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Light weight safety shoes.... comfortable before everything else

Light weight safety shoes are suitable for many activities, they adapt to workers needs in various sectors. They are similar to trendy trainers, cured in detail, with loud colours and thin shapes. The upper is made in breathable fabric or in suede leather with coloured inserts. The soles have different density which soften the force on the heel, they absorb sweat by releasing it immediately. The toe cap in made in composite which increases the lightness of the shoe. Soft, light weight, flexible and suitable for gardening, in an artisan's laboratory or in inventory. Many different models available for every client who wishes to work in absolute safety.

Super light safety shoes... as if you weren't even wearing them

Super lightweight safety shoes make up a fundamental part of summer footwear, especially for those who suffer in the heat in any season and cannot wear open sandals. They are made with first quality fabrics, highly breathable, light, with suede leather or natural inserts; these shoes come in vivid colours which resemble everyday footwear. The pierced internal lining quickly eliminates heat. The sole comes in different thicknesses which reduce weariness of the foot, they eliminate sweat guaranteeing most comfort and hygiene. The footbed is made in a light weight and flexible blend or in bidensity polyurethane which adheres perfectly to the ground. The shoe has a thin shape, the toe cap is made in composite, 45% lighter than traditional work shoes. These shoes can be compared to trainers or athletic shoes, loved by millions of workers, which have revolutionized the way we dress and walk today. 

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Light weight safety shoes

 The most important feature about safety shoes, besides their safety, is their lightness. These shoes must be worn all day, for at least 8 hours, so it is essential that the foot is able to breath and that walking be comfortable and easy. Normal safety shoes are heavy, weighing about 750 grams, no matter the season.  Manufacturers of safety footwear, like Cofra, Diadora and Lotto have designed and produced lines of footwear that start from 350 grams. When you pick them up, they are so light and manageable they do not even feel like safety shoes. Naturally, they abide by footwear safety regulations and guarantee full protection. So, which shoes guarantee largest safety while weighing so little?

Diadora safety shoes: Superlight collection


Some of the best light weight safety shoes are from the Superlight Diadora Utility collection. These safety shoes weigh 350 grams, less than half the weight of regular work shoes. For the summer season, the models with S1 P safety rate (D 399 Textile model) are recommended, which come in three assorted colours: blue, green, and black. This collection is the novelty of 2015 and at once became a reference point for all comfortable, light weight and breathable footwear. The summer model's upper shoe is made in Politwist, a highly breathable and tough fabric. Even though this fabric (made by Diadora) is tear and abrasion resistant, it is still noticeably light and guarantees excellent air flow. The new generation toe cap, made in aluminum, completely abides by the safety regulations, and guarantees 200J impact resistance. The width of the shoes is 11 Mondopoint resulting exceptionally comfortable. The sole in a thin anti-perforation fabric (Ksole), extremely light weight and has a memory effect, keeping the shape of the foot, preventing callus.


Cofra: Work Flying collection

Cofra has always been oriented towards innovation and has received excellent reviews for every collection and product. Every safety shoe made by Cofra, in fact, is a result of their constant innovation. They have been able to satisfy the needs of the market and of the user more than any other brand. To satisfy these needs, they created the Work Flying collection which are light weight, comfortable and fresh, they come in many colours and are particularly suitable for summer. Though they do not weigh as little as Diadora's Superlight collection, this safety shoe is still exceptionally light compared to regular safety shoes. The summer version (with S1 P safety rate), is the perfect product for the hot season. The upper shoe is made in microfiber, a highly breathable fabric, creating a barrier which isolate the foot from the stifling air and lets the foot breath, preventing the development of sweat, fungi and bacteria. The new and revolutionary polyurethane and nitrile rubber sole, has a unique and long-life span, even though it is highly flexible.

Light weight safety shoes: Lotto Street Line collection


For summer 2015, Lotto put a collection of revolutionary footwear of the market: Street Line. Thanks to the extraordinary attention to detail and the thin toe cap, these shoes do not even look like safety footwear. The shape and colors resemble the classic Lotto sneakers, making them wearable even after work hours. They come in two assorted colours: black and acacia green or black and fluorescent orange, both recommended for the summer seasons thanks to its light weight and breathable characteristics. Its thin footbed is made in EVA rubber, making the shoe perfect for both indoor and outdoor activities. The flexibility of the footbed guarantees a firm grip to surfaces, reducing fatigue. This summer safety shoe model is the most fresh and light weight thanks to the elevated level of air flow of the special and innovative upper, made in Lotto Work microfiber.

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