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  1. Kask Plasma AQ work helmet

    Kask Plasma AQ work helmet

    Polypropylene outer shell - Polystyrene inner shell - adjustable universal size - 390 gr
    As low as £58.29
  2. Kask Zenith X Combo safety helmet

    Kask Zenith X Combo safety helmet

    Polypropylene outer shell - expanded Polystyrene inner shell - adjustable universal size - 490 gr - accessories included
    As low as £154.43
  3. Kask Superplasma PL work helmet

    Kask Superplasma PL work helmet

    Polypropylene outer shell - Polystyrene inner shell - adjustable universal size - 420 gr
    As low as £60.01
  4. Zenith X PL Combo work helmet

    Zenith X PL Combo work helmet

    Polypropylene outer shell - expanded polystyrene inner shell - adjustable universal size - 490 gr - accessories included
    As low as £154.43 Regular Price £178.47
  5. Kask HP Visor work helmet

    Kask HP Visor work helmet

    External shell in ABS - internal shell in expanded polystyrene - visor included - universal size adjustable - 450 gr
    As low as £107.22
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Items 1-30 of 85

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Written on 23/05/24 by Linda T.

PPE Work helmet | Safety helmet

The work helmet is an essential accessory for safety during working hours.

Head protection devices act preventively by protecting the back of the head from injury or possible more serious risks.

Depending on the work performed, there will be a need for different protective helmets. If there is an obligation to wear a safety helmet at work, a headgear cannot be considered sufficient protection against medium or high impacts. The operator must use the device the owner considers most efficient for safety.


Let us take a more concrete example:


Helmet for working at height

If the work performed presents a risk of falling, there is an obligation to wear a specific helmet with a chin strap to prevent the device from falling, causing extremely dangerous damage.


The helmet with a chin strap allowed us to see how it will be essential to evaluate the features that may prove safer depending on the work performed.

It is essential to provide more information on the features of work protection helmets on the market.


Work helmet with visor

The safety helmet with a visor provides all-around protection. Protective helmets, therefore, also provide the possibility of incorporating facial protection such as:


  • Work safety helmet with retractable visor
  • Forestry work helmet with visor
  • Work helmet with safety glasses or goggles


casco da lavoro con visiera


The work helmet with a safety visor provides excellent protection from impacts and splashes of chemical liquids, both in the face and as protection for the entire head.

The work helmet with a retractable visor allows the visor to be raised when there is no need to protect the face and lowered again when necessary.

In addition, the protective helmet offers perfect stability and fits snugly on the head. 


Work helmet with light

There are also work helmet models with a light that allow work in places without light, such as construction sites or quarries.

Thanks to the presence of a light, these allow the worker to have a full view and work with precision and safety at the same time.

The light can be attached to the helmet with elastic, adjustable cords or can already be integrated into the helmet composition.


casco da lavoro con luce


The addition of a light in a safety helmet is essential for specific jobs because it provides greater protection if you are working not only in environments with a risk of injury or falling but also in places where there is low light.


Safety helmet with earphones

The work helmet with earphones is ideal for working in environments exposed to head and hearing hazards.

Thanks to this device, the worker can feel protected from possible falls of materials on the head and from excessive noise that compromises hearing health.

Earphones can also be fitted in the helmet: alone, together with the visor or protective goggles. These can be adjusted to the most comfortable height for your ears.


casco da lavoro con cuffie


This type of device will be mandatory for jobs with dangerous noise and fall hazards that could cause serious head injuries.


Best work helmet  

When selecting the best work helmet, it will be essential to assess the following features:


  • Colour
  • Brand
  • Standards
  • Price


Colour safety helmets 

Depending on the task performed, it is necessary to wear a helmet in a specific colour.

Let's take a look at the main ones:


Safety helmet white

Engineers, managers, supervisors and team leaders
Safety helmet blue  Operators (plant engineers, electricians, etc.)
Safety helmet red  Emergency workers
Safety helmet green  Safety officers, first aid officers
Safety helmet yellow  Ground workers and operators
Safety helmet grey Workplace safety officers
Safety helmet brown Welders and workers with high temperature tasks


Given the importance of selecting the ideal brand when purchasing a work helmet, it is essential to remember that one of the brands considered to be the best on the market is the following:


Kask work helmet

Kask work helmets, which are close to the style of American work helmets, manufacture high-quality face protection devices.

Kask work helmets are made in Italy with a unique style and attention to every smallest detail to ensure maximum safety.

The devices are ergonomically designed to meet the needs of workers all over the world. The Kask safety helmet has an integrated structure that offers protection and comfort: this is thanks to the study and design of a lightweight safety helmet that does not even feel like it is being worn.

Thus, thanks to the lengthy investigation that led to the production of a Kask work helmet, achieving a high level of protection with minimum weight was possible to guarantee comfort for the operator.


Standards for work helmets

With reference to the European standard EN 397, the work helmet must mandatorily display:


  • Year and quarter of manufacture
  • Manufacturing mark or manufacturer's name
  • Sizes
  • Type of element
  • Standard number and additional standards


Let's find out which standards apply to safety helmets:


EN 397 Industrial safety helmets 
EN 443 Fire helmets 
EN 812 Shock-proof industry headgear
EN 12492 Helmets for mountaineers
EN 14052 High performance helmets for industry


One of the most frequent doubts when it comes to regulations concerning work helmets is:


Validity of safety helmets 

The expiration date of thermoplastic work helmets is, on average, 5 years after purchase if it has been properly used by the manufacturer and stored in a suitable place when not in use.

If it has not been stored properly, it will wear out much sooner. The helmet must be in good condition to ensure safety at work: poorly maintained helmets can cause irreparable damage.

For this reason, the date of manufacture and, if possible, the words " Expiration date of the work helmet" should be indicated on each device so there is no risk of misunderstanding.

However, when it comes to helmets made of chemical-resistant materials, the expiration date of the safety helmet is much more limited in time, and it is imperative to watch out for possible mechanical damage.


Safety helmet price

Do you want work helmets, reasonable prices and high-quality materials at the same time?

In our catalogue, you can find safety helmets with prices starting from 50.90€. These can offer a high level of head protection, but above all, thanks to the lightweight feature, you can work without feeling an excessive weight on your neck.

A good work helmet is safe and light: it must not weigh down the neck and cause permanent damage to other parts of the body.




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