The best models of cut-resistant safety shoes are also able to withstand temperatures above 300° for at least one minute!.

Waterproof work boots

Waterproof work boots allow the worker to carry out their work without worry on wet and muddy ground or in general in situations where, for reasons of necessity, they cannot help coming into contact with water, such as in agriculture and animal husbandry.

These shoes are recognizable by the acronym WR (water-resistant). As you can easily guess, they are entirely resistant to water, even in case of total immersion of the foot. Obviously, in these cases, it would be appropriate to prefer knee-high boots. And an even higher level of protection, also suitable for extreme situations, you can buy even taller models with laces at the end of the boots that can be attached to the belt of the trousers.

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